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      Warning!! This is a GUY X GUY series. Don't bother with this series if you don't like yaoi!

On his first day to middle school, Enjouji Kei meets a beauty among the sakura trees. His first question to one Samejima Ranmaru is: "Are you a guy?" And thus their relationship begins on rocky grounds. Samejima decks Enjouji for the comment, making the two late for school. The day follows with Enjouji watching the arrogant and rude Samejima. When he sees Samejima take out three upperclassmen and overhears that he was the elementary school champion at kendo, Enjouji decides he has found an interesting person. He pesters "Sa-chan," wanting to know his first name since the nickname just doesn't sound right. Samejima gets highly annoyed at him. Samejima's interest in Enjouji doesn't begin until the dark haired boy proves himself during a kendo match. This bond of kendo eventually leads to their first kiss at Samejima's home dojo.

Time passes and they end up in the same high school class. In the summertime after their first kiss, Enjouji scored his first point against Samejima, and then avoided him ever since. He was afraid of what his feelings may have done to any relationship they had as friends. But together again, Samejima confronts him. Enjouji confesses his love and, well, proves his love to Samejima. And so their high school love begins. Some amount of time later, as Samejima and Enjouji walk home from school, a car comes barreling down the street, aiming for Enjouji (due to Enjouji's father being a mob boss). With his quick reflexes, Samejima knocks his lover out of the way, himself receiving the blow of the car. Due to his injures, it is diagnosed that Samejima can never do kendo again. But the love between these two grows stronger as Enjouji asks Samejima to live with him..

There is another main couple in this series. Sagano Kai is Enjouji's annoying little brother through their father. Kai is obsessed with Samejima, but eventually realizes that he'll never take him away willingly from Enjouji. His attentions then turn to a man who has always been by his side - Araki Masa. Masa is a member of the mob under Kai's father and he works as almost a bodyguard to Kai. He deeply cares for "Bon," but he doesn't feel he is good enough for Kai. And for being the manly man of the series, he is rather openly gay (I think there's two lovers from his past that come by in the series).

Kizuna is a fun series with pretty graphic sex scenes and some good drama. Overall, though, I love this series for the comedy. It's no wonder how Enjouji won Samejima over with that face of his just begging for love. There are two issues that I have with this series. First, in Kadoka's stories, everyone seems to be gay. It gets to the point where you have to wonder why Samejima has issues about two guys (him and Enjouji) being in love when there are tons of gay men around him. The other issue has to due with Kadoka not being able to get body proportions correct. It's annoying sometimes, but not too distracting. The artwork takes getting used to, but I absolutely love the SD drawings. Enjouji with his tongue sticking out is too cute.

Rating -- 7.5

Yaoi Rating -- 7 -- Has somewhat graphic sex, but there is some real plot/character development in between. Plus, the seme typically has to 'earn' the sex (aka it doesn't just happen).


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