Bakuretsu Hunters
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13 (complete)
Omishi Ray
Shufu no Tomo Sha
Dengeki Comics
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1 ~ 4073001795
2 ~ 4073007076
3 ~ 4073017306
4 ~ 4073025406
5 ~ 4073033158
6 ~ 4073040138
7 ~ 407304415X
8 ~ 4073047922
9 ~ 4073053728
10 ~ 407305886X
11 ~ 4073076841
12 ~ 4073091050
13 ~ 4073099094
      If you have only seen the anime, you haven't seen anything yet...literally.  There's basically three types of plots within this series: hentai, damn funny, and dead serious.  It is one of the more unusual mixtures I've seen in mangas, but it's certainly a lot of fun and has been done well.

The story takes place in a world where evil sorcerers take advantage of the lesser humans. For this reason, the Bakuretsu Hunters (Sorcerer Hunters) are needed to step in and teach the bad guys a lesson.  Within one of the hunter groups controlled by Big Mama, each of the five people have their own 'ability.'  Carrot (top picture) turns into a monster after being hit with magic.  Unlike the anime, 12 different forms are possible depending on the magic.  His younger brother, Marron, knows a specific type of magic (he is not a sorcerer).  Tira and Chocolate 'transform' into their SM outfits (definitely not talking about Sailor Moon here) and use their whip and wire respectively.  Gatou is a large mass of muscles, and he's far too proud of it.

While that sums up the overall idea of the setting in which the main characters exist, there is an interesting plot which appears to end halfway through the series, but instead comes back to haunt Carrot and his friends.  Unfortunately, even after reading it, I'm not even positive about the details of the ending.  There was too much packed into such a small time frame (and I don't know enough Japanese).  But it was interesting none-the-less.

Carrot has to be my favorite character.  One minute, he's a complete pervert and a poor example of a human being; and then he ends up being such a noble, caring guy. No matter what he says, his friends are very important to him, and he wouldn't know what to do without them.

Rating -- 7


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