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      For the past five years, Ogawa Kae (16) has been taking piano lessons from a chain smoker named Goshima Masayuki (23). He is rude, blasé, and she couldn't help falling in love with him. Lucky for her, Goshima shares the feeling although he is hesitant at first. Their relationship takes a while to build as Goshima continues to treat her like a child while Kae wants something serious.

Kiss is a rather typical student-teacher love story with of course quite a bit of kissing (nothing huge, but at least one per story). There are the cliché plots of younger men thinking Kae should stay with people her own age (aka go out with them and not the teacher), disapproval of the age difference as well as the student-teacher situation, and Kae being jealous over any female Goshima looks at. The teacher has a great 'who cares what everyone thinks' type attitude and the girl is rather annoying most of the time. Besides some decent artwork, there isn't anything major in this series to latch onto and want more, unless you happen to be looking for a simple shoujo story. Although there is a fun 'Osaka Life' story in the first volume. Just a short story about how to speak the dialect.

Rating -- 5


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