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      Niwa Daisuke has just turned 14, and as a birthday present he is rejected by the girl he loves, Harada Risa. Getting home late, Daisuke has to run a quick obstacle course just to get inside (his mother and grandfather's idea of training). Once in the safety of his room and greeted by his pet With, Daisuke sits back and thinks about Risa. Suddenly, a strange feeling overcomes Daisuke and he transforms. His mother spends a few moments to drool over her son's new appearance, and then she explains that Daisuke is the next 'Dark'. 'Dark' is a mysterious, master thief who has existed throughout the Niwa bloodline (his grandfather was also 'Dark' is his youth).

Whenever Daisuke has feelings for a girl and his heart starts to pound, that is when he transforms. There is also a catch to his transformation: Dark has his own personality. While Daisuke can sometimes remain himself in Dark's form, Dark usually takes over the body to Daisuke's dismay. But when Dark sees the girl he likes, Daisuke returns to normal...even if it's just when Dark is about to kiss her.

Always there to get Daisuke out of trouble is his pet With. While he prefers his eternally cute form, With can turn into anything Daisuke wants him to. This ranges from a beast with wings to carry Dark, to an almost perfect copy of Daisuke (the big mistake is he calls himself 'Daisuki' aka 'I really love you') and a double of Dark.

This is just one of those series I picked up because the artwork looked really nice (that's Sugisaki for you), but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It's a lot of fun without too much deep thought, and the two main characters are grand, or should I say one main character. I originally thought this series was over at volume 3 (nothing was done from 7/99 to 8/00), but it's going strong again with a new type of plot.

Rating -- 7


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