Shishunki Miman Otokowari
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Yuu Watase
Flower Comics
Tasuki no Miko
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      One of the early works by Yuu Watase (aka pre-Fushigi Yuugi), this is a great little series.  It's three mangas long (followed by Zuko SMO), and yet still as complicated as only Watase can make it.  This series is nice because it doesn't involve fantasy genre plot intermixed with a romance story. It's also fun to see character designs that clearly resemble Tamahome, Miaka, Tasuki, and others.  Manato is basically a younger, mirror reflection of Tamahome (his hair parts to the opposite side).

Now the plot ... Higuchi Asuka's mother dies shortly after she tells her teenage daughter who her father is.  Only knowing the family name “Sudou”, Asuka goes in search to find her absent father.  On her journey, she finds a guy being rather rough with a younger girl.  Unable to resist, Asuka steps in by battering the guy with her motorcycle.  When she discovers it was a big misunderstanding (Manato was just trying getting his sister Kazusa to go home), she drives them back to their house. 

Once there, Asuka finds out that Manato and Kazusa are the Sudou family she's been looking for, but the father isn't there, not to mention their mother also being dead since long ago.  With no other leads, Asuka decides to move in as Neesan (the big sister) until their father shows up.  Things get tricky when love builds within the complex family relationship ... in other words, another manga series by Watase. 

Rating -- 7


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