Hakushaku Cain Series
{Count (Earl) Cain Series}

Author - Kaori Yuki :: Volumes - 12 :: Pub Date - 1992 ~ Present
Publisher - Hakusen Sha :: Comic Company - Hana to Yume

Riff is a student of medicine whose family has run into bad luck and gone bankrupt. Forced to take on a job to pay off the family debts, the young man becomes the butler in the House of Havgriese. While reading a book in the back gardens, Riff hears a strange noise in the night. He then discovers a young boy with tears in his eyes, burying something in the ground. At the sound of Riff's approach, the boy starts and stares at the intruder. His golden eyes shinning in the night at first surprise Riff, but upon closer inspection, his eyes are truly green in color. Riff soon realizes that the boy is the young master of the house, Cain. After a short exchange of words, Cain says, "You...you can really see me," and collapses into Riff's arms due to the severe wounds on his back.

Cain is the only son of wealthy family, inheriting the title of Count at an early age. With no desperate need of money, Cain has been able to dabble into whatever he desires. His loves in life are his collection of poisons, those he considers family, and solving mysteries from murders to the super nature. Cain's family is a rather unique one, including only Riff and Merryweather. The latter is a young taro card reader who is adopted by Cain when he discovers she is the illegitimate child of Cain's father. Cain never felt true love for his parents, especially considering their intent to kill him.

The murder mysteries form the heart of the series, with Cain playing the role of a deadly Sherlock Holmes. Some of the mysteries are based on the paranormal, such as vampires and maidens returning from the dead. The others are about crimes of passion and revenge. As the series continues, the unconnected stories evolve into a main plot involving the secret organization known as 'Delilah'. This group is responsible for many terrible deeds, but that isn't the purpose behind Cain's desires to find and destroy them - it is a matter of ending a nightmare that began the day he was born.

This is another excellent series by the artist/story teller Kaori Yuki. Cain is a wonderful character, the model of a scheming, intelligent man who lets nothing get in his way of finding the truth. His ability to care despite his past and blood shows his inner strength. And ever-faithful Riff is there as a constant support which Cain never had as a young child. With Angel Sanctuary finished, the series had started anew with God Child, and while there is certainly different artwork after all of these years, the flavor of the story is still the same. Who knows where this story may lead next.

Rating - 8

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ISBN Numbers
Wasurerareta Juliet - 'Forgotten Juliet' 01 ~ 4592125975  
Shounen no Fuka Suru Oto - 'Sound of a Boy Hatching' 01 ~ 4592126424  
Kafka 01 ~ 4592126599  
Akai Hitsuji no Kokuin - 'Mark of the Red Ram' 01 ~ 4592122348 02 ~ 4592122356
God Child 01 ~ 4592178017 02 ~ 4592178025
  03 ~ 4592178033 04 ~ 4592178041
  05 ~ 459217805X 06 ~ 4592178068
  07 ~ 4592178076  

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