Zuko Shishunki Miman Otokowari
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Yuu Watase
Flower Comics
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      The second part of the Shishunki Miman Otokowari series by Yuu Watase is a great continuation of the story with another three manga.  There is actually one more manga chapter after this series -- SMO Final (in the Yuu Watase section).  For those of you who believed the story had ended with just the first three mangas, you have little faith in the talent of Watase to cause more troubles.

**Don't read until you finished the first part**

So, the last part ended with Asuka not only finding her father, but also discovering that she is NOT a blood relation of Manato.  A happy ending for the lovers, ne?  Yeah, right.  Anyone else think that was too easy? Since Asuka's father, Yashiro-sensei, can't reveal who he is and defend the couple (something about a promotion, I believe), everyone still thinks Asuka and Manato are sister and brother.  Also, since Kazusa isn't running after her brother any more, she goes through her own relationship tramas. But the third manga is the real annoying one. What if Yashiro-sensei was wrong about Manato?

The last chapter of the series is in a short story manga by Watase. There's a summary in the Watase Collections review page.

Rating -- 8


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