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Translation of Fictions                              

Chinese translations of 'All I Want...'


various ffviii links                                     

Noire Sensus - a wonderful site with the best FFVIII archive out there, not to mention the numerous other fandoms these crazy (but greatly loved) web mistresses have decided to host

Deep Forest - absolutely amazing FFVIII artwork

Forbidden Haven - bishie goodness in fiction form

Scarecrow - Jamacia's pretty new site for her fanfiction and random other guest authors

Gnome's Grotto - mwahaha, Gnome was forced to make a site for her fictions

Lovers and Rivals - Miss Dincht's site for fanfiction (mostly FFVIII, but other games and fandoms, too), doujin, and frightening gag pics

o.b.Z.e.X.i.o.n - collection of random fanfics, fanarts, illustrations, and doujin scans

Redrum - Redrum's site for mostly NC-17 fics which would delete without warning

Whirling Script - Shehanitan's fiction in addition to a FFVIII archive

Wild Angels - FFVIII fiction and doujin scans

Wistful Garden - a newly started FFVIII page with fictions and artworks coming

Zany Video Game Quotes - highly amusing snippets/screen shots from the game

Various forums that have included FFVIII fictions:





people linked to me                                   

Darkness Light - mostly original fiction

Fantasies Fiction - has a forum, challenges, links, and fictions for much randomness

Grassroots - has overly sweet reviews for many of my fics

Raygun Works - gundam centered site, but had a very kind fic recommendation for my works


various yaoi related links                           

Aphrodisiac - fiction and artwork for an excellent original story

Arcana - a web comic with outstanding artwork, but may be discontinuing soon

Bishonen Works - amazing fictions and fanarts by PL Nunn

Boy Meets Boy - a fun web comic about what happened when a boy met another boy

Friendly Hostility - the back story about a certain pair from 'boy meets boy'

Ground Zero - amazing artwork for suikoden

Hi Polymer - a fanart site by Kwan, the lovely person who did a 'blind sight' picture for me

Mpreg Archive - if you think I'm crazy to write this stuff, you should see the other people who join me in this insanity

Petit Pois - fanarts with the 'cute X factor' included

Yaoi Con - ... yeah, just a little obvious that I should have this here

Your Wings Are Mine - angst... well-drawn angst


yaoi scanlation sites (buy if you like what you read!!)                  

Beautiful Soup - got me into 'Junjo Romantica', has shoujo manga scans under the name 'impossibility'

Hochuuami - very active group who got me into several authors (Sakuragi Yaya, Zaou Taishi, Nekota Yonezou, etc), not just individual manga

Memory For You - random chapters and does joint projects by similar authors as above

Mochimochi - used to update more and lured me in with more of 'Junjo Romantica'

Nakama - the group I worship for introducing 'Sex Pistols', as well as other favorites like 'Private Hallelujah Tone', 'Sound of a Bell', and even FF8 doujin

Peccatore Sanctuary - a variety of stories from smut to sweet, including 'Acid Flower' and 'Kurashina Sensei's Passion'


web comics and other randoms                  

Angst Technology - not updated since July 2005, but still damn funny webcomic when reading from the beginning

Animaxis - a great store for manga... but it's in japan, so be prepared for expensive shipping

AnimeTen - online store with great goodies and my favorite Abel-type person

Applegeeks - a fun web comic for the geek in us all who wants to see pretty pictures

Badly Drawn Kitties - the sad thing is that the person can actually draw really well when in the mood

Blue Zombie - a story about cute, flesh-eating zombies... how can you go wrong?

Chugworth Academy - a very pretty web comic with very stupid boys

Colorado Avalanche - the hockey team I root for... how could you not cheer for a team with a goalie that hot?

Disanthus - incredible artwork, especially all of the digital works

Furiae - more incredible artwork... these talented people should be shot

Get Fuzzy - Garfield themed comic but a lot funnier

Homestar Runner - and don't forget the emails to Strong Bad

Irritability - includes a very odd comic... the fushigi yuugi parody still makes me laugh

MacHall - sporadic updates of comics with great graphics

Megatokyo - gamer comic turned shoujo manga with excellent artwork

Nan Desu Kan - the convention I have sold my soul to... well, the pieces of soul I had left after SxS took what they could

Penny Arcade - is there a game these guys haven't played?

Real Life Comics - not quite real life, but it's still loads of fun

RPG World - it's good to know that rpg characters understand the importance of side-quests

Sasugabooks - online store for great manga at good prices

Sexy Losers - wrong... just plan wrong and not for the weak of heart when it comes to sexual themes

Something Positive - rather, something positive taken in a completely sarcastic way

Strawberry Garden - just really beautiful artwork with some anime fanarts

V.G. Cats - really funny, somewhat frightening web comic about various games