Sumeragi's Page
Konnichi wa! This page was made purely for my own amusement about my biggest hobby and a large sink hole for money: mangas. I hope some of you may find the information usefull.

Also, I love email. So if you're really bored or have questions about things on this page (where to buy things, suggestions, etc), go ahead and ask me. Trust me, I don't bite...if you're nice to me.

"The Manga Obsession" has a list of most of the manga I own with reviews, cover scans, manga information, and links to translations or summaries (when I find them). Currently, there are over 50 reviews listed for series ranging from romance to mysteries to bloody fighting.
The Quasi page has links to random series I'm translating. Actually, I'm only translating Flame of Recca at the moment, but there are detailed summaries for Bronze, DNAngel, Karekano, Trigun, and more in the future.


Please, don't sue the poor college student