Ayashi no Ceres
{Strange Ceres}

Author - Yuu Watase :: Volumes - 14 :: Pub Date - 1997 ~ 2000
Publisher - Shogakukan :: Comic Company - Flower Comics

There is a legend of the Tennyo Ceres, a goddess who was bathing on earth. A fisherman saw her in the water, and then stole her hagoromo ('robe'). Without the hagoromo, Ceres could not return to the heavens. The man agreed to return it to Ceres, but only after she married him. She later gave birth to a child who was then able to find the hagoromo. Once again, Ceres was able to return to the skies ... or so the legend goes.

In present times, Aki and Aya, twin brother and sister respectively, are taken to their grandfather's home for their birthday party. Once there, Aya notices a tense atmosphere among her relatives. A man in sunglasses presents Aya with a package to open. Aki opens the box for Aya, and an old withered hand is revealed, at first confusing the twins. Suddenly, images flash through Aya's head and power overwhelms her as the hand shatters. Aya looks to Aki for help, but is then shocked to see several wounds break out all over her brother's body. Gaining her attention, their grandfather demands for Aya to be killed. The hand was a test to see if the blood of Tennyo existed within Aya, for the Tennyo is out to destroy the Mikage family. Aya is indeed an incarnation of Ceres, but a surprised is that Aki is the reincarnation of Shiso, the fisherman who had taken Ceres' hagoromo. The twins, once part of a happy, normal family, are now divided by fate.

That is the main background of Ayashi no Ceres, but the other rest of the series is devoted to the triangle between Aya, Yuuhi, and Tooya. The later two are bishounen who risk their lives to rescue Aya during several occasions (just like any other anime/manga girl, she loves to run into danger). For those of you who got confused by the triangles, squares, spirals, and so on, of Fushigi Yuugi, don't worry - the romantic interests of this series don't get too much more complex than this triangle. And as with every Watase series, there are a ton of hilarious scenes which are must reads (especially when Q-chan is involved).

Rating - 9

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