R Princess
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3 (complete)
Nobuyuki Anzai
S.S. Comics
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1 ~ 4091234712
2 ~ 4091234720
3 ~ 4091234739
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-Recca no Houno
      Walking home from school, Ishibashi Kango notices a girl carrying a couple rather large boxes ... and tripping on a rock. He admonishes her for trying to carry such large boxes for a girl, and proceeds to pick up the boxes himself, immediately falling over from the weight. The girl gets a good laugh out of the situation and then easily picks up the boxes to carry them to her house. The house happens to be next door to Kango's. The girl hurries back outside to slap band-aids on Kango's face (he got the wounds from an earlier fight). She thanks him for being so nice to her, and Kango leaves with red ears.

Kango later finds out the girl's name is Oozora Kohime... btw, this happens right after she crashes through the living room window (how could she help it? she was getting used to her new rocket). Her father comes over to apologize and beg off a cup of tea. Over tea, he tells the Ishibashi family that Kohime is actually a cyborg, but of course they don't believe him despite the fact she can punch Kango across the room and then some. Some days later, the Oozora home goes up in flames, and they move into the Ishibashi house.

Being Anzai, this story is a fun mixture of fighting and a cute romance story, but of course the fights hold up the larger percentage. This series was done just before Recca no Houno started, and the two genres are the same. While the ending is a bit cheesy, the overall story was a bunch of fun. Kango is just darn cool. He's actually able to rescue Kohime a couple times despite the fact she's super strong. It does help that she's the far too trusting type.

Rating -- 7


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