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      Warning!! This is a GUY X GUY series. Don't bother with this series if you don't like yaoi!

Love Mode is a collection of stories about various couples, typically one certain pair being the focus of one manga. All are connected in some way to B&B (Blue Boy), a dating club for gay men.

The first pair (top left) meet due to a mistake in identity. While waiting for a "gorgeous, older person" that his friend was hooking him up with, Izumi picks up a rose that another man had drop. Soon after, a handsome man calls him by name, asking if he came for an introduction. Izumi grumbles at the fact his friend tricked him by hooking him up with a guy, but he decides to go with the older man anyway. They have a fun time with horseback riding, a nice dinner, and drinks. Takamiya then takes the other to his hotel room where they have sex despite Izumi's verbal refusals. When the man sets money down for Izumi, the boy throws it at him, saying he isn't some whore and he isn't gay. At that moment, Takamiya finds out that this Izumi isn't the "Izumi" of B&B, the real one being sent to the hospital.

Despite or because of the mistake, Takamiya decides he truly likes Izumi and wants to be with him even if the boy is straight. The relationship builds with Izumi first coming to the decision that he 'hates homos', but it's okay if it is Takamiya.

The next pair in the series meet when the owner of B&B, Aoe Reiji, breaks up with his cheating girlfriend. In the attempt to harm Aoe, the woman throws a flower pot down from her whatever story apartment and hits a teenage boy instead. Aoe takes the boy to the hospital and puts him under the care of his elder brother, Kiichi. When he is free to leave, Aoe offers Naoya a ride home. The teenager refuses strongly, saying he hates cars (his whole family die in a car crash, himself witnessing his brother's head smashed in). Whether on a whim or because he felt responsible, Aoe decides to follow the boy home. The horrid bad luck of the boy becomes apparent to the club owner in that one night. Naoya's drunken boss refuses to give him his paycheck, his apartment is burnt down and he is originally blamed for it. This is all after getting smashed in the head earlier that night. Aoe tells the boy in his harsh, no nonsense manner to come home with him.

The relationship builds slowly, Naoya being the first to admit to himself that he loves the older man, but he doesn't want to be a burden and typically tries to run off. Aoe has a gruff manner in which he shows his concern by getting angry and he rarely says kind words. He doesn't realize his own feelings for the boy until the constant prodding from Kiichi and Kashima (his overly polite second man in B&B) finally breaks him.

Love Mode is a great yaoi series for fun romance stories. The characters are highly amusing and get into interesting, sometimes cliché situations. The artwork isn't the best, but it does get better. Overall it's character interaction that makes the series worth the read.  Also, further into the series, the characters are given amazing depth with interesting backgrounds that the author only hints at in previous volumes.  This is certainly a series that has held my attention.

Rating -- 9

Yaoi Rating -- 6 -- There are graphic sex scenes, but not that much compared to the story in between. Maybe two or three long ones per manga.


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