Author's Note - Not sure if I feel like posting all of this story since most of it is jumbled scenes.  Here's a PWP taste of the main characters, Lohki being my all time fav character to torment (Squall is a close second).  To those that care, half my stories have taken something from this continuous work in progress, so if something sounds familiar you now know why.  Bloody Tyr certainly has its origins from here, but I changed the rules of the possession for that fic so that Squall/Tyr could have wings. ^_-  Hope you enjoy, and at some point I may post the past of this pair...  *shrug*


Because You Are Within Me
September 2002


When the sky had started to lose its last shade of blue, Lohki set down his pack for the first time since he left the elven village.  He stood up straight with a sigh as he ran a hand through thick black hair to remove the leather tie that bound it into a small ponytail.  As a slight smile crept onto his lips, he muttered the spell he knew all to well to activate the charm on his damaged hand.  A thick mist appeared to his side, quickly forming into the white-haired demon. The creature stretched out large black wings as a tail swung lazily behind him.

"I told you not to bother with that elf.  We could've been in a real bed for tonight if we stayed on course."

The human smiled but didn't bother to comment. He felt the demon just enjoyed complaining more than anything else, though he could understand the demon's reasoning.  Throughout the year they lived on the road more than under a roof with it being the safest option, but it wasn't as nice as the rare times they were able to share a warm mattress together.

The demon arched backwards and held the pose a brief moment while taking a deep breath.  "Ah.  Is that water I smell?"

Kneeling down, Lohki opened the large pack.  "First comes dinner.  Then--"

The human was cut off short as Terrayndian easily picked him up and placed him onto a broad shoulder.  "Looks like you're eating dried meat tonight."

"Not now, Rayn."

"You owe me for the embarrassment earlier."

"Your embarrassment?  I don't recall being the one looking like a fool."

"Hmph, I had that elf good and scared, but you had to ruin the mood.  He deserved it for the crap you went through."

A shade of a smile on his lips, Lohki didn't reply as he was carried further from the camp.  One should think the over protectiveness of the demon would grow irritating at some point, but it was perhaps the primary thing that kept the human alive.  Lohki could easily translate the harsh words into a constant declaration of love and devotion, as well as a plead to never leave Terrayndian, the only possible way being death of the host body.

Soon enough they reached the wide river of perfectly clear water.  The demon was obsessed with such areas of exposed water even after all of these years residing in the human.  Nothing like it was present in the 'other world' as he phrased it, a place of supposed boring hunks of rocks.  Lohki had only briefly seen the scenery of the demon's home in visions, but had never gotten a clear picture of the red tinted dimension.

Light mist went into the air as the demon's illusionary clothing evaporated from his body.  Suddenly realizing the other's plans, Lohki made his first efforts to get out of the strong hold.

"Rayn!  Don't you dare."

"I know you have extra clothing."  With that Terrayndian walked into the river and dunked into a deeper section along with the clothed human trapped on his shoulder.

The flowing water was freezing with first contact, an inadvertent curse coming from Lohki while under the water.  He pushed at the pale shoulder beneath him to let him up for air.  His plan concluded, the demon freed his thoroughly wet and angry human.  Standing up, the light travel clothing was tight along Lohki's body and made him feel colder than he knew he was.

"Is it your dream in life to piss me off?"

The demon laughed while raising dark wings out of the river far enough to cause a splattering of water.  "I know better than to make you truly angry."

"I wonder sometimes," the human commented while ringing some water from his hair.

Warm lips were instantly on his as two large hands gripped around his exposed sides.  Letting his raised arms lower, Lohki rested them on wide shoulders while his hand stroked up through spiky white hair and his other lightly wrapped fingers in the two long, narrow braids of hair that ran down the bent back.  Sighing, he let the questing tongue enter fully into his mouth as he sucked on it.  The feel of a hand rubbing wet material along a cold harden nipple made him arch closer to the heat before him.  Reluctantly he let the kiss break when Terrayndian straightened.

"I told you it's been too long, though I like it when you're this responsive."  Two fangs overlapped the reddened lower lip as the demon smiled lustfully.

"You'll have your work cut out for you tonight.  I'm freezing because of this stunt."

"I think I can handle the task of warming you."  He licked the human's ear, then nibbled lightly on the top portion.  "But maybe I should let you suffer here a bit longer.  I haven't made you beg in ages."

Panting at the assault of the sensitive area, Lohki closed his eyes tightly.  "You'd only be torturing yourself tonight if you want to wait to hear me beg."

"Hmmm."  He let the vibration radiate throughout the ear before tonguing it once more.  "Stubborn creature."

Long fingers followed the curved spine of the human through the transparent cloth causing goosebumps along the bronze flesh.  Needing distraction, Lohki angled up to his larger partner, kissing and sucking on the juncture of neck and shoulder.  Moving a hand from the spiky hair, he massaged the dark skin of the wings he adored, aside from the fact it was the best way he could gain equal leverage with the lustful demon.  The victim moaned his pleasure into the ear he still held captive.  After a brief struggle with wet cloth, the traveling fingers found a warm destination to claim.

"Cold," Lohki hissed at the intrusion, not appreciating it with the freezing water flowing well above his waist level.

"You could just surrender to me."

In response the human edged closer, his thigh firm against the demon's exposed member, rubbing it teasingly in small motions.  "Are you certain I'm the one who needs to surrender so that we can finish this elsewhere?"

One fang revealed in a lopsided grin, he peered down with sharp red eyes.  "I can fuck you senseless any place I desire."

"The sweetest words just flow from you, my parasite."

"Now you are simply being cruel."  A touch of real hurt laced the voice.

To appease his partner, Lohki bent a little to tongue a darken nipple while his hand dipped below the water to massage the always needy length with care.  Terrayndian stiffened in pleasure, his fingers still stroking aimlessly within tight warmth.  Rocking along with his hand motions and against the intruding fingers, Lohki wasn't too surprised that he was also becoming aroused while in the cold water, not like his demon hasn't managed this before.  He moaned in bliss.

Without warning, Terrayndian removed his fingers and quickly bent down to place an arm behind his human's legs and lift him out of the water.  With his long strides, they were soon on dry land and Lohki laid onto his back in a sodden mess.

"Damn it, that was unfair play."

In response, the human held his arms up to persuade Terrayndian downwards, both knowing Lohki could never form such wanton sounds on command.  Only the light haired demon could coax those noises out of his human with an experienced hand and simply because he was Terrayndian.  The demon bent down to the man, loving the feel of a loose hold around his neck as he brushed his lips against the upturned corner of a smirk.  Working his tongue into the teasing mouth, Terrayndian made his first attempt at ridding the luscious body of his pants, discovering the task near impossible with the wet material.

"Did someone get foiled by his own games?"  Blue eyes glinted in the moonlight.

"A minor delay."

"Ah, no tearing or cutting.  I happen to have one set of extra clothing if you would remember."

"But we are approaching the city..."  He flashed the extended claw of his forefinger.

"Rayn, you are crossing fine lines."  Lohki ran a white skinned finger along the firm jaw line.  "Be good or it ends now."

The demon turned his head slightly, taking the threatening finger into his mouth.  He trapped it between his tongue and fang, showing the man exactly what he would do once the pants would cease to be a barrier between them.  The blue eyes lightened in color due to a haze of pleasure from the motions on his finger and from his imagination of even greater pleasure at the demon's hand.

"It's coming out of your alcohol money."

Pulling the limp finger from his mouth, Terrayndian smiled victoriously at the man beneath him.  "You need new clothes, anyhow.  Something more dashing and revealing."

"Or not," Lohki part gasped as the top section of his pants were clawed from his already cold body, shivering skin suddenly exposed to night air along with his freed erection.

Immediately the demon was on him, the warm cavity of his mouth along with the stroking of heated tongue serving to change the quakes of the body into ones of passion instead of mere chills of cold.  Large, dark wings hanging over them gave Lohki a feeling of enclosure and safety.  He stroked them in a kind of thanks as well as to express his continuing awe of the majestic strength that somehow went with the power of flight.  Terrayndian hummed his pleasure as he paused in his motions on the length, the sound itself more satisfying to the human than the additional sensation it caused.  When he continued his ministrations, fingers made passage through the still tight opening, a fact most likely in connection with the prolonged youth of the human.

Needing and wanting little preparation, Lohki gently pinched the sensitive fold of skin above him to signal his partner.  No longer needing words of assurance between them, the demon took legs in hand while taking one lingering lick of the stiff organ.  Rising over the smaller body, crimson eyes met blue crystal just before he sheathed into the dry heat of the ironically very wet human.  Lohki whimpered softly at the invasion, not feeling pain but completion by the demon's entrance.  Terrayndian leaned low over his human, licking and biting lightly at the junction of shoulder and neck in rhythm with his rocking motions within Lohki.

Despite the feverish words and actions of the demon, the sex was typically slow and steady as if to make the simple joining of flesh last for eternity.  Hands once again in the white hair, Lohki savored the loving caresses of solid warmth within him.  With every thrust, there was the echo of 'want' in his mind.  He wanted Terrayndian and nothing else, but unfortunately he could not ignore the world except for these few scattered moments when nothing mattered but the scent of his demon and their sounds in the night.


Ribbons of white liquid shot between them, Lohki's vision holding enough to see the demon smile as he released deep within him.  Panting heavily, the human tugged on Terrrayndian to lie on top of him as he recovered, not wanting to feel him leave his body just yet.  Complying, the demon rested his head on the rising chest while absentmindedly stroking a hip.

"Thank you."

Lohki blinked up at the starry sky.  "For what?"

"For almost killing an elf over me."

"I'm nothing without you.  You know that."

The demon sighed.  "One of these days I'll get you to realize how much you are worth."

"You can't change me."

"Hnnn, but I trained you rather well to call out my name."  Terrayndian leaned up from the human, pulling himself out of the warm body so he could directly look into the clear blue eyes.  "I don't want to live without you.  I can't."

"I'm sorry.  It's my fault--"

"No, don't you dare say it.  Feel guilty for whatever you damn well want except for that.  You'll make me think you regret us."

Lohki smiled and placed his arms around the neck, massaging tense muscles.  "Never.  I love making you suffer."

Taking the white skinned arm from his neck, Terrayndian intertwined his fingers with the hand.  "You belong to me," he stated before kissing the damaged flesh.

"For as long as you are within me, I am yours."

The demon smirked.  "It wouldn't hurt for you to remember that every now and again."

"Just because you own me, doesn't mean you can control me.  Forgive me, Rayn.  I know how much I hurt you."

"Enough talking, slave."

Lohki smiled knowingly as the demon rolled them over such that the smaller man could be enclosed in the warm wings.  It was better than any fire, but it still didn't change the fact that he was wearing a shirt and shredded pants still soaked with cold water.  Hearing the slowing pace of the heartbeat below him, he decided to suffer the minor chill in exchange for the demon to get rest.  Whenever there was danger of their separation, Terrayndian would start agonizing over the situation, wearing his energy thin over the days.  Kissing the hand that still held firmly onto his, he whispered vows of love to the sleeping creature, the same words he spoke nearly two centuries previous


Author's Note -- Again, doubt you'd want more of this... the story is just something I've been playing with which would probably be a dull read for everyone else.  Posted it because the original section looked kinda lonely with just 'I Didn't Want to See' there. ^_-