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And with “One Wrong Step” chapter nine posted, the story is done!  I still haven’t gotten the final okay by one of my betas, so changes may be coming, but this is the end to OWS.  I may have oneshots coming in the future, particularly with Sora and Riku, but the official story is done.  Thank you so much for all of your patience and I hope you enjoy!


“One Wrong Step” chapter eight is up, and man, I’m so sorry that it took this long.  I’ll leave my excuses on LJ, but in short, I haven’t been very inspired when it comes to writing.  Real life getting in the way doesn’t help matters.  Ch9/epilogue won’t take nearly as long since it’s already written and going out to the betas tomorrow.  This thing will be ending, I swear!


And three months later, there was an update: “One Wrong Step” chapter seven is officially up.  So sorry for the delay.  Hopefully the last of OWS will be done and up within the next month or so!... which I know I’ve said before. ^^;


No update just yet, so sorry!  Long story short, one of my betas didn’t get my chapter to review, so she’s on it now.  Also, life sucks.  For more info, go to my Live Journal.

Meanwhile, Ruth gave me an awesome birthday present—Squall from “One Wrong Step”!  Thank you for probably one of the few shining moments in the past couple of months.


And finally, finally, I have that update for ‘One Wrong Step’—chapter six.  It’s a long one with plenty of action, so I hope you enjoy after all of these months.  Thank you as always for your patience, and I swear, the next update won’t take another 10 months. ^^;


I HAS UPDATE!!  For Gardengnome's birthday, here is  a GR:NP sidefic--"Wanting, and Taking"--a partner fic to "Wanting, Not Having."

If you want to know why this update is so long in coming, I suggest visiting my Live Journal for the vast details.  In short, Aug 2010 through Feb 2011 involved me taking the CPA exams, March 2011 was spent writing, and April 2011 was spent waiting for comments by a beta.  All in all, this sidefic has been reviewed by Jess, but Aera is still completely swamped, which means more changes may be coming in the future.  More importantly, ch6 of OWS has been written, but I want to wait for Aera since I appreciate her corrections and OWS is kind of my baby.  I want it to be right, so I apologize for the delay in posting it.  Meanwhile, I am writing ch7 already and hopefully updates will return to a monthly release schedule.

Thank you for all of your patience!  It has been a very stressful set of months, and without all of your support, those months would have been even worse.  I have truly missed writing and I'm excited to work on the things I have planned during this hiatus.


Ugh, is it really the end of August?  I can hardly believe it.  Anywho, the update first with more 'One Wrong Step' - chapter five.

I also have new art for you!  Ruth just finished up her schooling, which of course ended with months of pure hell of finishing her project.  Check out her DA page for more information about that.  Anywho, the first thing this awesome person did after all of that work was to make me an amazing birthday present with Squall in Seifer's pants.  What more could I want? ;)

So yeah, the last several months have been absolutely crazy.  I ended up getting a 'real' job in the accounting world, which I love, but has meant some overtime when problems came up.  I also started my CPA prep courses, which adds up to 8hrs a week of class and 6 to 10hrs a week of homework.  That math alone should explain why I haven't been updating like I want to. ^^;  For more details, feel free to check out my Live Journal.

Either way, don't expect frequent updates for the next several months.  I'll do my best, but a lot of things are happening in real life that is thwarting my writing time/energy.  Maybe I should into Twitter or something to announce my updates so that no one is constantly disappointed by an un-updated webpage. ^^;


Finally, I have an update for you all, 'One Wrong Step' - chapter four.  Sorry for the delay!  Also, I made a small update to chapter three with the diner scene.  Just wanted to make Seifer's assumption a little more obvious, and it may make things clearer in chapter four if you skim over that small bit.

Ugh, it's been a very annoying couple of months.  First, I managed to finish up school a month ago, but like the two degrees before this one, I had no job waiting for me after graduation.  I'm currently working a temp job that's a lab position, which has been hard on my mental state since I have become really bitter about my chemistry degrees.  I want to start my new career path in accounting, but so much for that happening anytime soon.  Because of that and other things, I've had a major case of writer's block and it doesn't feel like it's going anywhere.  I'm going to do my best to return to monthly updates, but it looks like I'm heading back to school to study for the CPA exam.  That means four-hour classes, two nights a week, along with regular work hours in a job that feeds into my bitterness and frustrations... Yeah, I'm really living the life. *sigh*


And here's the second side fic request that I have been promising you all - Won't Let You Go, a 'Hearts Unchanged' oneshot for both Kai (littlemanganeko) and Kelli (onempty) with Seifer taking their daughter into the city without Squall.  Alrightie, now that is done, I should put my nose to the grindstone and work on OWS... after I finish up my homework for the week. *whistles*


I have one side fic request done and posted for all of you - Only One Choice, a 'Wingless' oneshot for kamikyo with Squall getting mixed up in a major battle.  Another side fic request is finished and is currently sitting with my betas, so expect that to be posted soon.  After this, I'm heading right back into 'One Wrong Step', which I'm anxious to continue.  Let's just hope that my muses are as motivated as I feel. ; )


Just a quick update to let people know that I had the term from Hell in school, but I finished my last final last night, which means I'll have a whole seven days to do some writing before the next class.  I hope to have something posted within the next week or two!

More importantly, Lady Yuskreven has been BUSY.  In the past week, I've gotten three picture with links to GR:NP.  Check out the links to the side or from the 'pictures' link above!  Especially check out the third one - it's a comic she did with the attempt to convince me to write a third 'Game Restart' piece, but luckily, I haven't played Dissidia and I won't since I don't get handhelds. *grins* Victory is mine!... until KH3 comes out.  Someone tell me that I won't be able to think up another darn story with Leon and young Seifer!


A little delayed due to not realizing one of my betas was on vacation, but here's the next chapter of 'One Wrong Step' - chapter three.  I've already started working on a couple more of the side fic requests, so those will be coming in the next month.  I should make the warning now, however, that I'm doing my capstone class in school, which means that I won't have much time for writing in the coming weeks.  I'll do my best, but things may get held up.

In similar news, Lady Yuskreven did a pic for OWS, located on her DA page.  I like the abstract feel to the picture that suits the occasional odd emotions and happenstances to the fic.

Belated Happy Holidays to everyone!


It's Thanksgiving here in the US, so here's to the muses that I'm thankful for existing, even if they torment me daily.  I'm also thankful to you readers, so I have a couple of completed side fic requests that were first asked in July of last year. ^^;  Yes, still working on those bastards, and if a fic was promised, I swear that I will get around to those suckers.  Now, the ficcage:

A 'High Price of Love' side fic, Once a Princess, for Nowaki and her request of Seifer rescuing Squall from another interested guy.  And as a note, since there has been confusion when I posted this on Live Journal, 'High Price' is the escort story, not the fantasy fic with Seifer as a shifter ('Hearts Unchanged'). ;)

And then there's the final 'For Nothing, For Everything' side fic request, Dreams That Were, for Iczer and her request of Seifer meeting with Leander Loire.

With these two fics posted, I'm going return to 'One Wrong Step' for at least a chapter (maybe two) before returning to more side fic requests.  I'm probably not going to move onto another story until I have all of those requested fics done.  We'll see what the muses actually decide, but I swear, I do have a sense of priorities when it comes to writing these things.


Though a little later than I hoped, here's the Cloud and Zack oneshot from GR:NP - Wanting, Not Having.  *grumble* Why do my muses keep demanding such long ficletsAnywho, I'm going to attempt to get a couple oneshots done prior to leaving for Yaoi Con in two weeks.  Hopefully they'll stay short and sweet, thus easy to finish... though no promises, of course. ^^;


The next chapter of 'One Wrong Step' is finally up - chapter two.  I finished finals and whatnot in the last week of August and did just fine with grades.  Unfortunately, a class for this term got dropped (not enough students enrolled), which means I'll have more free time in the next two months, but I'll probably be crunching next term to make up for only taking one class this time.  I'll do my best to get stuff written while I have the time - we'll see how long that lasts.

So yeah, the Cloud and Zack oneshot of GR:NP should be coming next, and then I'll try to finish a few requests before attempting the next OWS chapter.  Alas, I don't think I'll be finishing all of the requests this year like I wanted to, but I blame school for that.  Doing 7hrs of class and 15hrs of school work a week, along with +20hrs of work has not been conducive to a friendly writing environment. ^^;  I'll do my best, but please accept my apologies ahead of time for those who made requests over a year ago.


And the final 'Game Restart: New Platform' chapter is done - chapter six.  Before anyone can say something, I promise there will be a side fic just for Cloud and Zack in the near future.  First, I want to write the next chapter of 'One Wrong Step', but after that will be the GR:NP side fic.  That said, I've started my new school term and the homework is already piling up if you can believe it.  I'm going to do my best to get ahead of the game and make some time for writing, but that always seems to be wishful thinking on my part.

Thanks as always for putting up with my schedule and sparse updates!  It's hard to believe sometimes how much I've written for these boys and it's awesome that you have all stuck with me.


Lo and behold, a 'Game Restart: New Platform' update - chapter five.  Yeah, yeah, I probably should be doing something more productive, but I wanted to get this posted before people start asking if I'm still alive. ;)  I also have a short PWP I wrote for Gnome back in April - The World is a Stage.  I had it posted on my LiveJournal, but a few people said I needed to put it here, too.  What can I say, I live to please. ;)

Anywho, school and work are still kicking my ass, but my current school term is winding down and I've have a whole two weeks off to do things I haven't been been able to while school has been stressing me out.  I'm very hopeful to get the next chapter of GR:NP done (mostly because I didn't cover nearly the same stuff I wanted to in chapter five).  We'll see if that actually happens.  But first... I have a few reports to finish up. ^^;


Well, while I didn't post within the month of February, I did get something done within 30 days... Does that count? =P  It's the first chapter of a new fic that I'm starting - One Wrong Step.  It's a story I've been wanting to write for a while with the single-minded purpose to kick Seifer around a bit.  What can I say, Seifer has been getting it too easy for too long. ;)

Coming up next will be another chapter of GR:NP, which should be the last or next to last chapter of the story.  It depends on the muses with how everything wraps up and whether or not I figure out something more to write about, beyond what I already have planned.  After that, I really need to hit hard on those requests and keep true to my new years resolution this year.  Hopefully I'll do better about keeping on track with my writing.


No fic update, sadly, but I promise that I'll have something posted this month.  School and work were keeping me too busy to write anything in January.  Meanwhile, Lady Yuskreven sent me a great pic from the first chapter of GR:NP of Leon and Seifer looking separately at the dark star that eventually brought them back together.  Thank you for the pic!


Belated Happy New Years!  In an effort to celebrate, I finished up a couple request ficlets for FNFE, but they are completely unbeta'd and may be quite unreadable.  I'll re-upload once Jess and Griffin get their paws on these things, but until then, I hope you all will enjoy the raw form of the requests:  for Hardleyf, 'More Than Words' with Seifer living up to his promises from chapter 16; and for Jess, 'Spreading Wings' with Verena celebrating her sixteenth birthday.

And as something new, I got a music video as a gift from Kamikyo for GR:NP.  *shakes head* You're all trying to make me feel guilty about that story, aren't you?  Well, you can download here if you're interested!

Hard to believe it's been another year and I'm still playing with my favorite boys.  Let's hope that they don't let me down!


There's one thing I didn't count on with going back to school - it makes me dumber when it comes to writing, so don't expect much with these requests.  First, the request for Redrum, 'Waiting for You', a ficlet continuing the epilogue of 'Judgment of Worth'.  Second, the request for Mercy_slays, 'Chained', a ficlet from 'Split' of the entire group finding out about Squall's GF status.  I already have plans for the next two requests, but school and a part-time job are going to make it slow going.  Wish me luck!

Associated to the 'Split' request, Lady Yuskreven sent me a gorgeous pic of the two Squalls.  Thank you so much for the inspiration!


And finally, a 'Game Restart: New Platform' update - chapter four.  It took more time than I thought to finish it, but it's a longer chapter, so I hope that makes up for something. =P  For the record, it's Seifer's fault this time.  With this chapter done, I'm moving back to those request ficlets and hoping to finish most of them by the end of the year.  For those who don't read my LJ, I'm going back to school, so updates may be affected by that added stress in my life, but given my history of sparse updates, I doubt anyone will notice. =P


One more request ficlet - for Gnome and Annakas, 'One Man's Blessing', a ficlet from 'This is the Last Time' with Laguna being asked by SxS for his blessing.  So, with this ficlet taking me so long to write (the damn thing didn't want to end!), I highly doubt I'll be able to get a chapter of GR:NP done before I meander to San Fran for Yaoi Con.  There are certain things I want to happen in the chapter and it'll pretty much feel like pulling teeth.  Damn you, Leon!  Stop thwarting me.


I got an amazing gift!  Proanon sent me a ficlet, 'Warden', that covers the time when Ward searched for Leander when Seifer was away.  All I can say is that she covered the event far better than I could've done it.  Meanwhile, I'm still working on a final request before working on a chapter of GR:NP.  I hope to post by this weekend, but we'll still if I can stop being lazy about it. =P


Imagine that, a post on Squall's birthday... not that I purposefully planned it that way. =P  Anywho, here is Dark Squall's request - 'Edge of Freedom', a ficlet from 'Blind Sight' of Seifer waiting for Squall to wake up directly after the events in the caves.  I'm still determined to have at least one more request done before working on GR:NP again, and then it'll be back to more requests.  Now, if only the muses will play along with my plans...


After slacking off for a week, I got the next request done - for Leira, 'No Other Way', a ficlet from 'When I Heard Your Voice' with Adryan and Laek becoming more than brothers.  I have at least another two to four requests I want to complete before writing the next chapter of GR:NP, and then I'll try to finish off the rest of the requests.

I got a couple of fanarts: one from Lady Yuskreven, a birthday present to me of Cloud x Leon from GR:NP; the other pic is a sketch from Megan of Seifer and Squall, a return gift for the request I wrote.  Thank you both!


Phew, it's been a busy month!  Don't expect me to keep up this rate of updating, but it was nice getting to several of the requests.  Anywho, I have another three done, still so many more to go.  First, for Francine - 'Dance With Me', a ficlet from 'To This One Night' with Squall struggling with how to love.  The second request is for Chibi Risu-chan - 'What's in a Name', a ficlet from 'Past Happenings' with Laguna debating name ideas.  And third, for Megan - 'When Night Falls', a ficlet for 'GR:NP' about SxS's final moments before the end of their world.

And while I usually try to hide my birthday, I have to share my wonderful birthday gift from Ruth - Squall and Cloud from GR:NP (warning, the pic is large).  Truly brothers at arms. ;)

Also, I got a cute ficlet from 'Rambles' from FNFE of Squall vs. two-year-old Verena - read it hereThankies!

Righto, I think that's it for this month.  I'm hoping to continue this weekly posting streak, but I'm actually a little busy this week, so it may not happen.  Please don't hate me if I slack off. ;)


Two more requests down, so many more to go... First one is for Azurelle - 'Tea for Two', a ficlet from FNFE about Verena with her grandmother.  The second request is for Sui Causa - 'Gift to the World', a continuation ficlet from 'Unwanted Care', something I never really expected to write.  What can I say - I hate time travel confusion and it's weird writing Seifer when he doesn't want to jump Squall. =P

Also, I got another pic from Lady Yuskreven, a pretty thing from Frozen Heart depicting Seifer's first encounter of Squall.  I hope you all enjoy!


I've got presents!  I got another two from Lady Yuskreven, one of Hydres from Frozen Heart and the other a hilarious pic from Split of Seifer controlling Unwanted.  Way to put a GF to use!  And I also have a gorgeous pic from Ruth of Verena from FNFE.  Aren't I spoiled?


Second request has been filled for Ruth, Pookayasha, and Dr_schreaber - 'Game Rules', a 'Game Restart: New Platform' ficlet about Cloud x Leon.  I hope it's worth the hype of people wanting this thing. ;)  And now I (naively) believe that's the last of the longer ficlets for the requests, but we'll see what the muses have planned for me.


And the first of a long chain of side fic requests is done - 'Choices', a 'Life Series' ficlet requested by Chantry.  I hope you like it!  This is one of the longer ficlets I'll be writing, mostly because Chantry has been waiting around 2-3 years for this sucker and the 'Life Series' muses are usually fairly nice to me when it comes to oneshots.

I've already started into the next request, so be expecting that within another week or so.  Depending on my betas and the muses, I'm hoping to release one or two of these things a week.  If you want to see the full list of requests coming up, go here and start praying for me. =P


'For Nothing, For Everything' is officially done - chapter 17 and epilogue.  I hope you all enjoy the ending, and for those who have been crazy enough for the ending before starting this fic, try not to notice the mistake in the story. *laugh* What can I say - writing something over three years, it's easy to forget some minor details.

Coming up next are a bunch of side story requests, that information residing on my Live Journal.  In between writing those requests, I will get around to the next chapter of 'GR:NP'.  After that, I have two potential stories that I could start, one an old idea and the other a new idea.  I'm going to try the old one first and see how it goes since it's a little different than my norm.

... *grin* FNFE is done!!!!


Whooho, another update that didn't take a full month - 'For Nothing, For Everything' chapter sixteen.  Yup, ch16 is out and the final chapter to this horribly long story is in the works.  Let me tell you, it'll be so nice to have this story good and done after, ugh, 3 years of torturing these poor muses.

I also got a couple more pics from the incredibly fast Lady Yuskreven for GR:NP ch3 - one of Leon falling in front of Seifer and the other of Seifer watching Squall sleep.  I hope you all enjoy her gifts!

Well, I better get back to work on finishing FNFE.  Sooner it's done, the sooner I can celebrate. ;)


Another 'Game Restart: New Platform' update - chapter three.  And if I may say, this Leon muse is quite the stubborn bastard.  No wonder I avoided a multi-chapter Kingdom Hearts fic until this point. =P

Also with this update, I got a new picture from Lady Yuskreven for FNFE of Sekre holding Leander.  She sent this lovely only five days after I posted that chapter of FNFE, so I have to say that I'm very impressed.  After all of these years, getting pictures is still one of those unexpected perks of being a fanfiction author.  It's wonderful seeing some of my thoughts come to life like this.

For the next update, I have a debate going on in my head.  FNFE is coming next, but chapter 16 will be a cliffhanger.  So the debate is this - should I post just chapter 16 once it's written, or post 16 and 17 together when both chapters are done?  I suppose there are enough readers out there who don't flinch at the ideas of cliffhangers, but that will mean tormenting my poor betas, too.  Decisions, decisions....


Wow, when shit rains, it pours.  First things first, here's the latest chapter of 'For Nothing, For Everything' - chapter fifteen.  If you can believe it, the end is in sight.  In fact, I believe that there are only two chapters left of the story, that last chapter including the epilogue.  We'll see when I actually finish the thing.

Anywho, I've quit my job after dealing with an asswipe boss for the last 8 months or so.  If you're really curious, visit my Live Journal page (link above).  In any case, I quit in mid-March, and then the very next day, my grandmother died.  She was a horrid woman who had four people go to her funeral, so I only hope that she has found some peace and learned her lesson wherever she is at this point.  Because of that and my new free time, I visited my parents for a week and helped to get my mother out of the house.  Since I've gotten back, I've been job hunting, enjoying playoff hockey, and generally bumming around.  I should have spent more time writing, but I've been doing an excellent job of distracting myself.

Well, all of that said and done, I'm going to focus on writing the next GR:NP chapter.  I hope this writing mood lasts since I wrote nearly half of FNFE ch15 in a single week.  Cross your fingers for me!


Ugh, this took a lot longer than I planned, but here's the update to 'Game Restart: New Platform' - chapter two.  Short story - work sucks.  For the longer story, visit my Live Journal if you dare. =P  Anywho, I'm planning to work on FNFE next with the purpose of driving the story closer to a conclusion.  I can't believe FNFE has been hanging around for three years as of this month.  It's completely Miss Dincht's fault as I didn't actually plan to write this story in the first place.  In the second place, it was supposed to be a short cut through an mpreg where the pregnancy had already happened.  How did everything fall apart?!  ...Ahem, in any case, my goal for the year is to finish FNFE.  Cross your fingers for me. ; )


Belated Happy New Year, everyone!  So most of you won't care about this one, but lo and behold, I wrote something for a different fandom.  Midnighter x Apollo from The Authority and other associated comics - 'Sunlight, Marble, and Glass'.  It's an AU one-shot that doesn't require knowledge of the fandom, but it helps a lot and, of course, makes it more meaningful.  It's also a bit different from my usual stuff... so if you hate it, please don't tell me - I'm already embarrassed enough for posting it in the first place. =P  BTW, Vejiicakes and Dee are completely to blame for getting me into the series, and that's not to mention all of the inspiration from Vejiicakes' gorgeous artwork and Dee's always wonderful fanfic.

In addition, I got a lovely sketch of Seifer and Squall for Christmas, sent to me by Vejiicakes.  It was supposed to be a doodle, but I'm not going to hold that against her. ;)

So after dabbling in areas I don't belong, I'm now going to return to SxS with the next chapter of 'GR: New Platform'.  I hope the chapter won't take long to finish, especially since it's already partially written.  I stopped just before a fight scene, which I absolutely hate writing, so I'm completely procrastinating... though I don't know how that quite worked out since I've been 'procrastinating' by writing Midnight x Apollo, who aren't docile in the least.  Why do I have to be so fascinated with men that fight and fuck so much? *whimper*


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