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      X/1999 is yet another excellent story by the wonderful artists of Clamp.  There are currently over 15 volumes of the manga out, as well as a movie and TV series.  Even if you've seen the movie, the manga will hold many surprises since the two are completely different besides the main plot.  I have to admit that the story has been lagging a little lately, but it can easily pick up the pace again. There will probably be 22 volumes since Clamp is following the tarro deck, and there are 22 major cards.

The plot is basically about the destiny of two friends, Kamui and Fuuma, who are forced to fight each other to determine the fate of Earth.  Kotori, Fuuma's sister and Kamui's romantic interest, is caught by the fate between the two most important people in her life. There are the Dragons of Earth who wish Humanity to be eliminated so the Earth may heal itself and live without the distructive human race.  Opposing them are the Dragons of Heaven who believe in the goodness of people, and wish to save the human race.  Kamui must decide which force to fight with, but he doesn't realize how much that decision will affect his life.

The Dragons of Earth and Heaven each have six members (not including 'Kamui'). Just as each has their own ability, every person has a unique reason to fight on the side they have chosen.  One was punished for having a dangerous talent, one had a friend no one could understand, one has vague memories of happy times, and so on. From Tokyo Babylon, Sumeragi Subaru and Seichirou end their 'bet'.  And just like Tokyo Babylon, this is a severly depressing manga series (but it's too darn good as well!).

This series is available in the graphic novel format as well.

Rating -- 10