Kusatta Kyoushi no Houteishiki
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Kodaka Kazuma
Be Boys Comics
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      Warning!! This is a GUY X GUY series. Don't bother with this series if you don't like yaoi!

Arisawa Atsushi decides to go to a school in which his first love "Ma-chan" is supposed to be a teacher. From minute one, things just don't go right. He is practically run over by a loud, aggressive teacher. When he gets to class, which is filled with the gangster type students, the teacher from before is there; his name Shibata-sensei. At break, Inagaki Kouji comes into Atsushi's classroom, taking the boy outside. At first Atsushi is worried about what this boy could possibly want. Then he remembers the name from their years of elementary school together when Inagaki was his friend and bodyguard. Not only that, Inagaki was his first kiss. Inagaki confesses he still loves Atsushi and tries to seal it with a kiss, but Atsushi wants Ma-chan and tries to escape from Inagaki. After getting away from large students who want Inagaki in their respective clubs, they head towards the infirmary. Atsushi expects Ma-chan to be there, but instead it is Shibata-sensei. The poor boy passes out from the shock.

Atsushi gets the idea that Shibata-sensei is Ma-chan who has *really* changed after all these years. Shibata plays with this, until he finds the picture Atsushi treasures of him with the real Ma-chan. From then on, Shibata tries to explain to Atsushi that he isn't Ma-chan, but the boy never really gives him the chance. Eventually, Atsushi does find out that the Ma-chan he had been looking for is Shibata's brother. At first he hates Shibata for the lies, but suddenly makes a 180 when Shibata says he has to return home by the order of his father. From then on, Atsushi becomes glomp boy with Shibata.

Kusatta Kyoushi no Houteishiki, or Bad Teacher's Equation, is a hilarious soap opera. Inagaki loves Atsushi. Atsushi loves Shibata Masayoshi, that is after getting over his Shibata Masami (Ma-chan) crush. Masayoshi doesn't seem to enjoy having jailbait running after him (may change), and his relationship with Masami seems a touch too close for brothers. Meanwhile, Masami is with Hagiwara Touru. This two-some always tries to get time alone, but Masayoshi doesn't want his brother's purity touched. Sure it's mildly annoying that everyone is gay (typically Kodaka), but focusing too much on that just distracts you from the fun. This is more so a shounen-ai story (especially compared to Kizuna) with angst and humor abounds.

Rating -- 7.5

Yaoi Rating -- 2 -- A touch of heavy kissing and a couple of almost moments, but nothing yet in the first couple manga. I have heard there is more to come, but for the most part this is a shounen-ai.


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