DN Angel by Yukiru Sugisaki
Summary by Sumeragi, May 2001

Volume Two

Chapter Four

It’s winter and everywhere you look it’s snow, snow, and more snow. The class goes on a yearly hike up the mountains, the teacher being the only one excited about trip. Daisuke is rather indifferent except for the fact that he’s with Risa. She tells him that she has lunch for them and they can share it at the top. Daisuke nears his limit break, but holds back from transforming. The class whines as they go up the mountain. A wind picks up and blows Risa’s hat into a tree. Risa puts on a lovely pouting face and begs Daisuke to get it for her. Before Daisuke can fully explain the dangers of getting the hat, Riku hops the fence to reach out and get the hat for her sister. Daisuke goes over to pull her back when she slips and the two of them go over the edge.

At the bottom of the mountain, Riku panics when she notices that she landed on top of Daisuke, wondering how he got there. Daisuke reassures her that everything is fine since they landed on snow. He starts to lead them back up the mountain when he notices Riku isn’t moving. She tells him to go ahead without her. Daisuke, realizing the girl must have hurt her leg, kneels to let Riku ride piggyback up the mountainside. Riku at first refuses saying she’s too heavy for him, but he convinces her that he’ll get them out of there.

Back at the top, everyone is calling for Daisuke and Riku. Hiwatari calmly gives a report to the teacher about what happened. Saehara interrupts him saying there’s no time for a recap since they don’t know if the two of them are alive or dead. This puts the teacher into tears. Risa is also stressing since this is all basically her fault.

Going up the mountain, Riku is impressed by Daisuke’s hidden strength. He decided to take the steepest route since that would get them back to the class the fastest and he knows they are probably worried about them. After about twenty minutes of non-stop climbing, they reach a ledge and Daisuke decides to take a break. He starts to ask "Harada-san" but Riku cuts him off saying to call her "Riku" and not "Harada." Daisuke suddenly feels his heart start pounding, and it’s not from the climbing. He runs off into the bushes leaving Riku behind. Transforming into a copy of Daisuke, With replaces Daisuke/Dark in helping Riku up the mountain.

Hiwatari notices something on his phone and says, "Got you" (don’t know…maybe a Dark locator?). He calls Detective Saehara about the appearance. Hiwatari then turns around and leaves the class group despite Risa’s questions.

Daisuke/Dark watches With and Riku from a distance, noticing Riku doesn’t look so good. Then he hears sounds of water. Just when Riku is about to ask With/Daisuke why he isn’t talking, the ground crumbles beneath them. Daisuke/Dark jumps off the ledge thinking this is more important than hiding his identity. He grabs Riku in midair and calls for With. Hiwatari sees all of this. Flying the in air, Riku says ‘Niwa-kun’ in her unconscious state.

Joining the class group again, everyone is relieved the two are safe and sound. Hiwatari watches silently as everyone cries and laughs. Daisuke thinks to himself that he heard Dark’s voice just before he transformed back: "So, we’re rivals?"

Chapter Five

With her sweet type face, Risa asks Daisuke if he’ll go out with her. Daisuke blushes, thinking this will be a date. That night, as he’s changing, his mother helps him to chose an outfit…okay, so he didn’t really have a choice in the matter. He runs up to Risa at the meeting spot. Him saying "Sorry I’m late. Did you wait long?" and her reply, "Uun, I just got here," really makes Daisuke feel this is a date. Noticing his clothes, Risa says it looks good, like something Dark would where (as Daisuke curses his mother). She asks Daisuke for a favor: to help her look for Dark. Daisuke at first says that he really doesn’t think Dark would be out that night, but when she starts to cry, he changes his tone and mentions that maybe he did see something flying around earlier. He runs around the corner and transforms for her. As Dark, Daisuke sneaks behind her and tries to talk as Dark would (and fails…). Before Risa turns around to see him, Daisuke sees Riku hiding around a corner and retransforms. Oh, btw Hiwatari sees all of this. Risa doesn’t seem too upset that it was apparently Daisuke trying to be Darkfor her and she goes home. Daisuke watches her go, wondering what does she think of him as Daisuke and not Dark.

Chapter Six

Just after a robbery, Hiwatari catches up to Dark. Dark looks back and says he wants to make a bet with Hiwatari.

Daisuke is outside somewhere, rigging an electrical switch. With comes up from behind transformed as Daisuke and says, "Daisuki!" which means "I love you lots" instead of Daisuke’s name. Daisuke tries to teach With the right way to say his name, but it doesn’t work very well (you have to give With credit for trying). Risa shows up, and poor With is nearly knocked out by Daisuke to get him to transform back to normal. Risa, holding a box, tells Daisuke that she’s been looking everywhere for him and that they should have lunch together. As Daisuke eats her ever first handmade lunchbox, With appears to sneak a snack. Risa can’t resist but to hug and pet the fluff ball. With suddenly blots off to somewhere once Saehara shows up ripping on Risa’s lunchbox. He starts lecturing Risa about what she should have done to make it better, seriously pissing the girl off. Saehara takes out his lunchbox, and as Risa takes a bite, she’s sincerely mollified. When Saehara leaves, Daisuke explains to her that Saehara’s been the cook for his household since he was a child, and with a whining father, he became a great cook. All the girls in home economics envy him. Daisuke then goes on to say he doesn’t care too much about flavor. He’s just happy she made it for him.

Riku, upset that Saehara had run off on her, is carrying some boxes when With shows up. Walking along and talking to the fur ball, she sees Daisuke and Risa together on the bench. Risa tells Daisuke that she had wanted to make something good enough for Dark to eat (aka, Daisuke was a guinea pig). Daisuke gets up from the bench and says that doesn’t think of Risa as a "friend." But before he can say he loves her, Risa jumps conclusions, asks if he hates her, and then runs off before he can say anything coherent. Riku, hearing it all, isn’t an idiot like her sister, and knows exactly what Daisuke was going to say.

In the hallway, Riku is carrying her boxes again. Daisuke offers to help, but she says she can handle the job (he thinks to himself that Saehara must have run off). Riku walks towards the stairs without noticing her surroundings. She almost falls down, but Daisuke saves her and ends up falling down the stairs himself. Along the way, he notices Hiwatari and knows he can’t break-fall in front of him. Hiwatari ends up catching Daisuke and tells him to break-fall next time. Daisuke panics and accidentally breaks Hiwatari’s glasses. Hiwatari just shrugs it off in his usual cool manner and walks upstairs. Riku charges downstairs to give Daisuke a piece of her mind. Daisuke says that ‘Riku-san’ would’ve fallen and she should be more careful. In a daze, Riku replies that she’ll be more careful, but she’s really thinking about how Daisuke called her ‘Risa’ and not ‘Harada.’

After class, Hiwatari is approached by a girl with love note, but he shoots her down (feel the pain). He sees Daisuke walk by and grabs the shorter boy saying he wants to go home together. Daisuke panics as he usually does around HIwatari. He tells Daisuke about the bet he made with Dark the night before. If Dark steals the painting of "The Night View of Yuifilia," Hiwatari has to leave that person alone. Hiwatari had asked what happens if he fails, but Dark only responded he’ll see him later. Daisuke tries to sound like he didn’t know about any of this (he really needs acting lessons). Hiwatari pushes Daisuke against a wall, looking face to face with Daisuke and asks, "Who do you think that person is?" Daisuke says he really doesn’t know. Luck is with Daisuke as his mother appears and drags him off. She tells Daisuke to be wary of Hiwatari. Daisuke thinks to himself that he actually finds Hiwatari to be a good person, probably a friend.

At home, Hiwatari talks to his foster father (or maybe step father) on the phone. Leaning on his arm, he realizes he hurt himself when he saved Daisuke from his fall.

At the Harada home, Risa asks Riku if she can join her for a bath. Right away Risa asks Riku what she thinks about Daisuke, throwing Riku completely off guard. She eventually replies that he’s simply a classmate. Risa mentions that she’s really upset that he said he doesn’t think of her as a friend. Riku, regaining her elder sister facade, tells Risa that she thinks she is the one in the wrong in the fight. Riku then runs off to her room, crying that she’s too late. Risa calls Daisuke on the phone and tells him she’s sorry about the fight and that she still likes him even if he doesn’t care for her (dense, dense, dense).

That night, it’s party time. Hiwatari’s father shows him around to guests, saying it was a case of true love between the two of them (Hiwatari’s face shows it’s all a lie). His father later shows him the painting that is the next target of Dark. The father comes up behind him and says he likes having beautiful things. Looking at the painting closely, Hiwatari notices it isn’t the real painting. Ten minutes before the heist is supposed to take place, Hiwatari bolts off somewhere knowing Dark wouldn’t be fooled by the fake. After the guards have been gassed by Dark, a suspicious looking Hiwatari enters a secured room (it may be a secret exit). When he tries to voice deactivate the security system, it doesn’t work, to his disbelief. The real Hiwatari from beyond the lasers explains that the system won’t deactivate by his voice if he’s already in there. Dark rips off his disguise saying the bet is on. He runs for the exit with Hiwatari hot on his heels. Just when he reaches the ledge to jump off and fly, Dark is tackled by Hiwatari. At that moment, the electricity goes out. Flipped over the railing, Hiwatari is unable to hold onto the bar with his injured hand, but Dark saves him from falling to his death. Dark declares himself the winner of the bet.

Flying away, Dark notices Risa standing on a bridge alone. He swings on down asking if she knew how dangerous it was for a girl to be out at night alone. After getting over the fact the real Dark is with her, Risa asks if he’ll go out with her. After a pause, Dark replies, "In other words, like ‘friends’?" Risa begins to say she doesn’t want to be friends, and suddenly lighting hits as she realizes what Daisuke was going to tell her. Dark, playing the playboy he is, asks her, "do you love me then," and he bends down to kiss her. Riku is watching this whole scene from a distance. With notices her and transforms into Daisuke to talk to her. She asks what ‘Niwa-kun’ is doing there, and With realizes she’s talking about Daisuke. Pointing at Dark he says ‘Daisuki’ (remember daisuki = love you lots) instead of ‘Daisuke.’ Riku knocks out With/Daisuke for being a ‘playboy,’ even though she probably loved hearing those words.

Back at home, Daisuke is pissed at what Dark did that night. And of course he doesn’t know about what happened to With. Eventually he decides it’s just better to go to sleep.

The next day at school, he passes by Risa, surprised that nothing had happened. In his momentary daze, he runs into Hiwatari. He makes the best of the situation and returns the handkerchief from long ago (first volume, first chapter). Daisuke ‘wonders’ if he wasn’t going to catch that person from their talk the previous day. Hiwatari replies, "…what person?" Daisuke probably feels like he has made a new friend.


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