Jigoku Sensei Nube
Volumes Available
31 (complete)
Shou Makura & Takeshi Okano
Jump Comics
Kincaid's Jigoku Sensei Nube Page
      Nueno Meisuke loves being a teacher. He will do anything for his students, except maybe cut back on the homework. But Nueno-sensei is no ordinary teacher. He is the Hell Teacher Nube. All his life, Nube has been attuned to the spiritual world, making him an easy possession for demons and the like. Fortunately, his teacher Minako-sensei had the ability to exorcise these beings. It is from her that Nube learned what it takes to be an outstanding teacher.

In the present time, Hiroshi starts third grade at a new school in Nueno-sensei's class. He first meets the teacher as Nueno-sensei tries to exorcise a painting, and ends up catching it on fire. Hiroshi is amazed at the stupidity of his new teacher, but decides to go along with it. In class, Hiroshi is told by Kyouko that Nube (Nueno-sensei tells all his students to call him Nube) is Japan's only reinouryku (spiritualist). And not only that, but Nube has an 'Oni no Te' or demon hand that he uses to defend people from demons. Of course, only Kyouko believes this...the rest of the class just thinks of Nube as a really odd teacher, and nothing more special than that.

Hiroshi has a temper problem. It's not that he gets really mad and makes a fuss, but rather if he gets pushed around too much, he could end up killing a person. Nube asks Hiroshi to allow him to help the boy. Hiroshi is reluctant, but agrees that he has nothing to lose. From Hiroshi, Nube exorcises an extremely large worm type spirit. To destroy the demon, Nube releases his Oni no Te, which enables Nube to touch, to talk to, and to kill spirits. Witnessing Nube's serious and heroic side, Hiroshi has finally found an adult true to his word. From that point on, Hiroshi knows he can trust Nube no matter.

And that's the first little story within the Jigoku Sensei Nube manga. This isn't a deep thought type series, but a lot of fun. It is also full of legends from Japanese culture. The best feature of the manga must be Nube himself. While he can act rather silly and unimportant, he would truly give his life to help his students and friends. Even those people/demons that don't deserve his attention, Nube is more than willing to give everyone a chance (he ends up befriending a demon who originally tried to kill Hiroshi). But if you're expecting plot in this series, don' t look too hard. It's a collection of day to day stories about Nube and his students, and nothing much more complex than that. Enjoyment from this series comes from silly situations and fun characters...nothing more is really needed.

Rating -- 6