Ringo no Nikki
Volumes available
2 (completed)
Nakahara Aya
Margaret Comics
ISBN Numbers
1 ~ 4088471717
2 ~ 408847225X

Ringo's days of unlucky life, but, happy love!

Ringo's favorite memory is the birthday on which she got her first journal from her parents. It was also the last birthday her mother was still alive. Ten years after her mother passed away, Ringo's life is interrupted again when her father says they have to move because of his job. It is then she leaves the boy she finally admits her love to, Sakura.

The living situation they move into is a poor one with no phone in the apartment and the need to use a public bath. It is here Ringo meets Yamaguchi Mizuha (or Mi-chan for short). He is a breast fiend and is actually 22 years old despite his looks and attitude. Because of his fun loving nature and Ringo living nearby, Mi-chan manages to work his way into her life whether she wants him to or not. Soon she finds out that he may be the only one who can bring real happiness into her life.

This is a rather cliché story with 'too serious for her own good' girl meets 'happy go lucky guy with a problem in his past' boy. The artwork is pretty good, though. And a lot of the interactions are amusing, especially when Ringo and her father are forced to live at the Yamaguchi's apartment. But overall, there is nothing original to this story.

Rating -- 5.5


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