Recca no Houno
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33 (completed)
Anzai Nobuyuki
Shonen Sunday Comics
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-R Princess
      The rating of this series is basically excepting it for what it is -- little plot, but a lot of fun and fighting.  The relationship between Recca and Yanagi is one of the best I've seen (it's too cute, and NO love triangle).  The main cruel thing about this series is that I bought the first 17 manga thinking that was all there was available. Silly me. Looking to the left, you can tell it's gone far beyond that. Never expected it to go 33 volumes. It's another one of those series with several "final battles".

The beginning story is about a young girl, Yanagi, who is saved by ninja fanatic Recca from some pretty boy trying to drag her to a date.  Recca gets pretty beat up, though, and wakes after a lovely dream about a princess to find himself resting on Yanagi's lap.  It is at this time when he finds out about her secret -- she is a healer.  As they are talking, Yanagi notices a very hurt puppy, and runs to heal him.  This touches Recca.  And so, he decides that he will be her ninja, and she will be "Hime" or princess (Yanagi: "I'm not Hime.  It's Yanagi."  Recca: "Hime-sama.").  He takes her to a warehouse to show her his secret -- he can create a flame with just his hand.  Playing with some fireworks Recca made, the two are interrupted by a visit from a mysterious woman.  Thus, the first plot begins.

This first plot lasts through the first four manga with Recca meeting/fighting all the future Hokage members and then trying to get Yanagi back from Kurei, someone who wants to exploit her healer abilities. The second plot is in volumes 5 through 16 with the Urabodou Satsujin (death tournament). These first sixteen manga basically form the anime series.  The third plot started volume 17 and continues until the very end with the whole Tendoujigoku story. While it has some interesting plot twists, Recca no Houno is mostly your typical shonan fighting series that has some great one liners and stupidly heroic characters ... what else were you expecting?

Rating -- 8


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