Sailor Moon
Volumes available
18 (complete)
Takeuchi Naoko
Kodansha Comics
Graphic Novels
      Personally, I am not a great fan of the Sailor Moon anime series.  The manga series (18 volumes) on the other hand makes up for what the anime lacks -- plot.  Takeuchi Naoko has made such strong, interesting characters in Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.  It's sad to think they were wasted in a 200 episode series (too much "milking for cash" in my opinion). Overall, Usagi grows so much faster in the manga series, and actually becomes a tolerable heroine. Seeing the anime version, however, still sends shivers up my spine.

The main plot of the manga is about a teenage girl and cry baby Usagi, who is given the powers to become the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon.  Within the first few mangas, four more Sailor Senshi join Sailor Moon in the quest to find the Silver Crystal.  Tuxedo Kamen is also after the Crystal since a princess of his dreams tells him that he can only help her with the crystal.  While Usagi struggles to figure out if he is foe or friend, she is also forced to fight Queen Beriru (Beryl) and her minions.  This first plot ends in about four mangas when a new adventure begins with Chibi-usa and the black moon family.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon has an unusual mix of the past and future, superhero adventures and romantic fairy tales, and love against hate.  To understand what I mean by this, read the darn things, because I'm not going to spoil you.

Rating -- 7