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4 (completed)
Kadokawa Shoten
Asuka Comics
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1 ~ 4048526847
2 ~ 4048527711
3 ~ 4048528599
4 ~ 404852948X
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      This is a very refreshing story from the Clamp artists.  No bloody battles and really clean, simple artwork.  Only four mangas long, Wish is a sweet romance story about an overly happy angel and a stoic man with a kind heart.  Oh, and no matter how cute this manga series may seem, remember that it is done by Clamp, the artists who love to torment their characters.

As he was walking home one night, Kudou Shuuichirou finds a crying little girl stuck in a tree.  Suddenly, a crow flies down and attacks her.  Shuuichirou knocks the crow away and gets the girl out of the tree...then he notices her wings (kind of hard to miss when she's flying).  The girl, Kohaku, tells Shuuichirou that she's an angel, and he promptly walks away.  She chases him while trying to convince him that she really is an angel, and they both end up at his home.  The next morning, Shuuichirou wakes up to find Kohaku in his garden.  In the sun light, she is able to transform into her real form of a beautiful angel...and Shuuichirou promptly goes back to bed.  Finally, she is able to tell him that she will give him one wish as thanks for saving her the night before.  But Shuuichirou has nothing to wish for.  And so, Kohaku decides to stick around until Shuuichirou uses his wish.

Along with these two main characters is a "devil" named Kouryuu, who loves to torment Kohaku.  There is also my favorite couple, the wind angel Hisui and the prince of devils Kokuyou.  They love each other and are forced to remain on Earth since they can't be together in heaven or hell.

Rating -- 7