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Futaba Aoi & Mitsuba Kurenai
Super Be Boys Comics
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      Warning!! This is a GUY X GUY series. Don't bother with this series if you don't like yaoi!

Shinohara Mizuki is a second year high school student with the part time job as a fashion model. On the day his mother died, his half brother (same father) took the orphaned boy into his home. I believe it was Minoro who got his beautiful brother into the modeling business. After his shooting session one night, Mizuki decides to head home by himself.

Elsewhere, a salaryman named Honjou Kazuomi leaves the bar, disappointing some flirting women. Walking along the street, he notices a lovely boy in the midst of the crowd. Realizing the boy is rather young, he pulls him aside, asking if a high school boy should be out so late. Mizuki's harsh words were the last thing Kazuomi expected from the pretty face. He becomes very interested in the boy. He expertly seduces him, and gets Mizuki in bed, although Kazuomi does respect Mizuki's interest by not going all the way...this time.

If there ever was an example of PWP (plot, what plot?), Level C is it. Sure, there are a couple relationship issues, but this is one big "how can we get Mizuki into bed" story. I have yet to figure out how Kazuomi seduced Mizuki in the first place, and then they end up living together. So if you're looking for something with substance, this isn't your manga series.

Rating -- 6

Yaoi Rating -- 9 -- Has somewhat graphic sex and it happens all the time (six sex scenes in the first manga). No real plot needed for the sex. Good example is the chapter where Kazuomi plays tutor by not giving Mizuki release until he gets the questions right (he got 98% on the test, though...).


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