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      Warning!! This is a GUY X GUY series. Don't bother with this series if you don't like yaoi!

Randy "Ryo" McLain has just entered into the New York police force, 27th precinct. Right away, he is made the partner of one Dee Laytner. The differences couldn't be greater. Ryo is a dedicated, gentle guy who is the top sharp shooter in the division. Dee is a loudmouth, persistent guy who has set his eyes on Ryo (he prefers calling Randy by his Japanese name). He'll take any reason to steal a kiss from his poor partner.

As the story continues, several characters enter the scene, most of which end up stopping Dee from going too far with Ryo: Bikky is a street kid who ends up being adopted by Ryo, Carl is a friend of Bikky from the slums (she and Bikky become an item), a junior officer named JJ continually tries to steal Dee's affections, and meanwhile Berkley tries to get the gullible Ryo. Yep, not the average love triangles here.

This is more of a shounen-ai type series than yaoi (aka, there's only sex in the final volume), but it's a lot of fun. Many people can't stand the almosts between Dee and Ryo, and it does get a bit redundant, but it is somewhat amusing as well. This series has a ton of funny stuff (especially between Dee and his "arch enemy" Bikky). The artwork ranges from "eh" to really nice during the tender moments. For those just getting into the yaoi/shounen-ai scene, this could be a good starting series for you.

Rating -- 7

Yaoi Rating -- 3 -- This is very shounen-ai until the last volume where there are two slightly graphic sex scenes.


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