{Bronze ~ Zetsuai Since 1989}

Author - Minami Ozaki :: Volumes - 12 :: Pub Date - 1992 ~ Present
Publisher - Shueisha :: Comic Company - Margaret Comics

Warning!! This is a GUY X GUY series. Don't bother with this series if you don't like yaoi!

Second notice ~ This is the sequel to Zetsuai 1989, thus some spoilers follow.

This sequel begins basically where Zetsuai left off with Izumi still in school and Kouji doing his idol thing. After the ending to Zetsuai, Izumi has nightmares at night about that moment of sex with Kouji. His talk and screams during sleep drive Kouji back to womanizing and drinking, making Izumi even more angry and confused.

Just when things become friendly again for these two, Izumi leaves for Italy to check out their soccer league for a week. He leaves Kouji a note stating just that, but Kouji (dramatic as always) can't bear to live without Izumi for a week. He races to the airport, getting into a serious accident along the way. Izumi returns from Italy to learn that Kouji is in a coma. When he sees Kouji lying in the hospital bed, Izumi yells at him for being such an idiot. Suddenly in pain, Izumi grabs his left side (where the scar is) and then collapses.  Days go by and Kouji still doesn't awaken from his slumber. Izumi decides to go on with his life despite Shibuya's pleads. Without too much of a spoiler for those who know a series can't go on without one of its main characters, Kouji does wake up in the second volume of Bronze.

What follows are several attempts by Ozaki to torture her poor characters, an author who must seriously hate her creations. Almost everything has happened to Izumi and Kouji, except death. Ozaki seems to be toying with them. I could tell you what happens, but I'd hate to ruin the surprises.

Bronze is more ... involved physically than Zetsuai, and the artwork is different with more contrast and a darker nature. While it's nice seeing the boys finally together, by volume 10 you can't help but to think, "just kill them already!". However, if you enjoyed Zetsuai, Bronze is certainly a must buy. Otherwise, this series just may make you depressed.

Rating - 7.5
Yaoi Rating - 4 -
While there is nothing graphic, there are sex scenes, including a rape scene

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