DN Angel by Yukiru Sugisaki
Summary by Sumeragi, May 2001

Volume Four

Extra Story

Dark has announced his next target: the Agate Links. Saehara goes to the site to get a camera shot of the target and the surrounds. A beautiful girl steps in path of his camera.

As Daisuke is leaving for school, Emiko reminds him to not be late coming home since there is a robbery scheduled for that night. Daisuke is surprised to learn that it's for his grandfather and not his mother this time.

At school, Sekimoto pulls Daisuke aside to show him the current state of Saehara. He is really out of it. Along with Saehara's brain, Daisuke notices that Hiwatari isn't at school that day either. Thinking that Daisuke and Hiwatari are friends, the teacher asks him to go to Hiwatari's apartment to give him a 'print.' Daisuke is surprised that Hiwatari lives alone. Before he leaves, Saehara catches Daisuke and says he needs to talk to him (Sekimoto gladly putting the guy in Daisuke's hand).

So the two of them end up going to Hiwatari's place. He answers the door, and Saehara rushes in to start cooking some dinner for the sick classmate. Daisuke tries to just give Hiwatari the print and run, but Hiwatari convinces him to come in. With the door locked behind them, Daisuke gets the chills. Hiwatari jokingly apologizes. When Daisuke asks if he's been sick, Hiwatari says, no, he just wanted to see Daisuke's face. After Saehara makes dinner and the boys eat, he wants advice. He shows them the picture of the girl. Blushing, he says he wants to know more about her. Hiwatari is interested by the girl, recognizing that she doesn't seem to be a person of the area. Daisuke, looking at his watch, apologizes and says he has to go. Hiwatari tells him that he wouldn't hear his voice tonight since it's not a hunt.

Dark easily breaks through the guards and is rather disappointed Hiwatari didn't show as promised. Going to get his prize, he notices the girl from Saehara's picture on the pedestal that held the Agate Links necklace. The girl knows he wants to take it, but she begs him to wait one day. Unable to resist a girl's plead, Dark says, "I accept the lovely lady's deal." Back in his room, Daisuke is thoroughly embarrassed by what Dark said, but he agrees he wouldn't have taken the necklace either.

The next day, Saehara sneaks into the building, upset that his father can't seem to protect anything from Dark. He gets into the room holding the necklace, and meets the girl. After assuring her that he isn't a suspicious person (although she didn't seem worried anyway), he notices her holding the necklace and asks her what she's doing with it. She tells him that Dark let her have it one extra day, and that the Agate Links is her most precious treasure. Feeling the hero, Saehara promises to protect it from Dark.

Later that night, Dark slips into the room, saying he gave her the day and now he wants the necklace. Instead of just the girl waiting for him, Saehara is there decked out with helmet and bat. After some hero-ish type threats, he attacks. Dark easily dodges and jumps behind the girl to take the necklace from her neck. Saehara rips it off her first and runs with it saying he won't let it be stolen. As he run away from Dark, he ends up falling off the roof. The girl is at ground level to see if he was okay. He hands her the now broken necklace, telling her that he kept it from Dark. Drifting off into unconsciousness, he asks for her name. She replies "Kurashina Menou" and thanks him for his help. Menou begins to cry that she wanted to meet him, but today was the last possible day. From behind her, Daisuke holds up the broken necklace (now when did he get that) and tells her that his grandfather would probably want her to have it. Menou looks surprised when she sees Daisuke. Taking the necklace, she tells Daisuke that at last she was able to meet him, the little thief, and she's grateful to him. She disappears into the sky.

That night, back at home, Daisuke's grandfather talks to him about Menou. Back in the days when he was the mysterious thief Dark, it was only a 'job' to him, nothing more. During the nights he robbed, he'd always see within the pitch-black streets a window with a light in it. It called to him. As himself (aka not Dark), he finally met the owner of the light: Menou. She was a sick fourteen-year-old girl, and the few times he got her to smile, he loved it. He found out about the Agate Links (Menou = agate) and decided to steal it for her. He got her to promise to a certain day to wait for him. Coming back from the robbery, though, she had died. His grandfather tells Daisuke not to steal for the sake of stealing, but for the happiness of another. Sitting next to his grandfather, for the first Daisuke could imagine him with the black wings of Dark.

At school the next day, Saehara is all a flutter about Menou. After nearly shaking Daisuke to pieces, the guy gets away saying he has to use the bathroom. Leaning against the door, Hiwatari asks the retreating Daisuke if he should tell Saehara that the girl was someone from forty years ago. Looking back at the happy guy, they both agree that things would be better left off unsaid. Riku comes running up and Daisuke asks her what she thinks of Dark. Right away, she replies, "I despise him." Daisuke can feel Dark hurting inside of him.

Stage Two, volume 1

Disturbing the world is the legendary master thief
This true form no one knows.
But really, I don't know within myself.
What are you, who are you---…

In the monitor room, Hiwatari is talking to Detective Saehara. He points out that the images they are seeing are actually recordings from a different time (when it was raining) and that the "Wise Man of Sleep" has probably already been stolen. Hiwatari then turns to the detective and identifies him as Dark in disguise. Dark reveals himself, wearing the stolen item on his ear, and leaves Hiwatari behind. A guard comes up to Hiwatari and asks if they should pursue the thief. He tells them not to. Holding a mirror, Hiwatari thinks to himself that Dark doesn't know everything about the item he just stole.

In a dream, Daisuke is running, but he doesn't know why or what from. Seeing Dark in the distance, he asks for help. Dark dissipates into black feathers and Daisuke 'remembers' that he's no longer there. A person with wings comes from behind Daisuke and says, "Got you…"

And Daisuke wakes from his dream as he punches Saehara off his seat. Instead of being angry, Saehara is ecstatic that Daisuke has hit him for the first time in their ten-year friendship and promptly puts Daisuke into a headlock. The class is on their way via ferry to a hotel for their school excursion. Across the way from Daisuke and Saehara, Risa is sitting with a sleeping Hiwatari. The girls around Risa rave about how cute Hiwatari is and how lucky Risa is to be sitting with him, but Risa would rather be next to a gorgeous guy such as Dark. As the ferry turns, Hiwatari slides onto Risa's shoulder, opens his eyes sleepily, and then leans back against the ferry window again. Tired of the girls' cooing of "cute!" Risa decides to go outside. Also on the deck of the ferry are Daisuke and Riku. Daisuke is happy to be spending five nights and six days with Riku on the trip. Dark is very disappointed, however, that Daisuke isn't having any nasty thoughts (he can see everything Daisuke is thinking).

On shore and on their way to the hotel, the teacher tells everyone to not go into the forest since the bears would get them. Daisuke is distracted, however, by the lighthouse (site of the next theft). Riku gets his attention and kids about getting lost in the forest. Daisuke tells her that if she does, she should just stay in one place and he'll come looking for her (while he's not as obvious as Dark, Daisuke does have the flirting instincts). As they continue to the hotel, Daisuke has the feeling of being watch, which Dark senses as well. Daisuke is shown walking in the mirror and Dark with the earring still on. Hiwatari smiles coldly.

At their room, Risa tells Fukuda and Riku that they should go ahead without her since she isn't feeling well. Alone Risa thinks that being friends is that special.

Daisuke is at the lighthouse writing the "I'm going to steal something" note for Dark and sends it off by With-mail. Daisuke reasons it's okay to steal the "Guide to Eternity" since it's just being ruined in the outside. Dark isn't personally excited about the seemingly easy robbery, but he'll do it. Daisuke gets the feeling of being watched again. Dark wonders if it's Hiwatari, but Daisuke says it doesn't feel like Hiwatari (and Daisuke should know, being watched almost everyday). Shaking off the dream ("Got you…"), Daisuke walks back to the hotel. He suddenly realizes that he can't remember what happened to the "Wise Man of Sleep" earring. Before he can continue that thought, Fukuda shows up and tells him to deliver seasick medicine to Risa for her. Daisuke at once knows this is a bad idea. At the same time, Riku has gotten medicine for her sister and is heading that way.

Daisuke goes to Risa's hotel room after all, and tries to give her the medicine and leave quickly. Risa, however, wants to talk with him and drags him inside. She asks him if he really likes Riku. Before he can answer, Riku knocks on the door and says she's coming in. Using his thief type skills, Daisuke gets himself and Risa into the closet before Riku sees them. Seeing no one, Riku decides to just leave the medicine. In the closet, Dark cheers Daisuke on saying, "Chance!" to which Daisuke highly disagrees. Thinking Riku gone, he pushes Risa out and of course they end up on the bed Risa bottom and Daisuke on top just in time for Riku (who forgot her swimsuit) to see. Both are about to explain the situation, but Riku runs out of the room. Daisuke catches up, but before he can say much, Riku lets lose. She's insecure that Daisuke likes her just because she looks like Risa. She tells him that they can talk later, but not now, and she leaves. To the retreating form, Daisuke says she's wrong. He transforms into Dark ("I don't understand them---women").

Risa sits outside wishing to meet with Dark.

Hiwatari waits at the lighthouse, quoting what Daisuke said about the poor statue when he was supposedly alone. As wings appear behind his back, he says, "Now then…the beginning of our secret meeting."

Stage Two, volume 2

The Wise Man of Sleep
will surely show
within the angel the sleeping, unawaken evil.
Dark…----it is you.

Flying towards the target, Dark talks with Daisuke as to why he still may be able to continue to transform (not sure about this one, though). Something along the lines that Daisuke is keeping Dark a secret from Riku. To stop Daisuke's pouting face, Dark reminds the boy that "I am you." But the discussion ends once they reach the lighthouse and Hiwatari.

Riku gets back to her hotel room and finds Fukuda and Risa there. Fukuda notices something wrong with the twins, but together they reply nothing is wrong. The two decide it's bedtime (it only nine o'clock!) to the confusion of poor Fukuda. Risa tries again to tell Riku that it was just a misunderstanding and there's nothing between Daisuke and her, but Riku seems to already have come to the realization that it was true. She's glad anyhow that she told Daisuke about her uneasiness.

Dark asks Hiwatari if he's there to stop him, but Hiwatari replies that he only wants him, giving Dark a serious case of the chills. Spreading his wings, Dark makes to take the bird and fly, but Hiwatari produces the mirror he has been carrying lately. He mentions the mirror has magical powers, and then asks Dark where the "Wise Man of Sleep" is. Daisuke feels his ear, but realizes it was Dark who wore it. Hiwatari says the "Wise Man of Sleep" is two pieces, with the mirror being the second piece. Holding it before him, Hiwatari calls to Dark to 'return.' Despite Dark's pleads to let go, Daisuke tries to save him, but Dark is separated from Daisuke and pulled into the mirror. Daisuke is smashed into the wall and Hiwatari's arm is hurt from the 'explosion' of the separation. Hiwatari kneels over Daisuke, asking forgiveness. In his unconscious state, Daisuke calls for Hiwatari, shocking Hiwatari. Suddenly a pain different from the impact of the magic overcomes Hiwatari ("the feeling of him devouring me'). A woman's image appears in his head, talking about the "Hikari" (maybe hunter? No, not light) curse. The sound of wings awakens Daisuke who expected Dark, but it's a person with white wings instead. The person helps Daisuke up and says they are of the same family (clan, race, whatever). Daisuke can only think that he recognizes him (give him a break. He has just smashed into a wall). With, agitated over the person touching Daisuke, attacks the guy, but is easily and roughly knocked aside. Daisuke is about to yell at the guy, but he puts Daisuke into a chokehold. This 'new person' is named Krad. Even though Daisuke doesn't remember their past, Krad will kill him anyway. Daisuke remembers back to his dream and tries to call for Dark.

From a distance, Risa thinks she sees wings, possibly Dark.

Extra Story

Daisuke is looking at the present he got for his mother when she comes bursting in wearing her old school uniform. While she's proud to show it still fits, Daisuke can't believe she's wearing it at her age. Furious that her son could say that, she has to prove herself with old photos and movies. Daisuke is impressed about how cute she was. (During, the father does try to be noticed, but fails) This leads into the story about her 'love life'. Every time a boy would ask her out, she'd ask if they could help her give birth to a boy. She scared away about 300 boys (Daisuke: "But it's obvious that they wouldn't just say 'un'!"). Then Daisuke comes to the realization that she did finally get someone: his father. Emiko goes on to that story. One year on St. White's Day she got a white ribbon with no indication from whom. The next year, she got various presents, but had yet to get the white ribbon. On the metro platform, guys come up to her forcing her to choose between them, but they just end up pushing her off the platform. A guy (Kosuke) jumps out of the crowd and saves her. He pulls out a handkerchief to wrap a cut on her leg, and accidentally pulls out a white ribbon with it. Daisuke asks if it was a happy ending after that. Emiko replies that it wasn't since Kosuke isn't a person who can say 'I like/love you.' But sitting together, he asked her way it was important that she have a son. At that moment, Emiko realized she found a person who understood her and whom she could tell, "I want to be the legendary master thief's mother."

Sitting by himself, Daisuke ponders over what his mother told him. Dark pipes in, telling Daisuke about the days when he was one with Daisuke's grandfather. Emiko, watching her father leave, wanted to know why she couldn't be 'Dark' as well. She could steal, too. Daisuke then remembers his gift for Emiko. Dark thinks how the title of "The legendary master thief's mother" suits Emiko. The phone rings, and it's Riku asking to see if Daisuke wanted to join them. Overhearing, Emiko reminds Daisuke about the job for that night…


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