Magic Knight Rayearth
Volumes available
Part One: 3 (complete)
Part Two: 3 (complete)
Graphic Novels
ISBN numbers
1.1 ~ 4063195309
1.2 ~ 406319549X
1.3 ~ 406319566X
2.1 ~ 4063196100
2.2 ~ 4063196631
2.3 ~ 4063196984
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      This is certainly not one of my favorite works by clamp. Perhaps because of its more random, fun-like storyline instead of their typical doom and destruction stories. I have to admit that once the drama gets going, MKR is a really good read, but the other 85.4% of the manga just doesn't really appeal to me.

Anyhow, this story is another one of those "school girls transported to a different dimension" type story. All three girls -- Hikaru, Fuu, Umi -- are destined to become the legendary knights that will protect the world (Cephiro) from destruction. Currently, the princess and "pillar" of the world is being held prisoner by Zagato for his own purposes. Without her presence, monsters have begun to roam the lands, threatening people as they go. It was the princess who summoned the three magic knights to save her and the world. Before the girls can go help the princess, they must "get experience points" thus upping their armor/weapons/etc and then they have to find the mysterious "Mashin" (machines).

And that's the idea behind the first part. To explain the plot of the second part would be a rather large spoiler, so I won't go there. But I found the second series to be much more satisfying than the first three manga. And my favorite scene is in the last several pages of the last manga. That scene almost made the whole series worth the money (it was too cute!). Oh, and this series is in the graphic novel form now, so getting the pure Japanese isn't the only option.

Rating -- 7