One Wrong Step                         

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Picture by Lady Yuskreven
February 2010
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Suk's Notes - Lady Y actually sent this pic a while back and I only had the brainpower to post her DA link at the time.  Here it is now, properly on my page, too.  Looking at it again, I still like the abstract nature to the picture.  This scene happens directly after Seifer 'does something' to his father's ghost, and with this being Seifer's POV for the picture, I can imagine his vision being slightly distorted after the power spent to drive away the spirit.  Even so, he needs to make certain Squall is alright, even though Seifer knows he will sound stupid for asking.  Meanwhile, Squall is fighting off the flash of desire that he can't control and can only look at Seifer for several painful moments, until he controls his heart again and says that he is just fine.... Can you tell that I'm happy she chose this moment to draw? ^^