Past Updates                   


Merry Christmas, all!  Ruth left me a lovely present under the tree - a picture of Squall to share.  I hope you enjoy and thank her wholeheartedly for me!

On a similar note, some of you may have noticed that I took down one of her pictures - the God of Fire picture of Squall from FNFE.  She was asked to remove it from Deviant Art due to copyright constraints, and from that that, she asked me to remove it here.  But never fear - Ruth is planning to redo the picture with her own version of Ifrit and not the FFVIII picture, so it will be back in time.


An early Christmas present for all of you (or should that be a present in celebration of Seifer's Birthday?) - Game Restart: New Platform chapter 1.  This is the result of me attempting Nano, so even though I didn't get far with it, I still found Nano useful to get me to write something I've wanted to do for a long time - older Squall (Leon) with his boytoy Seifer. *laugh*  I hope you enjoy!

I still don't know what my be next.  I'm attempting a different pairing for the fun of it, a one-time thing so don't tell Squall and Seifer that I'm cheating on them.  I also have half of the next chapter written for Game Restart:NP, which hopefully won't take me long to finish.  Oh, and the 'Complicated' muses are still hanging around, wanting some attention.  In other words, there are a lot of things on my plate and I hope that I can complete everything that has gained my fleeting interest.

Happy Holidays to everyone and thank you so much for all of the support this year!


Wow, can you believe it - an actual update!  'For Nothing, For Everything' chapter 14.  Oh, and I'm an idiot - the chapter isn't nearly as long as I thought.  My counter thing somehow moved to the wrong setting, so it turns out that it's just a normal chapter length.  Sorry to get anyone's hopes up.

Nano died a quick death, only about 15,000 words written.  Yes, I'm definitely not able to simply write - I have to write, read over it a few times to figure out if I missed something to better show that emotion/action/whatever, and then I can continue on... if I don't end up rewriting the whole damn section.  So yeah, I'm too anal to do Nano.  Maybe next year I'll try some other random 'annual event' like advent or something.  I never really tried drabbles, so maybe I should look into it for a writing experience.  But even though Nano failed, I like the chapter and some extra that I wrote and I'm planning to go forward with the idea.  Hopefully I'll get that first chapter out soon, once I give it an edit and send it off to my lovely betas.


Alright, going to keep this short - I swear, I swear, I'm working on FNFE chapter 14.  I have about five paragraphs left... I think.  But it's now November, aka NanoWriMo, and I really want to get started into the fic to see if it'll work on 'paper'.  I'll finish the chapter of FNFE during the lulls where I can't figure out the next step in the Nano fic and then I'll have to send it off to the betas for their red marks.  And I'll tell you now, each of them are going to say, "Why is this so <explicative> LONG?".  Yes, I may decide to divide the sucker into two chapters... it's that long right now.

In the meantime, I have an offering - 'Complicated', my submission for the Yaoi Con fiction contest this year.  No surprise it didn't win.  I was more hoping for a second chance at the anthology this year, but they didn't do it for some reason.  I wonder if they simply aren't going to do the anthology anymore.

In addition, Ruth sent me a birthday present way back in July that I never posted.  Hugs to Leander and his deer-in-the-headlights expression.  It really shows his Almasy blood. ; )


*sigh* I had a good thing going for a bit there and then writer's block struck again.  I blame Y-con.  Anywho, here's the latest chapter of 'For Nothing, For Everything' chapter 13.  Sadly, it doesn't look like this story will be ending anytime soon.  My best guestimate at this point is another five chapters.  In addition to that bad news, I want to crank out at least one story for y-con submission, if not two stories, so that means I probably won't update again until after July.  I can hope those submissions will be accepted, but in the likely case they aren't, at least there will be a couple new original fics to add to my list. ; )

04.02.07 (a.k.a. 04.03.07 Australia time)

Just a quickie update to celebrate Gnome's birthday with a side story to the 'Life Series' - 'Life Interlude'.  She requested this piece a good three or four years ago, something I've been too busy to write, but this is the big 3-0 for her, so I couldn't resist writing this side story.  Hopefully you like it, Gnome, and have a great one even though everyone you love can't be with you today.


Yay, it's an update that didn't take three months - 'For Nothing, For Everything' chapter 12.  Granted, I really didn't think it'd take that much effort to write this damned chapter, but I have my excuses.  One of which was getting slammed by a flu bug in late January.  Holy cow, it wasn't a bad cold considering I didn't have to go to the hospital or anything serious, but it had everything to it.  And then there was the chapter itself.  A lot happens, so I didn't want to completely rush through it.  Oh, and this really should've been obvious that I'd go this direction - sorry to be cliché, but I simply can't resist fucking with Squall.

Let's see, in addition, I have a new lovely picture from Ruth - Squall from 'Irresistible Hunger'.  Oh yes, she has done a wonderful job of showing exactly why Seifer can't win against Squall.  The arrogant blond never did have much of a chance from the start.

Also, I got a fanfic from Chibi Risu-chan - 'Eyes on Me', a complement to my one-shot 'Past Happenings'.  She had a lot of fun with this one and does an interesting job of tying up loose ends.  It's pretty impressive for someone who never played FFVIII.

And that's the update for this month.  I'm not certain what is coming up next.  I want to work more on 'Didn't Want to See', but I'm not really nearing a point that is 'new' for those who have read what I've done with the story idea in the past.  It's also hard to pull away from FNFE when I've finally gotten over a climax point.  We shall see where the muses pull me next.


Phew, been a long while since the last update, for which I apologize.  I attempted NaNo and failed, but I like what I did write while completely redoing 'I Didn't Want to See', so expect to see more of that in the future.  In the meantime, Miss D has apparently been sucked into that horrible thing called 'The Real World', so I've been searching for a new beta.  In that transition, I imagine that my chapters aren't going to be reviewed as quickly as they once were, so bear with me.

That said, I have completed 'High Price' with its last chapter and epilogue - chapter four and chapter five.  I hope you enjoy it as a late New Year's gift.  I also received a pic of SxS from Megan, aka xmegzvengeancex on LJ.  Thank you for sending it my way.

Anywho, coming up should be another chapter of FNFE as those muses have been irritating the crap out of me for the past couple of months.  After that is kind of hazy.  I'm guessing that I may work on 'I Didn't Want to See' just for something a little different, but I never know when a new SxS muse may jump out of nowhere and attack me. =P


Well, I'm being daring and posting this chapter without the okay of my beta, Miss D, since she's busy with life.  Here it is and only a month late - 'For Nothing, For Everything' chapter eleven.  I'm crossing my fingers that I didn't screw up this one.  Even so, I may be modifying it once Miss D hops online again.  In other news, the house is probably going to kill me by the end of the year... though I hope things will be easier once I'm actually living in the house.  My lease doesn't expire until the end of the month, so I figure I might as well do things when nothing is in the house.  So far it's not really working as planned. =P

Worse yet, I'm thinking about doing that NaNo thing for November.  Yes, I'm crazy.  Right now I'm considering to rewrite and 'finish' the original fic 'I Didn't Want to See'.  Or there's another original fic sitting unfinished on my computer which I may do... Any thoughts?

Along with this update, I have yet another pic from Lady Yuskreven - a lovely picture of Squall in his cat form from Judgment of Worth.  Thank you so much for spoiling me!


As promised, here are the two submissions for Yaoi Con that weren't accepted - the SxS fic 'Please, Not Again' and the original 'Collar and Leash'.  They are a little bare bones compared to my typical stories since I had to meet the 10,000 word limit, and really, I tried to fit way too much into these pieces.  It's not a big surprise that they weren't accepted and it's a good reminder as to why I should stick with multi-chapters fics. =P

Anywho, I'm still working on the next chapter of FNFE, but no promises on when I'll get it finished.  I always hope that I can pound out these chapters, but it never seems to work out that way.


Mega-update time... if you haven't already guessed.  First, here's the new look to the site.  How does it work for everyone?  I'm certain that there will be a few bugs hiding around, but that's what happens when I change things this much.  Some links have changed, and of special note, the fiction chapters are in a new folder, thus the link has changed.  I have to thank Ruth for the picture on the front page.  Isn't she so sweet to me?  Oh, and to the other artists out there, if I have any information incorrect, please let me know!!  As I was updating the page, I discovered that I had several emails wrong and I felt horrible about that.

Second, a chapter update.  FNFE chapter 10 has been uploaded for your enjoyment.  It was longer at one point, but I deleted a chunk when I realized that it needed to be done from Seifer's point of view.  For that reason, I'll probably work on the next chapter of FNFE before getting to 'High Price' again.

Thirdly, I've received a bunch of pictures since the last update.  Thank you so much for making me feel so special!

Ruth - While she did the front page picture for my amusement, she also did this version to exploit the use of a gorgeous background.  Then, for my birthday, she did this lovely pic of Squall for me.  Wish her the best of luck with her acceptance to Hannover for art school!!

Lady Yuskreven - Not only did she send one picture, but four great pics for stories that didn't have many illustrations.  There are two great pics for 'Accept Me', one with SxS and the other including Wren with our favorite pair.  She also did a picture for 'Judgment of Worth' and a great pic of our moody elf from 'Out of my Control'.  Thank you, dear Lady!!

Darth Puppet - While she posted it on her LJ, I got permission to steal and post her pic of Squall here.  Check out her other pics for her Castlevania contest.

Lastly, I didn't make the cut for my yaoi con anthy submissions.  Ah well, no luck for me.  I'll be posting those fics soon enough, probably next week sometime since I don't feel like converting them from Word files to html right now.

I think that is everything.  Again, let me know if things are screwy with the page - I'll do my best to fix things in a timely manner.  Otherwise, enjoy the new chapter!


Wow, it's been four months, but here's another chapter of 'High Price of Love'.  I hope it was worth the wait.  I'm already starting into the next chapter of FNFE, so be expecting that for next month.  Hn, nothing else to mention at this moment, so I'll let you get to reading. =P  Oh, but as a note of randomness, I was able to submit two stories for the Yaoi Con anthology, so we'll see if they are accepted.  One is a SxS mpreg and the other is an original ficlet... yes, a story limited to 10,000 words is a ficlet to me. ^_-


An extremely random update with a songfic based on 'I Write Sins Not Tragedies' by Panic at the Disco - 'Poise and Rationality'.  I should warn you that Miss D didn't have the chance to beta this. =P  Also, I had gotten a picture from Kyo around the time of the last update and had forgotten to post it.  Thankies for the picture!

So, I'm slowly getting back into the writing mood and I've written the first couple of scenes to the next chapter of 'High Price', but I don't know when I'll actually finish it.  I'm also considering to write something for the Y-con anthology, but stupidly, it's really hard for me to write something that's limited to 10,000 words.  Nonetheless, I'm doing my best to pull something together, which means I'll be further distracted from my in progress works.  Just a warning that I doubt I'll keep to a monthly schedule in the near future and I hope you all can put up with me.  Thanks!


Life has given me quite the loop in the past few weeks. In short, my sister has suddenly decided that she doesn't want to see me anymore. I'm not going to give the long version of this story since it's a touch too personal to share with everyone, but I'm posting this now since I'm not certain when I'll be mentally able to write again. I'm not saying that I'm quitting, but I think I'm going to need a short break to get my thoughts and emotions back in check.

Don't worry about emailing me any condolences - that isn't something I need or really want right now. I just want to say this now to hopefully avoid a few emails in the coming weeks about why I'm not posting anything. Thank you for your patience, and as always, I appreciate your support.


And here's chapter nine of 'For Nothing, For Everything.  Yes, nine chapters and it's still going strong.  I must be masochistic to want to write these longer stories.  I blame Miss Dincht for tricking me into writing this novel. =P  Anyway, I'm not certain what is coming up next... Most likely 'High Price' so I can get that closer to finishing (I'm assuming only another two or three chapters of that one), but it's tempting to finish up this more difficult part of FNFE.  We shall see where the muses take me.

Also with this update is a side fic for the 'Life Series' from Chantry - 'Bad Day'.  Thank you so much for the story, Chantry! I needed that laugh.  And I swear, I'll try again to write more of 'Enduring Life' once 'High Price' is done.


It's been a few months, and now people can stop waiting for the next chapter of 'High Price of Love'.  The tone is changing a bit with the story, but yes, I was planning this from the beginning.  It's just going to get worse, but Squall and Seifer will always have their fun in between the shit handed to them.

In addition to the chapter, I have more presents that I've gotten since the last update.  First, a really cute pic from Billy the Cad, and if you want to see how it was done, you can go here (well, at least I thought it was neat to see the progression).  Also this month, I got a very lovely picture of FNFE Squall from Vejiita4eva.  I swear it looks like a doujin cover.  Oh, and since I might get emails over this in connection with her pic, Squall's staff in the story really doesn't have a set form.  It starts off like a plain old stick turned staff, but he can change it to suit his need/desires.  Saying that, I love seeing the different styles people have come up with Squall's staff.  It's wonderful!

Well, coming next update is going to be another chapter of FNFE.  Hopefully it will be finished sooner than five weeks from now. =P 


And at last, I have a fic update - 'For Nothing, For Everything' chapter eight.  Sorry it took so long, but I wanted to properly set things in motion, which meant taking it a bit slow for Squall.  That, and it was really hard to write this chapter since I like it better when they've stopped arguing and Seifer is nibbling on Squall's neck. *laugh*  Anywho, I have yet to decide if it's another chapter of FNFE coming up next or one of 'High Price'.  I'm letting my muses decide on that one. =P

And there's other prezzies with this update.  First, I got a present from a formerly sick person, nix_this, who did a picture of SxS with how they should be - attached to each other (curse you, stubborn FNFE Squall!).  Thankies so much for drawing something after your strep throat!  Also, Ruth has sent yet another picture for me to share, this time for 'When I Heard Your Voice'.  I have to say that I'm a pathetic person who didn't notice the tail at first, my eyes completely focused on Squall for several minutes before I looked elsewhere. *laugh*  I can't wait to see everything she has to say about the pic on her live journal.

Well, I hoped you all enjoyed being spoiled.  No clue when it'll happen again. *smirk*


As it's that blond bastard's birthday today, I decided to update with another wonderful picture that I got from Ruth.  Hope you enjoy!

Currently, the writing for the 8th chapter of FNFE is going very slowly.  What can I say - the holidays have distracted me.  I'm going to do my best to have this thing posted in the next couple of weeks, but it's going to be a long chapter, so we'll see if I manage to pick up the pace with writing it.

And since I won't be posting this weekend, Happy Holidays to everyone!


And I'm starting another story to annoy you all.  Mwaha, more unfinished fiction!... but of course it won't stay that way forever.  Anywho, here's the new story that I swore I'd be writing to escape FNFE for a short while - The High Price of Love.  I came up with the idea after watching 'The Wedding Date', an okay movie, but far too short for me to believe the relationship in the least.  Next update should be FNFE again and I'm guessing that I'll jump back and forth between these two fics for a while.  Also, I've gotten another prezzie, a picture of a mer-Squall from Aryn.  Thankies!


Whoo, it's been two months.  I'm such a horrible person.  Anyway, here's an updated chapter of 'For Nothing, For Everything', an extra long chapter for you all (stupid extra scene I was made to write).  Now, really, I'm working on another story that may appear for the next update, something that's less angsty than FNFE.  We'll see if I get the okay from Miss D first.

And although I got this pic a long time back, Ruth gave me a gorgeous picture of Squall from FNFE before she left for South America.  Can't wait until she gets back and has stories to share.

Oh, and sorry for the extremely late replies to everyone who has emailed me or left comments at my livejournal.  I've been in a stupid mood lately where I feel like hiding in a corner.  Don't ask why, it's just a mindset I get into this time of year.  So I'll try to be better about replying, but no guarantees. =P