Good Morning Call
Volumes available
11 (complete)
Takasuka Yue
Ribon Mascot Comics
Fizzy Pop
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1 ~ 4088560795
2 ~ 408856104X
3 ~ 4088561317
4 ~ 4088561570
5 ~ 4088561848
6 ~ 408856216X
7 ~ 4088562437
8 ~ 4088562739
9 ~ 4088563115
10 ~ 4088563492
11 ~ 4088563735
      Yoshikawa Nao has convinced her mother to let her live alone in her own apartment (thus avoiding a move which would take her away from her friends), despite being a third year middle school student. She gets to her new apartment and is almost kicked out by a boy who claims the apartment is his. After some arguing, they visit the landlord who explains that the apartment costs $1500 a month instead of $800, which the two were told. During this discussion, Nao suddenly recognizes the boy as Uehara Hisashi, a rather popular guy at school. Long story short, they decide to live together since both don't want to go back to the parents and they can't afford another place.

Overall, there is nothing original about this story. It is a typical shoujo where a cheery girl works her way into the heart of a rather emotionless guy. All the main characters get paired up along the way and Nao has to overcome rivals to be first in Uehara's heart. Do to the cliché-ness, I really have no urge to get more of this series. And it goes to show that you shouldn't believe everything in a review since I got four volumes of this series because of a good review article. It was overrated in my opinion.

Rating -- 5


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