Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou
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Masami Tsuda
Hakusen Sha
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      Miyazawa is adored by everyone, and that's exactly how she wants it. Since she was a small child, Miyazawa discovered that being praised and loved was a wonderful feeling. From that time to the present, she has been striving to be the smartest, the cutest, the most wanted girl. At home, she is a complete slob, using the excuse that she works so hard at school to be perfect that she needs to relax somewhere. She studies most of the time, practices poses in front of the mirror, exercises early in the morning, and more, so she is prepared to look her best once she steps outside.

Entering into high school, she has high hopes to be the best...and then all her plans are ruined by one man--Arima Souichirou. He outranks her in the entrance exams, making him the freshman representative instead of Miyazawa. Now it is a matter of war. Miyazawa knows no bounds as she tries to surpass Arima.

Arima Souichirou appears to be perfect, and that is what he hopes people see. Being a child deserted by his parents, Arima wants to make his new parents proud to raise him, as well as wanting to distance himself from the blood of his father. Entering high school, Arima meets the perfect girl--Miyazawa Yukino. Her beauty, intelligence, and kindness amazes him. Little does he know that beneath her smiling mask is a vengeful girl out to exploit his weaknesses.

One Sunday, Miyazawa is relaxing at home in her sweats when the doorbells rings. Thinking it is her sisters, she barges outside and kicks Arima in the stomach. At this defining moment, Miyazawa is completely exposed to her enemy. In school, she is on the defensive, waiting for Arima to disgrace her in front of the whole school. Days go by, and nothing happens. She realizes that Arima is probably too good to do something so awful...and then she runs into him. He offers her a deal: he won't say a word if she 'helps' him out. And so the relationship between Miyazawa and Arima begins.

This is my favorite series to date. Masami Tsuda has done an amazing job of mixing insane comedy with serious romance. There is also the feel of realism that doesn't exist in too many manga series. And it isn't just the two main characters that are important. Every character is well developed and has a purpose for being in the series beyond normal side character roles.

As for the anime series, it is basically scans of the manga colorized. I'm serious! Almost every scene that isn't moving is a picture from the manga. So both are very worthwhile. And I have to love the voice actors chosen for the roles of Miyazawa and Arima. They do an excellent job of acting both sides of the characters.

Rating -- 9


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