Bronze ~ Zetsuai since 1989, by Minami Ozaki
Summary by Sumeragi, June 2001

Manga Number Eleven

Final Chapters: Volume 2

Shibuya talks to his father on the phone. His father is of the same opinion as the doctors, that there really isn’t much they can do to help Izumi. He reminds Shibuya that there is always a chance of a miracle or perhaps future science. Shibuya isn’t comforted by the words.

Whether for the first or second time, Izumi opens his eyes to see Kouji, Shibuya, and Takasaka by his bed. He asks where he is. Shibuya replies that he is in the hospital. Confused, Izumi asks why he is in the hospital. Shibuya tells Izumi to not get upset, but there was a traffic accident. Izumi starts to remember a car, and then notices something wrong with his legs. Shibuya continues to say that there were only some external wounds and no damage to the brain, but---. Izumi then clearly remembers the accident and Akihito being the cause of it. He jolts, but Kouji tenderly restrains him from moving. Izumi asks, "---But?" When Shibuya can’t answer, Kouji tells Izumi plainly that his back received a large blow that damaged the spinal cord. The lower half of his body is paralyzed. Izumi can only barely repeat Kouji’s word of paralyzed and spinal cord. Shibuya speaks up, telling Izumi that they’ll find someone to fix him and everything will be okay. In a daze, Izumi repeats Shibuya’s words of it’ll be okay. In his mind, Izumi thinks, "It’s okay. Because this is just a dream." He asks about Jesus. Shibuya replies that the dog’s leg got hurt, but otherwise he is fine. Izumi smiles and says he is glad. Kouji kindly reminds Izumi that this isn’t a dream.

Serika and Yuugo come to visit their brother. They cry at the site of him in bed. Izumi remains upbeat and smiles as he tells them not to worry.

In the hallway, Kouji tells Shibuya to go home. Shibuya at first refuses, reminding Kouji about the night before. Kouji assures him that he won’t do anything. He just wants the two of them to be alone. Shibuya complies.

That night, Izumi asks for Kouji to get some juice for him. While Kouji is gone, Izumi pulls himself out of bed. He falls to the ground, and reality hits him fully for the first time. He screams.

Final Chapters: Volume 3

Lying on the ground, Izumi asks himself why his legs won’t work. He tries to get back into bed, but it’s too far and too high for him. As he reaches, a variety of emotions run through him: pain, heat, and coldness. Most of all it is pain, which he feels in every part of his body. Kouji returns and hugs his fallen lover. As he puts Izumi back into bed, he calls for a nurse. Izumi pulls Kouji’s sleeve. He tells him it’s strange. They aren’t his. He says Kouji’s name once more and then the sedatives knock him out for the night. Kouji stands over Izumi, feeling the pain over hearing Izumi call his name in such a tone. Remembering his promise, Kouji thinks it still isn’t too late to kill Izumi before he wakes up. But in the silence, Kouji hears Izumi heartbeats and thinks, "Thank goodness." He then thinks, "’thank goodness’ for whom?" As the words "kill him" echo in his mind, Kouji realizes that he wants Takuto, his Takuto, to live for his sake. "What is wrong with that?" The killing urge gone, Kouji cries over the sleeping Izumi. "Takuto!!"

Final Chapters: Volume 4

Watching Izumi, Kouji notices his eyes moving in his sleep. He wonders what Izumi is dreaming. Placing a hand on Izumi’s head and heart, Kouji thinks they are alive. He then puts love marks on Izumi’s neck and inner thigh, mentioning the blood still flows in both places. Looking at Izumi’s legs, he thinks about how beautiful they are.

The next morning, Shibuya returns with new clothing for Kouji. He tells Kouji to change and then wait until he is done talking with Izumi. Shibuya is relieved to see the two still alive. Then he notices the love mark on Izumi’s neck, wondering what Kouji was thinking. While Izumi is awake, Shibuya notices how quiet he is. The silence is broken when Izumi asks about the person who hit him. Shibuya tells him that the person is alive, and then asks if Izumi knows who it was. After a short pause, Izumi replies ‘no’. Knowing the real answer but getting the hint, Shibuya assures Izumi that he won’t tell Kouji even if it means his death. Perhaps drifting off to sleep, Izumi thanks him.

Outside the room, Shibuya starts kicking things, furious that Izumi would have to thank him for such a thing. He straightens himself out and then goes to give Kouji the okay for going back to Izumi. Kouji asks for Shibuya to wait and then demands to know who hit Izumi. Fully realizing the dangerous situation, Shibuya manages to convince Kouji that he won’t tell. As Kouji walks off, Takasaka begins to ask, but Shibuya apologetically refuses to tell him as well.

At the Shibuya hospital of sorts, Izumi does go through some surgery, but it doesn’t do much. Teammates and old classmates come to visit Izumi, all with a sympathetic smile. Through it all, Izumi remains silent with a quiet smile. Yuugo is upset at his brother and sister for keeping up such smiles. Serika replies, what else can she do? Yuugo turns his anger towards the fate handed Izumi. Everyone thinks about Izumi, and that perhaps the best soccer player ever will never be able to play again.

At the Nanjou residence, Hirose walks into the kendo room in which Akihito is practicing, fearful of his father’s wrath. Hirose assures his brother that their father is no longer there, so he can stop with the kendo. Ecstatic, Akihito wraps his arms around Hirose. He begins to get possessive of his brother, even telling Kurauchi that he isn’t needed anymore and isn’t allowed to touch Hirose ever again. Hirose tells Akihito to let go of him, but Akihito refuses reminding him that he said they would always be together. Hirose suspects that Akihito’s memories have returned, but Akihito replies with an evil smile, "What do you mean by my memories have returned?"

Final Chapters: Volume 5

Shibuya suggests to Izumi that America may be able to help him more than what is available in Japan. He assures that the money will come from the Shibuya bank account. There of course seems to be some strings attached, but that’s common with Shibuya’s talk. Kouji eventually gets sick of the man and kicks him out. Izumi mentions to Kouji that Shibuya really is a good guy. Kouji just looks at his fallen angel, berating himself for not being able to say anything. He wants to ask why Izumi doesn’t say anything, doesn’t cry, and only remains quiet. Lying his head on Izumi’s lap, Kouji wants to ask Izumi what he can do, but words refuse to leave his mouth. Izumi breaks the silence and asks Kouji if they could go to that place he took them before (something about a river). Kouji agrees and says he’ll make lunch.

In the parking lot, Izumi smells grass. He points to a spot up a small hill and tells Kouji he wants to go there. At the top there is a group of boys playing soccer. Kouji wants to leave, but Izumi asks to stay and watch. He says it is fun and later they can eat lunch. Kouji wonders what Izumi is really seeing since the sky looks like it’s about to pour any minute. Izumi begins to talk about playing soccer, and how it was the one thing important in his life. Kouji thinks ‘stop this’ several times. Izumi gives Kouji a final brutal hit saying he loved soccer. A wild kick sends the soccer ball at Izumi, who knocks over his wheelchair trying to catch the thing. He ends up on the ground, and gets the ball with extreme effort. He tosses it to a boy who goes back to his soccer team telling them it was the Izumi. Kouji tells Izumi that it is starting to rain, so they should leave. Shaking from fury, Izumi suddenly screams out and cries. He yells out, ‘Why was soccer taken from me? Why my legs? Why am I alive?" Looking at Kouji, Izumi says, "If you could get your left arm back, give me back…my legs…!!"

Final Chapters: Volume 6

As the rain falls, Izumi says ‘why’ a few times and then asks Kouji if this was his wish. For Izumi to be only his. Izumi asks if Kouji is happy. "Am I alive for you…? Kouji…" Kouji calmly replies the affirmative, saying this has always been his wish. For his beautiful wings to be clipped. Holding Izumi’s chin, Kouji tells Izumi about never being able to compete with soccer for the ‘most important thing’ in Izumi’s heart. Since he loved him, Kouji thought it was okay, but for how long? As he continues to talk, Kouji’s voice and emotions increase. He eventually yells at Izumi to see only him, think of only him, and forget everything else. He loves Izumi and wants the love returned. "Since you weren’t killed, live only for me!!" He tells Izumi he never wanted to tell him about his battle with Izumi’s soccer since he didn’t want Izumi to hate him, but it’s been this way for a long time. Suddenly, Izumi hugs Kouji. "That’s enough…" He tells Kouji that he knows he has been patient with him to the point of suffering. "Stupid, I have somehow fallen in love with you. But can you bring me back? To soccer?" Izumi continues to say, "You have always seen me with you. You’re a horrible person that I can’t deal with. I don’t understand you. Even so, you always clearly see only me with you." He tells Kouji that he wants both soccer and Kouji in his life. He can’t give Kouji 100%, but it’s better than nothing. He shouldn’t be so greedy. Kouji sits for a moment in shock and thought, then bows to Izumi’s wisdom and beauty. Kouji then mentions they should go. Izumi agrees. Kouji lifts him up and says that they should get out of their wet clothing or else catch cold. He decides to go to a nearby hotel.

Kouji helps undress Izumi, noticing that Izumi’s legs are already getting thin. He kisses one of the legs. In the bath, Kouji holds Izumi. Izumi doubts it is necessary, but Kouji assures him it very necessary. Kouji then wonders out loud if Izumi has gotten his feeling back ‘there’. Izumi yells at him to stop, but Kouji inserts a finger anyway. Judging Izumi’s reaction, Kouji decides that he can feel down there after all. Panting, Izumi tells him to shut up and stop. Kouji instead inserts another finger and begins licking Izumi’s ear. Eventually, Izumi decides he has had enough and elbows Kouji. Izumi manages to get out of the bathroom (via wheelchair?) as Kouji complains about how hard Izumi hit him. Izumi says it was a well-deserved punishment. Kouji jumps Izumi, saying he hasn’t lost yet. On the bed, Kouji looks at Izumi and tells him he can’t be patient any more. As Kouji begins foreplay, Izumi thinks of Kouji’s large hands and beautiful face. Then Izumi suddenly sees Akihito’s face. He realizes that the brothers have the same cold eyes and similar face. Kouji notices Izumi acting strangely, but Izumi doesn’t reply to his call. Izumi thinks to himself that he has to forget that memory and that other person.

Final Chapters: Volume 7

As Izumi thinks to himself ‘it is another person,’ he shakily tells Kouji that nothing is wrong. Kouji rolls over and says it’s been a long time, but he can endure. Covering Izumi up, he says that it’s been a long day, so they should get some sleep. Cuddling will be fine. Izumi thinks to himself that this is his Kouji and there’s no other like him. He hugs Kouji tightly when the image of Akihito returns. Kouji gives Izumi a "I’m just human" line with Izumi’s full body against his. Izumi blushes, and then start to massage Kouji’s member. Kouji is in utter disbelief, but Izumi tells him to be quiet as he continues to stroke. Kouji whispers to Izumi, "You also got hot…Takuto." Izumi tries to convince him that he is fine, but Kouji does him anyway. While Kouji does his thing, Izumi thinks that Kouji must not find out. Remembering Shibuya’s words, "Even if it means my death," Izumi thinks that for eternity, Kouji must never know. He doesn’t want his dream of a blood soaked Kouji to become a reality.

At the Nanjou household, Hirose is about to leave when Akihito appears. He is very possessive and won’t let Kurauchi even let him help Hirose put on his jacket. Hirose kindly reminds Akihito that he doesn’t own him and that Akihito will listen to his orders. When Akihito argues, Hirose slaps him. Instantly, the waterworks begin on a childlike face and Akihito asks if Hirose now hates him. He compares Hirose to their cruel father. Hirose gently holds Akihito’s face and apologizes, calling Akihito his very important little brother. Akihito hugs him saying ‘thank goodness.’ Only Kurauchi sees the evil smile. In the car, Akihito is almost fondling Hirose as he tells his older brother that they’ll always be together, etc. He promises to make Hirose very happy.

Driving, Kouji thinks about a talk he had with Shibuya about the scene with Izumi. Shibuya does his lecture thing, talking about how a miracle is connected to the power of wanting to believe. Right now, there doesn’t seem to be really anything they can do to heal Izumi, but there is always a chance in Shibuya’s point of view. How many years, tens of years…he can’t even be sure if there will ever be a cure for Izumi in his lifetime, but you have to believe. Getting to the apartment, Kouji notices a pair of shoes that aren’t Shibuya’s. It seems he came to ask Shibuya something, for he decides to come back later when he doesn’t have someone over. Then Kouji stops when he overhears Shibuya talking to his father. The father asks if Izumi knows who ran into him, and the son replies in the affirmative, saying that he could tell by his face though he denied it. He tells his father that it is Izumi primary wish that Kouji never find out. Someone mentions Akihito’s name and then Shibuya goes into the details of the ‘accident’ that clearly was not an accident. As Kouji listens to them talking, he hears Izumi’s words in his head, asking to be returned to soccer. He remembers Izumi’s face at different times, starting to understand an origin. "All the things I wanted were placed into this hand. The most special thing was lost."


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