Great Teacher Onizuka

Author - Fujisawa Tooru :: Volumes - 25 :: Pub Date - 1997 ~ 2002
Publisher - Kodansha:: Comic Company - KC Magazine

Onizuka has always wanted to be great at something. Unfortunately, this delinquent guy doesn't exactly have the motivation or 'brains' to go far into the modern world. The only things that can get this guy moving are a beautiful girl and maybe some quick cash. Then one day, density finds him when he helps out a school age girl who has been dumped by her boyfriend. Just when he thinks he might be getting somewhere with the girl, the boyfriend returns to take her back. Jumping from Onizuka's window, she yells out "Sensei!" ('teacher') and goes away happily with her boyfriend. At this moment, Onizuka decides to become a teacher, but not just any teacher - the Great Teacher Onizuka.

Before becoming an official teacher, Onizuka starts off as a temp of sorts (I don't understand the Japanese "how to become a teacher" system very well). He is placed with a hell group of students who don't want to be taught. However, one beauty in the class does do her school work and helps Onizuka out. He eventually takes her home, thus falling for a trap of her taking her shirt off and other guys in class taking their picture (aka blackmail!). This pushes Onizuka off the edge. With gangster type friends backing him up, he punishes the students who took the picture, much to the surprise of the students. The next day, Onizuka thinks he will be fired from his job (he did almost kill those guys) but instead his hell students have become the angels of campus, never saying a word as to the reason behind their transformation.

Onizuka eventually moves on to become a real teacher. He handles every problem/situation with his own 'gentle' touch, and that is what makes this series a blast. It should be interesting to see if he ever gets cured of his womanizing disease considering it is usually the reason he gets into trouble. Overall, this is just a fun series with the general theme that nobody is pure scum and anyone can make something of themselves. Onizuka is a testament to that.

Rating - 7.5

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