Koori Mamono no Monogatari
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Shiho Sugiura
Tousui Sha
Ichisuki Comics
By Amparo Bertram
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      Warning!! This is a GUY X GUY series. Don't bother with this series if you don't like yaoi!

To the west of a village, there is a cave that holds prisoner an ice demon who has no blood nor tears. He was sealed there by a priest decades in the past. Even though people are warned, some enter the cave due to fate or curiosity. Once they do, the demon entraps them with his hair, frightening them to tears. He is in search of the "jeweled tear," a stone that could grant any wish. His wish of course to be free of his bounds. All these years, none has produced the tear, thus he uses them for food.

Then young man wearing glasses wanders into the cave. Like many before, long hair encircles him and he is held before the demon whose arms and legs are sealed in ice. Instead of the normal pleading and crying, Ishuca is excited to meet the legendary ice-cold demon. This serious puts the demon off balance. He tries to remind the human, who has introduced himself as Ishuca, that he will eat him. Ishuca feels sorry that the demon is so hungry. Utterly bewildered by the human, he somewhat accidentally sets the young man down and tells him his name, "Blood." Ishuca runs out of the cave, asking Blood to wait for him. At this moment, Blood is shocked to realize that he let a human escape.

Moments later, Ishuca returns with some berries for Blood. He then falls asleep near the demon, who is really confused by the human's actions. When Ishuca awakens, he tells the demon that it would be okay for Blood to eat him since he no longer has family, has a sick heart, and doesn't want to bother people. To the demon's surprise, Ishuca hugs him and says that he is happy he met Blood. Suddenly, the young man makes some pained noises and starts to fall to the ground below. Blood, only thinking of the falling human, breaks his ice bonds and gently lowers Ishuca to the ground. But the human's heart is no longer beating. The ice-cold demon who has no blood nor tears cries, forming the stone he had searched for. His wish revives Ishuca, and perhaps more.

The Ice-cold Demon's Tale is a very sweet shounen-ai with gorgeous artwork. Ishuca is certainly not the brightest character (he thinks he is a zombie for a while after being revived), but that just adds to his charm. While the young man claims to have no abilities, he does do some mysterious things without thought, such as walking through magical barriers. Blood is a great complement to Ishuca, being a force to hold down the flighty human. His protectiveness of Ishuca is sweet, that is once he figures out he, an ice demon, does like the human after all.

Rating -- 9

Yaoi Rating -- 1 -- There is nothing more than some deeper kisses.


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