DN Angel by Yukiru Sugisaki
Summary by Sumeragi, May 2001

Volume Three

Chapter Seven, first part

It is December. More importantly, it’s Saint White’s day in which the guy can show his love for a girl with a white ribbon. On his way to school, Daisuke’s mother forces him to take a white ribbon with him just in case. Watching her son go, Emiko (Daisuke’s mother) wonders how she ended up with such a stubborn boy. In the mailbox, she finds a letter from ‘Kosuke-san.’ He’s coming home.

At school, Risa is surprised that her sister knows nothing about St. White Day, and she doesn’t care either. Getting away from her sister’s rambling, Riku makes for the door with some poster-type items. She runs into Ukawa, an upperclassman who offers a hand. Giving her the chills, Riku shoves the items onto him and pushes him away. Turning around, the twins notice at the same time that Daisuke is outside the window (guessing about third floor here). While he says he doesn’t mind high places and the window needed some cleaning, Riku persuades him to come inside in a hurry. Daisuke tries to get the attention of Risa, but she walks away in a huff. During this time, Daisuke losses the ribbon his mother gave him that morning. Meanwhile, Riku is stewing because she thinks Daisuke said, "I love you" to her when it was really With just mispronouncing Daisuke. She comes to conclusion that he must have thought she was Risa. Later, the slacker Saehara gives Daisuke a large black curtain (of sorts) to carry. While running upstairs, Daisuke drops the thing on an unsuspecting person. The person turns out to be a trapped Risa. Daisuke believes this to be his chance to tell the girl his feelings, but then he notices he dropped the ribbon somewhere. Risa interrupts the silence to tell Daisuke that she can’t return his feelings since she loves Dark. She runs off, the curtain falling on Daisuke. All Daisuke sees from that point on is darkness.

Chapter Seven, second part

A scream emits from the boys bathroom. Looking into the mirror, Dark is surprised by the switch in personalities, but not the change in body. At first pissed, he realizes the reason behind the switch: Daisuke is running away. Daisuke tries to deny it, but Dark really doesn’t care that much. He sees this as his chance to unrestrained go after the ladies.

Meanwhile, Riku is delivering something or other. She sees Daisuke pass by and goes to chase him, but she’s stopped by Ukawa who wants a talk with her.

A friend of Risa’s, Fukuda, finds Dark/Daisuke and rails on him for neglecting his duties. Dark thinks ‘first target." Flashing his blushing face and winning charm, he gets Fukuda to run off a happy girl. He goes girl after girl, leaving Daisuke to wonder if anyone can stop Dark. Then, Hiwatari makes his appearance. Talking to him, Dark/Daisuke makes the slip up of saying "Risa" instead of "Risa-san." Hiwatari calls him on it, throwing the boy against the wall calling him Dark. Dark/Daisuke responds "that hurts" in return and gets away from Hiwatari. Outside, Daisuke tries to tell Dark to turn back to normal, but Dark says the "real" target is still left.

Riku is currently trapped in a room with Ukawa. When he forces himself on her, she calls out for Daisuke…who promptly enters and kicks the loser away. Dark/Daisuke offers the fallen lady a hand, but she refuses despite being unable to move by her own power at the moment. Dark/Daisuke instead undoes his white necktie and wraps it around Riku’s neck. He leans over for the kiss, all the while Daisuke thinking inside, "I’m not Dark." Just before the kiss, something happens and Dark/Daisuke bolts out of the room. Just outside, Risa sees Dark/Daisuke passing with a strange look in his eyes. She chases after him worried. There’s a quick shot of some person who got an inspiration from the scene (he’s important later). Looking outside, Risa finds Dark (yes, he has transformed) instead of Daisuke (much to her dismay, I’m sure…*sarcasm alert*). She runs and hugs him, begging for him to stay with her. Seemingly unaware of the girl that just clomped onto him, looks up and thinks, "I can’t hear Daisuke’s voice within me anymore." As the snow beings to fall, a mystery man makes his appearance.

Chapter Eight

Daisuke’s mother (Emiko) introduces Dark as Daisuke to Kosuke. Kosuke is rather surprised that this is a fourteen-year-old boy. Dark rudely asks Kosuke who he is. Emiko gets upset at him, lecturing that he shouldn’t talk to his father like that. She looks back to Kosuke saying that this is the other form of Daisuke and tells Dark to return back to normal. Dark says it won’t happen since Daisuke has seemingly disappeared, so he must be the winner and the body is his. Hearing this, Kosuke gets up and gives Dark (calling him Daisuke) a ‘present.’ The ring firmly attaches itself to Dark’s hand, turning him back into the form of Daisuke but the personality is still Dark. Kosuke tells him that only once Daisuke returns can the ring be removed. Unless this happens in twenty-four hours, his DNA will be locked as is and this would be a hindrance to Dark. Once alone, though, Dark shows his worried side, asking Daisuke to not run away.

Outside, Emiko finds out from Kosuke that he isn’t staying (something about waiting for the conclusion between the Niwa family and its opponent, maybe…). Emiko tells Kosuke that even though he isn’t a thief, she still can see Dark’s wings on him (you have to see in the forth volume about how these kids met).

At school, the Harada twins show more than a passing interest in Dark/Daisuke. Thinking to himself, Dark is worried that even though he’s seen both of them, there isn’t a pounding of his heart. Then he starts to feel hot and sick, just like the first transformation from Daisuke into Dark. Collapsing to the ground and unconscious, Daisuke is carried to the infirmary by Hiwatari. Riku is highly worried about Daisuke, and lies rather loudly to the teacher that her stomach hurts, which is equally loudly supported by her sister. The teacher happily sends Riku to the school nurse. At the infirmary, Riku overhears Hiwatari tell Daisuke, "…There isn’t time…for you or me.…" He jumps upon seeing Riku and promptly leaves the room saying his going back to class. Riku is confused, but her worries are focused on Daisuke at the moment. His temperature is down, but he still is asleep. Looking at his sleeping face, Riku realizes he will most likely be gorgeous when he gets old, kicking out the image of Dark from her mind. To his sleeping form, she begins to tell him….

Inside their mind, Dark finds Daisuke hiding. He tells the boy to stop messing around and come out. Daisuke instead says that at that moment when Dark/Daisuke was about to kiss Riku, he couldn’t do anything. It confused him since feelings for Riku were supposed to be Dark’s emotions, and not his. Dark tells him the opposite, saying that ever since that night they first saw Riku together, Daisuke has been chasing Riku. Dark goes on to explain, "Daisuke, ‘I’ am ‘you’." Daisuke comes from his hiding spot and falls into Dark’s arms, relishing the fact that Dark was calling his name. Darks him that she’s calling for them…

As the ring dissolves from Daisuke’s finger, Riku finally says, "I love you."

Chapter Nine

Waking up from his dream, Daisuke hears Riku tell him, "I love you." Still thinking she’s talking to a person who can’t hear what she’s saying, Riku gets a big surprise when Daisuke sits up asking what she just said. She pushes Daisuke away and bolts for the door, nearly crashing into Saehara. Daisuke runs after her, completing the job with Saehara (poor guy). Daisuke chases Riku outside yelling to her that he wants to talk to her. He finally grabs the girl and asks if they can walk home together. Before Riku can give a proper response to him, some men in dark suits grab Daisuke. Riku is approached by an older looking boy in a school uniform (Funabashi). He asks her to tell the teacher that Daisuke is leaving school a bit early. Riku makes the obvious assumption that Daisuke was just kidnapped right in front of her eyes.

Daisuke is taken to a high-rise building (Saga Entertainment) to speak business with Saga Kenji, the blonde guy from previously in the book. Once Daisuke seems more relaxed about staying, Kenji orders his men in black suits to leave the room. Once the door closes, Kenji tells Daisuke to ‘strip.’ To prevent him from bolt, Funabashi grabs his arms as an overeager Kenji starts to take Daisuke’s clothes off. Thankfully, Funabashi stops Kenji from being too yaoi by smacking him with an Asuka book. After a few moments of yelling from the room, Daisuke is shown with a new outfit. It’s to be his costume for the commercial Kenji wants to do.

Back at school, Riku tells the teacher that Daisuke has been kidnapped. The teacher just smiles and informs the girl that his mother called saying something like that may have happened.

Daisuke refuses to do the commercial. Kenji then mentions, "Do you know of ‘Dark’," and immediately regains Daisuke’s attention. He tells Daisuke that he wants to do a promotional commercial (for the company, I assume) using Dark during the next heist. The theme: ‘transformation’ (no, I don’t think he knows this is true…). And Emiko has already signed the release form that Daisuke can do the commercial. Daisuke still refuses, forcing Kenji to bring out the big guns. Showing a large envelope, he tells Daisuke that he has an embarrassing photo of him with Riku. He can only get the photo during the commercial/theft. Daisuke angrily agrees to the commercial.

At home, Emiko is polishing all the lovelies Dark/Daisuke has gotten her. Daisuke storms in, wanting explanations. Of course she just wants to see her two cuties on television. With is also enlisted to play the role of Daisuke during the filming. Yes, the poor guy still says ‘Daisuki’ instead of ‘Daisuke.’ Daisuke gets even more frustrated when With says ‘Kyu—‘ while in his form.

Next day, Hiwatari asks Risa if he can steal some of her time. While walking around town, she asks what he wanted. In short, he’s studying women for some kind of job of his. Confused but flattered, Risa is happy to lend a hand. As they walk along, Risa notices all the girls staring at Hiwatari. She decides that while he may be cute, she is certainly not a glasses type. She asks him to take off his glasses. When he does, Hiwatari suddenly loses his balances and has to lean against a wall. Risa picks up his glasses for him and apologizes. Before he can oppose, she runs off saying, ‘see you tomorrow.’

At the place of the heist, With is in Daisuke’s form and Daisuke is currently Dark. The place is covered with new reporters and more. Only the Dark-mousy can slip in. With/Daisuke is told to stay with Kenji while Dark gets the "Moonlight Mask" and the photo. After a while, With/Daisuke decides to go help his partner and runs inside. Meanwhile, Dark is being chased by a horde of women…that he eventually scares away with a few nicely chosen words. One woman has stayed, however, and she holds an envelope up for Dark to see. Dark goes in to kiss the lady (and to grab the envelope), and gets caught by being handcuffed to some bars. Dark identifies the lady as Hiwatari in disguise (poor Daisuke). Before Hiwatari does anything else, With/Daisuke shows up behind Hiwatari with the real "Moonlight Mask" and says, "I’m the real one. That…isn’t Daisuke." As With/Daisuke runs away, Hiwatari glares back at Dark and then chases the transformed furball. Dark, breathing a sigh of relief, breaks out of his confinements and shows he got the envelope. Daisuke is happy With finally got it right, but he’s worried about that look Hiwatari gave him (‘It’s not like you, Hiwatari-kun’). Risa is also in the building, waiting to jump Dark. She’s still fantasizing that he’ll stay with her. Hearing footsteps down the hallway, she is about to make her move. The footsteps were actually Hiwatari chasing With/Daisuke, but he notices Risa about to walk into a trap and tries to save her.

With/Daisuke meets up again with Dark. Outside, they are spotted by Riku, which makes Dark turn back into Daisuke. Before she notices, Daisuke tells With to transform again, but he transforms into Dark causing Riku to scream out ‘Pervert!’ And so everyone is alerted to their position. Daisuke grabs Riku and tells With/Dark to split up. In another area, Emiko continues to misdirect the police, pointing them in Kosuke’s (imitating Dark) direction.

Daisuke and Riku end up in front of a fountain, Riku seriously surprised at Daisuke’s speed and strength. Riku, probably worried about having a moment with Daisuke, turns to go back and look for Risa. Daisuke stops her and asks what she would do if he told her. Meanwhile, in the bushes, Kenji is getting this all on camera despite the harassment by Funabashi. Blushing, Riku says that she said something strange in the infirmary, but he should just forget it. Especially since she knows he likes Risa. Daisuke says that he did like Risa originally, but now he likes ‘Ri—,’ and the fireworks cover his voice. Daisuke wisely had put on the mask since he transformed and had to run away from Riku before she could ask him to repeat. But, in the bushes, Funabashi confirms it’s all on tape.

In the well, Hiwatari and Risa are trapped. Risa is upset that she wasn’t able to see Dark. Hiwatari meanwhile tries to find a way out. Realization hits Risa as to his identity and she asks if this is what his research on girls was for (well, duh!).

At the Niwa household, Daisuke finds out that the mask he got was actually the real one and that With had held the "Sunlight Mask." Now the family has the full set. Kosuke shows up rather ragged, asking Daisuke how he does this all the time. Then Daisuke realizes a poor With is out there all alone. Emiko gets a hold of the envelope that was suppose to hold the embarrassing photo of Daisuke and Riku, but it’s just a blank sheet of paper. That night, With dead tired on the bed, Daisuke talks to Dark a bit. When Dark gets quiet, Daisuke suddenly wonders what would happen if they liked the same girl? Would Dark disappear? Calling Dark’s name in a panic for a few moments, Daisuke gets the reply of basically, "I’m tired, damn it!" Relieve for the moment, Daisuke goes to sleep.

Next day at school, Daisuke is worried about confronting Riku again. He has to run to catch her outside. Meanwhile, Kenji gives Riku a minidisc that has the conversation that the two held the night before. She hears clearly this time that Daisuke likes her. Just then, Daisuke finds her and asks her if she heard the night before. With tears in her eyes, she says she did. Seeing her crying, Saehara nags Daisuke, then notices that Daisuke has had a growth spurt.

In the car, Kenji thinks highly of Daisuke, saying he’ll have to get him again in two or three years.

At the Niwa household, the family watches the commercial. Well, really only Emiko is excited about it. Daisuke is a bit jealous of how cool Dark seems. As he leaves for school, Daisuke thinks, however, that he has beaten Dark.


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