Koko wa Greenwood
Volumes available
11 (complete)
Yukie Nasu
Hakusen Sha
Hana to Yume Comics
ISBN Numbers
1 ~ 4592114248
2 ~ 4592114256
3 ~ 4592114264
4 ~ 4592114272
5 ~ 4592114280
6 ~ 4592114299
7 ~ 4592114302
8 ~ 4592121783
9 ~ 4592121791
10 ~ 4592121805
11 ~ 4592121813
      If you've only seen the anime, you're missing a lot.  This is one of the most hilarious series I've read, and I don't even know that much Japanese.  It is written by Yukie Nasu, a very creative person (she is also the person in the anime, episode 3, who uses Mitsuru and Shinobu as models for her manga series).  There are very little translations on the web, so I highly suggest you know some Japanese before you pick up this series.  The OAVs cover maybe 5% of the series, and what it does cover is a bunch of mixing and matching of manga stories.

The series starts off with Hasukawa Kasuya going to the school which his brother had graduated from.  Due to a mass of bad luck (normal for Hasukawa), he arrives one month late.  This fact singles him out for his senpai, Mitsuru and Shinobu, to harass him.  Hasukawa's first experience in his new dorm, Ryokurin Ryo (called Greenwood and known to house the strangest people on campus) is meeting the person he'll live with throughout his school life, Shun...a lovely girl?

Within the series, there are several stories that don't just depend on these four main characters, but ones with these four tend to be the best. I have to feel bad for Mitsuru...I haven't seen a male character dressed up like a female as many times as he has (at least five, probably more). There are also really odd stories which have no basis whatsoever in reality: a chocolate Shinobu attacks the dorm, a world where all the Greenwood guys are female, and typical hauntings.

One of the funniest stories is where the Greenwood cast is placed into a fairy tale story. You may recall the movie the dorm made in the anime. Well, this is where the idea for the anime came from. Better yet, there's a sequel starting off with Tino/Hasukawa discovering the Princess/Shun's secret on their wedding night. I can't say enough about this series except that I need to learn more Japanese so I can get all the jokes.

Rating -- 10