Kodomo no Omocha
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Obana Miho
Ribon Mascot Comics
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-Kono Te Hanasanai
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1 ~ 4088537912
2 ~ 408853817X
3 ~ 4088538404
4 ~ 4088538676
5 ~ 4088538927
6 ~ 4088560167
7 ~ 4088560426
8 ~ 408856068X
9 ~ 4088560949
10 ~ 4088561198
      Kodomo no Omocha, or "Child's Toy," well deserves its unofficial title of "Marmalade Boy on Acid." The main characters resemble those of Marmalade Boy, but this series moves at a faster pace with a cast of insane personalities.

Challenger 1: Kurata Sana, Sana-chan. Sixth grader. This young actress has the energy of ten elementary school children. With the training she receives from the Komawari school (everything from acting to judo), Sana is a formable challenger. She'll need all her strength and wits to defend her class from the underhanded plans of her opponent.

Challenger 2: Hiyama Akito, Leopard Boy. Sixth grader. Having a poker face and cool demeaner, Akito is the polar opposite of Sana-chan. While he is only in sixth grade, Akito's serious personality gives him the air of an adult, which threatens the adults around him. With a classroom of boys on his side and some blackmail on the teacher, Akito has managed to take over room 6-3. Only Sana may have the courage and power to defeat this foe.

And basically the story continues with Sana always getting the upper hand... usually because Hayama gets annoyed enough to the point of surrender, and because he begins to have feelings for the gutsy girl. This is a really fun series that actually has a decent amount of drama. Compared to the anime series, the manga follows more the serious side of this story. The first 8 manga go back and forth between hilarious antics, cute romances, and backgrounds stories... then manga 9 comes along. Suddenly the series hits a dramatic point that basically continues for the last couple manga. This last plot really made the series for me, making it a little more than the average shoujo series.

Rating -- 8.5


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