RG Veda
Volumes available
10 (complete)
Kadokawa Shoten
Asuka Comics
IBSN numbers
1 ~ 4403612180
2 ~ 440361230X
3 ~ 440361244X
4 ~ 4403612652
5 ~ 4403612768
6 ~ 4403612954
7 ~ 4403613128
8 ~ 4403613500
9 ~ 440361387X
10 ~ 4403614167
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      Another horrible, horrible series by Clamp.  RG Veda is ten mangas long, and full of the wonderful artwork only Clamp can do.  The main character is Ashura, a 'boy' (well, actually Ashura has no defined sex, but it's easier to use "he" and "him") who has been released by Yasha-ou (King Yasha).  Of course, Ashura isn't a normal child since he has the powers of a god and an evil split personality, not to mention that he's destined to cause hell on earth.  It has been foreseen that Ashura will kill Yasha-ou (this isn't a real spoiler considering it's announced within the first twenty pages of the story), and yet Yasha-ou still wants to protect Ashura. But many fear the cursed child, thus Yasha-ou and Ashura are forced to travel from place to place on a journey of destiny.

Along with the two main characters are wonderful side characters such as Ryu-ou (a boy with a sword bigger than himself) and the mysterious Kujaku (#1 question asked of him: "Who are you?"  Favorite answer: <smile> "Who am I?").  While the majority of the series is 'deadly' serious drama, silly scenes are always appearing such as Ashura calling the warrior Yasha-ou 'O-kaasan' or 'mother'. This is a story about tempting fate and the outcomes of doing so. It's a classic Clamp tragedy that most will enjoy.

Rating -- 8