DN Angel by Yukiru Sugisaki
Summary by Sumeragi, May 2001

Volume One

Chapter One

On his fourteenth birthday, Niwa Daisuke is rejected by his first love. On the school grounds, Harada Risa returns a note to Daisuke saying that she just doesn’t think of him that way. Back in the classroom, Daisuke is off in depression land while the girls nag Risa as to why she isn’t going out with Daisuke. It seems Risa has a personal battle against her elder twin sister, Riku, to get the best boyfriend, which supposedly Daisuke can’t be. Meanwhile Saehara tries to cheer up Daisuke, but only succeeds in almost strangling the poor guy. He tells Daisuke about the "Big Event" happening at eleven that night. Saehara’s father is a police inspector of the police department, and Saehara found out from him that something is certainly going to happen.

Daisuke’s bad day continues when he tries to open a door guarded by a security system, but for some reason his card key isn’t working. The stress finally getting to him, Daisuke breaks down into tears. Hiwatari Satoshi offers the boy a handkerchief, surprising Daisuke. Daisuke begins to ramble to Hiwatari about not being able to open the door when he gets the idea to hack into the system and opens the door. At first Daisuke is proud of himself until Hiwatari asks the obvious question of "how did you know how to break into the system?" Daisuke panics and says that he has something similar at home and thinks to himself "bad day…"

Daisuke comes home…and falls into a pit just inside the front door. He catches the ledge and pulls himself up. He runs on through the maze of traps until reaching an electrified door into the main house. After getting through that a bit frazzled, Daisuke is greeted by his mother with a smothering hug. His grandfather begins to tell Daisuke about this most important day, his fourteenth birthday, but Daisuke walks off too tired to listen to stories. He goes into his room and is greeted by his pet With (half bunny and half really small dog, as I see it). Daisuke leans against his bed, thinking about Risa. Suddenly, he feels strange and hot. Almost like another DNA taking over.

At the museum (or wherever), Saehara’s father is putting his force into place to protect the "Saint Teiarzu" statue. After forty years, the master thief Dark is supposed to appear, and this statue has been named his target. Joining the detective is Hiwatari who is called "superior-dono" by the detective (Question, why would a middle school student be a detectives superior…).

Back at the Niwa household, a scream comes from the upstairs. Daisuke, now taller and with supposedly purple, longer hair, runs downstairs demanding from his mother to know what the hell was happening. After she drools a bit, she explains to Daisuke about the Niwa family secret of the master thief Dark. Apparently since the Edo era, the males of the family by the age of fourteen have had the ability to transform into Dark (Daisuke’s Grandfather was once "Dark"). At first Daisuke refuses to be ‘the master thief’ saying he can’t do it and wants to return to normal. His grandfather reminds him that this is the reason they’ve been training him since a child and that he can’t return to normal unless he finds ‘the key,’ which according to him is a saintly goddess (Daisuke translates this into the Saint Teiarzu statue). Brightening up at the idea that he can return to normal with one small robbery, Daisuke is convinced to get the statue. To aid him on his way, his ‘partner’ With transforms into a beast with wings to carry Daisuke/Dark.

Apparently this is truly a big event for the city with news reporters and cameras all surrounding the museum in search of Dark. At their home, Riku and more so Risa watch the television report about the appearance and then disappearance of Dark. The subsequent disappearance happened when With dropped a bit too roughly into some trees.

The electricity in the building goes out briefly and Daisuke/Dark enters the line of guards protecting the statue. When the lights come back on, the statue has disappeared. Detective Saehara angrily orders everyone to hunt down Dark. Meanwhile, Daisuke/Dark still dressed like a guard tells Detective Saehara that he’ll watch over the pedestal in case the thief returns. Daisuke/Dark can’t believe his luck when the detective leaves. As he takes off the uniform, Daisuke/Dark is interrupted by Hiwatari. Taking Daisuke/Dark off guard, Hiwatari pins him to the ground and places weird handcuff type things on his wrists. Daisuke/Dark thinks to himself how he only wanted to do this robbery to transform back to normal and yells in his head for anyone to save him. A voice answers from within him, congratulating Daisuke for getting them this far and to leave it to him. Dark takes over Daisuke’s body and calls for With. The beast appears transforming into a double of Dark. Hiwatari is confused by the problem of "who is the real Dark," and meanwhile Dark gets away.

Up on a pillar somewhere and holding onto the statue, Dark argues with the voice of Daisuke. Daisuke is sorely confused since he though the statue would return him to normal, but instead Dark has complete control of his body. Dark isn’t bothered by this, thinking he can go have a good time now. But he turns around to see Riku peeking out her window and then letting out the scream of "Pervert!" Risa rushes into Riku’s room to see what had happened, but Dark disappeared. Actually, Dark had reverted back to Daisuke who was sitting wet in the river with a dazed With.

Back at home, Daisuke’s mother smoothers Daisuke with hugs for getting the statue for her. Daisuke, more than peeved, wants to know what happened. His mother explains that the ‘key’ for transformation is a love rush type thing, both for Daisuke and Dark. Daisuke yells at his grandfather for lying to him. His grandfather says he never lied, and that the key being "a saintly goddess" was true. Daisuke suddenly realizes that the Harada sisters are the saintly goddesses in question. Daisuke is rather upset by this whole thing and swears never to transform again.

Chapter Two

At school, the girls are all a flutter about the appearance of Dark. Daisuke comes sulking into school, nearly struck down by an overly excited Saehara. In the classroom, the girls are gossiping about Hiwatari, mentioning how grownup he seems and how serious he is for a boy his age. He suddenly gets up and walks to the door just as Daisuke was about to open the door. Hiwatari grabs Daisuke’s arm and as all the girls start a squealing at the act, Hiwatari examines Daisuke’s wrist. Daisuke is in a panic, but Hiwatari doesn’t do anything else except say he isn’t it. Risa appears to say morning to Daisuke, who has to struggle to keep the ‘transformation barometer" down. Riku unknowingly saves him by picking on Risa for stealing her notes.

While changing for gym class, Daisuke realizes he left his shoes some place. Unfortunately Daisuke was never told about the girl’s changing room being moved, and so he walks into a room filled with half clothed girls, one of which being Risa. The "transformation barometer" tops out. In the boy’s bathroom, Daisuke looks in the mirror to confirm the transformation. Saehara noticed someone suspicious running down the hall and followed him. Daisuke manages to lock himself in a stall before Saehara sees him, but the persistent devil tries to open the door. Luckily, Daisuke hears Riku outside the bathroom window and transforms back to normal just before Saehara rips the door open.

On his way home, feeling a bit exhausted, Daisuke is joined by an airhead Risa who says "we’re ‘friends’ right?". Daisuke thinks to himself that he doesn’t want to be just friends with her. As they walk along, Risa starts drooling over Dark saying he’s "too cool."

For that night, Dark (or more likely, Daisuke’s mother) had sent a notice about his next heist: "The Crown of Alice." The police are positioned around the area under the lead of Detective Saehara. Hiwatari is there as well, and while he says something about Holmes and Watson (aka I can’t translate it), the crown is stolen. While Dark is getting away, he talks to Daisuke, pointing out that Risa doesn’t think of Daisuke as "cool" but only Dark, even though they are essentially the same person (well, same body). Daisuke gets a shock from the realization. From the sky, a picture of Riku flutters down with a note from Daisuke’s mother giving Dark her thanks and that he should return to Daisuke, which happens immediately. Walking home, Daisuke says not for the first time that he doesn’t want to ever transform again.

Chapter Three

It’s summer and the class is outside at the pool for gym class. Daisuke keeps thinking to himself to not change despite how good Risa looks in a bathing suit. Luckily, he’s paired with Riku, but he starts to notice how much the two girls look alike (well, duh, they’re twins). Up on the fence is With who’s trying to stay as far away from the pool as possible. Watching Daisuke talk to this furball of fluff, Riku thinks how unmanly Daisuke tends to act. Daisuke and Riku are the next pair into the pool where Risa is accidentally pushed into Daisuke by Saehara. Underwater, Daisuke can’t help but to transform. With a gush of water, Daisuke manages to escape the pool unnoticed (except maybe by Hiwatari) and beyond the fence to hide on the ledge (I think this pool is on the roof). Helping to get him out of the situation, With turns into a copy of Daisuke and pretends to have lost his voice when he joins with the others who are currently panicking since they can’t find Daisuke. Saehara, pissed at almost drowning from the pillar of water, kicks Daisuke/With into the pool, and so we learn With cannot swim. Hiwatari dives into the pool to save Daisuke/With and pulls him out. Trying to revive him, Hiwatari leans over for mouth-to-mouth. This causes Daisuke/Dark distress as he looks through the fence, thus revealing himself to at least Riku who yells out "Pervert!" After the distraction, Hiwatari turns back to see a wet furball had replaced Daisuke.

Walking home, rather distracted by the day’s event, Daisuke runs into Riku. She hands him a handkerchief he dropped. Daisuke recognizes it as Hiwatari’s and grabs it to give it back to him later. Riku is left in his dust wondering why he ran away.

That night, Dark’s next target is to be "the Fallen Angel’s Love Potion." While Detective Saehara orders his men around, Hiwatari wanders off to a different spot. Dark gets in pretty easily, but he’s noticed on the way out. Dark personally thinks it just adds to the rush while Daisuke wishes he was more careful about it all. On the way out, Dark just barely escapes a horde of police, but instead Hawatari catches him and asks, " Are you a swimmer?" Dark gets away but ends up with handcuffs somehow. Daisuke is now worried that Hiwatari may know his secret. Still running the police, Dark ends up in Riku’s bedroom room. She wakes up and is about to scream out when Dark gets the ‘great’ idea to kiss her to quiet the girl. Of course, he transforms back in Daisuke mid-kiss and the boy ends up disappearing red faced into the night. Riku is left behind confused as well as the new owner of the "Love Potion."

At school the next day, Riku asks to talk with Daisuke alone. She tells him she wanted to return the item he left, but Daisuke nervously says it isn’t his. Riku thinks to herself that she was probably mistaken, but then she gets furious at the idea that a pervert stole her first kiss. When she leaves, Daisuke suddenly feels strange, and tries to remember the last time he felt that way. He then realizes it’s the same feeling from his first transformation…


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