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Futaba Aoi & Mitsuba Kurenai
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      Warning!! This is a GUY X GUY series. Don't bother with this series if you don't like yaoi!

The world of West End is a futuristic, 'been blown to hell by nukes' scenary. For whatever reason (lack of humans or for pleasure) a new race has been made: Demiuri, or Demi for short. The demis are basically clones that are unstable without their medications, thus they make the perfect slaves since they'll do anything for those pills. Demis are reguarded as being of a status slightly higher than animal.

And so, we get to our main characters. Tonami is introduced while being 'shown off' in a bar that also has a demi pimp business. Tonami is an exceptional demi, since he is a 'castle demi'. Unlike normal demis, they tend to be more emotional and human-like. The 'hero' appears in the bar, and Kiri causes a disturbance with his ever trusty knife. He notices Tonami, who has been left unsatisfied by his demonstrator running away, thus he finishes himself off. When he notices Kiri staring, Tonami runs from the bar ashamed. The beautiful eyes of Kiri have enchanted Tonami, but he knows his place in the world. Later, Tonami is 'rented' by a person he had mistaken for Kiri, but before too long, Kiri appears and kills the customer. He holds a hand out to Tonami and tells him to come. In a flurry of bullets, Kiri runs off with Tonami.

The plot of the story? Well, there are two mysteries that drive the story. First, Kiri doesn't die. He can be shot to hell, have an arrow through his heart, loose an arm, whatever, and he'll be fine in a short time, completely back to normal. Kiri doesn't understand why he is like this, and thus he is going West to speak to the Wise Man that is rumored to be there. The second mystery is basically that of Tonami. Form some reason, the castle disperately wants the demi back, but Kiri isn't going to make that easy for them.

But in the whole, this is a smut series. Many sex scenes with probably half of them being rape related. It's really a strange relationship between Kiri and Tonami. Kiri is rough when it comes to sex and the business he makes of Tonami, but he seems to care about his demi's well-being. He wants Tonami to sleep in bed with him, he kills people who abuse Tonami, and in general, he gets mad when Tonami risks his life.

Rating -- 6

Yaoi Rating -- 9 -- Really graphic with sex scenes, including rape. While there is something of a plot, it's mainly smut (seven sex scenes in the first volume, including an interesting cherry scene).


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