Bad Company
{Bad Company}

Author - Fujisawa Tooru :: Volumes - 1 :: Pub Date - 1997
Publisher - Kodansha:: Comic Company - KC Magazine

Bad Company is a one volume prequel to Shonan Junai Gumi which was then then followed by the better known series of GTO. Got that straight? This one volume piece is about how Onizuka and his eventually loyal friend Ryuuji first met. It begins when Ryuuji by chance witnesses the end of a fight that the devil man Onizuka had just won. Obsession over the fearful man soon fills Ryuuji's thoughts. Luck is on his side when he is transferred to not only the same school as Onizuka but the same class as well. He tries several times to bring out the demon of the man, but soon realizes that the teen isn't quick to anger to the level Ryuuji wants to see. Bad feelings continually pass between the two teens, Ryuuji never getting the fight he desires.

The volume covers just the beginnings of their friendship, as well as their first meeting with Masaki, their gangster-type hero and role model. There is also the long story about Ryuuji's first real love, Natsuki, an eighteen year old woman who is in an abusive relationship. Given the amount of background and story being covered, there isn't the usual amount of crude humor as common to the Onizuka series, but there is certainly plenty of violence. While great for those people who enjoy the Onizuka series and want to know more about the crazy guy's past, there is nothing much to this volume for people to bother reading it by its lonesome.

Rating - 7

ISBN Numbers
  01 ~ 4063198138  

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