Summary of DN Angel by Yukiru Sugisaki
Summary by Sumeragi, June 2001

Volume Five

Stage 2, volume 3

Riku wakes up to find Risa isn’t in her bed. Meanwhile, Risa is running down the beach in the direction in which she thought she saw Dark’s wings.

At the lighthouse, Krad/Hiwatari is strangling Daisuke. As Daisuke asks why, he tries to think of a way to help Dark who is currently trapped in a mirror. Krad replies to Daisuke that the reason is simple: he is an obstacle. Daisuke calls silently to Dark, and then a black liquid whips from the mirror to attack Krad. While Krad is distracted, Daisuke grabs the mirror, jumps from the lighthouse towards the sea, and calls for With. While producing white wings, Krad smiles mentioning the Niwa blood isn’t dead after all. In his head, Krad tells Hiwatari that if he wants to survive, leave him in control. Hiwatari is beginning to feel uneasy about the situation.

In the darkness, Riku manages to fall down some stairs, hurting her hands. She is looking for Risa, and she is starting to get frustrated. She thinks of Daisuke tells her that he’d follow her, and blushes. Then, for some reason, she says his name out loud as if confused.

Daisuke is still falling to the sea when Krad releases an electrical attack on the boy. His left arm is badly injured, but he still manages to look coldly back at Krad. Daisuke hits the water as Krad lets loose another attack. Hovering above the sea, Krad says Daisuke was merely human after all and shouldn’t resurface again. Underwater and sinking, Daisuke grips onto the mirror. He thinks to himself that he can’t save Dark by himself. A glow emits from the mirror and something comes towards Daisuke. Behind Krad, Daisuke comes out of the water with black wings. He asks to know how to get Dark out of the mirror, "Hiwatari-kun." Daisuke continues to try to bring Hiwatari out, but Krad merely praises the boy’s attempts and hits him with another attack. Daisuke falls back to the ocean and looses the mirror.

Running towards the sea, Riku sees Risa walking on the beach. Before Riku calls out Riku’s name, they both see a figure land on the beach with wings. The wings gone and holding his left arm, Daisuke gets up and starts to walk away. From behind, he is surprised to hear the voice of Riku, but she has mistaken him for Dark. As Riku watches, Risa hugs Daisuke. Riku knows it is Daisuke and not Dark (I wonder if she noticed the wings), but she can’t get her voice to come out to tell her sister. Meanwhile, Daisuke is worried about what Risa may have noticed.

From a distance, a woman (she’s older than she looks) points at the sea saying a cutie within the sea is in a major pinch. "What shall I do?" she asks herself with a grin.

Stage 2, volume 4

Risa continues to hug Daisuke, saying she saw him with wings so it must be Dark. Daisuke tries to figure out how to handle the situation. Meanwhile, Riku gives up and runs away, wondering why she always has such bad timing. So of course she misses seeing Daisuke knock Risa away and yell "Gomen" without ever turning around. Riku calls "Dark" as Daisuke runs away.

Alone, Daisuke thinks to himself that Risa will probably never connect him with Dark. Anyway, for now, he wants to save Dark who may have sacrificed himself for Daisuke to survive. A pain shoots up his arm from the wound. He wants to do something, but from pain and blood loss, his body gives out and Daisuke collapses to the ground. A dark figure walks up to the unconscious boy.

Daisuke wakes up in the morning to find himself in somebody’s hotel room and his wound has been dressed. He finds out from Saehara that he was in Hiwatari’s room. Running down the hall (and away from Saehara), Daisuke decides to call his parents about the matter. Going the phone at the same time, though, is Risa. He runs away yelling "Gomen." Risa notices the tone of voice and the bandages on Daisuke’s left arm. She’s about to make a connection with Dark, but another issue interrupts her thoughts: Riku is missing. Risa tells people to wait before notifying the teacher.

Riku is standing on a cliff by the sea, thinking about Daisuke. She yells out, "Baka! You playboy!"

Daisuke goes to the forest and finds a slightly wounded and very scared With. He also meets with Hiwatari. Sitting down, Daisuke thanks Hiwatari for carrying him to the hotel and helping him out. Hiwatari interrupting saying that if Daisuke finds Dark (aka the mirror) again, Daisuke should go back to the lighthouse for help. Daisuke full-heartedly thanks Hiwatari, telling him that he had no clue what to do by himself. Daisuke is about to run off when Hiwatari grabs Daisuke’s arm. "How… How can you say ‘thank you’ to the person who wounded you." Hiwatari’s grip starts to hurt Daisuke, but he continues not listening to Daisuke’s complaints. "How can you smile at the person that took a precious thing from you… Resist me. I can grab you easily. But, as for me, I can’t let myself think of something as ‘necessary’." While Hiwatari tells Daisuke he never wanted to hurt him, Daisuke thinks that this is the first time he has seen Hiwatari with face so full of pain. Getting a better hold of himself, Hiwatari says that they shouldn’t be near each other since Krad would ‘wake up’ again. He also says he must capture Dark, even if it would mean causing Daisuke pain (yeah, right). All the while, Daisuke thinks about the ‘distance’ Hiwatari presents to others is probably not of his own wish.

At the lighthouse, Daisuke talks out loud about it all being impossible. "What should I do…" A voice from above replies, "about what?" Daisuke begins to answer, and then realizes that he must actually be talking to someone. Looking up, a woman is sitting on the pedestal where the statue used to be. Apparently, she is the "Towa no Shirube" (Guide to Eternity) but wants/demands to be called "Towa-chan" despite being 98 years old compared to Daisuke’s 14 years. Daisuke thinks to himself that she is one weird lady, and she ‘hears’ the thoughts. She pulls out the mirror holding Dark and asks if he wants it. Daisuke tries to grab it and fails. Towa-chan does a ‘finders keepers’ routine. In ‘Towa-chan vision,’ a sparkly Daisuke tells her he needs the mirror back to save Dark. Towa-chan hands over the mirror before realizing what she was doing. Daisuke yells into the mirror, but he can’t get a response from Dark. He closes his eyes in despair, remembering how Dark saved him from Krad. He turns to Towa-chan, asking what he can do. Towa-chan mentions that it’s possible to go to Dark despite the weak light…and then Daisuke is already to jump into the mirror before Towa-chan explains everything. She holds the determined Daisuke back and tells him they’ll make a deal. First, once she (the statue) is stolen, she’ll go back to his place and be treated like a treasure. Second, once they are back, she’ll return to normal (I think…it may be that he’ll have to turn into Dark…not sure). Daisuke smiles and says that his mom will certainly treat her nicely. Towa-chan does a little ‘cute’ over Daisuke. With the deal in place, she agrees to be his guide.

At the hotel, Saehara is looking for Daisuke. From a couple of girls, he finds out that Riku and Risa are missing as well.

Riku is currently lost in the forest, so frightened that she can’t really move. In the dark, she calls out for Risa and the teacher. Silently she calls for Daisuke.

Stage 2, volume 5

With my wings stripped, I cannot fly like a bird
Dark isn’t here
Within my ‘heart’
There is the desire to want to get back those lost wings
The determination to search for Dark

Nishimura Yuuji tries to get the affections of one Sawamura Miyuki. Communication lines are crossed and Yuuji runs away broken hearted while Miyuki is still clueless. Running blind, Yuuji runs into Saehara. Saehara takes advantage of the situation and gets Yuuji to do his bidding (I think it’s to say on the list that Daisuke is there). Yuuji walks off. Hiwatari calls "blackmail" from behind Saehara, freaking out the boy. Saehara then asks if Hiwatari knows where Daisuke is. Hiwatari says he doesn’t. Saehara then mentions the twins are missing as well. He says he isn’t worried about Daisuke, but the girls could be in trouble. Hiwatari mentions the police, but Saehara doesn’t think it is that serious. Saehara runs off, trusting Hiwatari to keep silent. Hiwatari does almost call the police on his cell phone, but stops. Outloud, he says, "I can’t understand."

Risa has somehow managed to get herself suck on a piece of land that is slowly being swallowed up by high tide. Upset that no one has looked for her, she cries out for her mom and dad.

Riku is still by her tree, thinking about how hungry she is since the last meal she had was breakfast. Talking to herself out loud, she regrets saying such awful things to Daisuke. As she sits longer, the words of her teacher come to mind: "There are bears in the forest." Thinking she doesn’t want to die, Riku decides to try to find the hotel again. Then she remembers Daisuke telling her to stay in one place, since she’d be easier to find. He would certainly look for her. She sits back down despite her fear, trusting Daisuke’s words.

At the lighthouse, Towa-chan has helped Daisuke enter the world within the mirror. As they travel through a plane of mirrors, Towa-chan explains about the place, saying there isn’t as much in the world within the mirror as there used to. Daisuke thinks about beautiful objects being destroyed and asks Towa-chan why people think things are valueless. Meanwhile, he thinks about Dark being trapped by unbreakable chains. Towa-chan says it isn’t a case of ‘value’ but they judge them ‘dangerous’. They are things made by the hands of ‘Hikaru’. Before Towa-chan can further explain what ‘Hikaru’ is, Daisuke bumps into a mirror and sees a crying Riku. He wants to help her, but Towa-chan prevents him, reminding him of his mission. Daisuke tries to argue, but the image of Riku has disappeared from the mirror anyway. Daisuke gets the resolve again to find Dark…

An alarm clock rings, confusing Daisuke. He goes to turn it off. His hand is joined by another. Daisuke looks face to face with a dark haired boy, both utterly confused at the other person in their bed. Daisuke runs outside in a panic. Looking at the name in front of the house, he confirms it is his home, but who was that boy? A voice calls for Daisuke. It’s Towa-chan who is currently a little bird. Only at night can she resume her human form. She explains to Daisuke that they are still within the mirror and everything they see is not reality. It is all "Dark’s dream". A boy exits the house, and Daisuke watches as black feathers come from the boy as he runs to school. Daisuke chases him (Towa-chan left behind) and calls out ‘Dark!!’ The dark haired boy turns around to face Daisuke, but decides he is hearing things and runs off again. Daisuke knows it is Dark, but before he can continue the chase, Towa-chan stops him. Daisuke wants to go after Dark, but Towa-chan explains that the feathers that just flew off were Dark’s memories. It’d be useless to go after the boy since Dark lost his memories of anyone or anything, including Daisuke.

Stage 2, volume 6

Daisuke is up in a tree sulking. Towa-chan gives him the ‘there is still hope’ speech, but decides on physical violence when Daisuke doesn’t cheer up. Then, a voice calls for Daisuke. Before Daisuke does anything, Dark turns around to tell Saehara that he is late. Daisuke realizes that Saehara knows Dark as Daisuke. He thinks to himself that if Dark is ‘him’ in this world, then Daisuke probably doesn’t exist. When Saehara walks off, Daisuke jumps out of the tree to confront Dark. He tries to get Dark to remember him. Dark does remember him…as the boy who was in his bed that morning. As he threatens to call the police, Daisuke tries to explain the error. Dark drops Daisuke and then asks him why he keeps calling him ‘Dark’. He tells Daisuke to not mistaken him for the legendary thief. As he leaves, Dark threatens Daisuke that he’ll call the police the next time they meet. "Go back." Daisuke sits in anguish. Towa-chan comes up and tells him that if they get all the feathers back within 14 hours, it’s feasible that Dark’s memories will return. Daisuke gives Towa-chan a huge thanks. And they go off on their mission.

As Daisuke crawls underneath a windowsill, he recalls Towa-chan words: the feathers will be located wherever Dark’s "most precious" things are. Daisuke thinks to himself of the hunt so far. All the feathers have been with women (one of them was Daisuke’s mother at age 10). When the girl standing next to the window notices a feather falling, Daisuke jumps up to get his eighth feather. The girl is Menou. While trying to think of where the next feather may be, Daisuke gets a hunch.

At the school grounds (when did it become light again?), Daisuke hides in the bushes following Riku. He over hears her telling her friends that she is going home with Niwa-kun. Daisuke jumps at his name, and is happy when she seemingly waves to him and calls his name. It’s actually Dark behind him that she is signaling to. Dark picks up Daisuke, saying, "it’s you again." Daisuke smiles and asks if Dark remembers him. Dark gets mad at being called ‘Dark’, resulting in Daisuke getting upset. He walks off, getting the ninth feather from Riku.

Towa-chan ‘talks’ to Dark wondering if he has forgotten everything. He replies with a smile that the last feather is with his most important thing… "Me".

Sitting on a clock tower, Dark mentions that there’s only fifteen minutes left and they still have yet to find the last feather. Daisuke gets depressed, wondering about Dark’s happiness. Towa-chan yells at him for being too serious. She convinces him that they have to look for the feather with the fifteen minutes they have. Suddenly, a spotlight shines their way for a moment and a cry of "Dark" rings out. A black figure passes by, and Daisuke is sure it is Dark. Daisuke chases after Dark, thinking to himself that even if Dark doesn’t find him necessary, he wants Dark to at least remember him. Towa-chan calls from above that it must be Dark that has the last feather.

Stage 2, volume 4

Daisuke loses Dark in the chase, but Towa-chan is still impressed by how Daisuke could follow him. Daisuke explains that they had followed the streets together, so he knew where to go. He then gets the idea that Dark may follow a pattern Daisuke is used to, thus Daisuke can predict where Dark would end up. Daisuke runs off, leaving Towa-chan behind. When Daisuke leaves, Towa-chan suddenly doesn’t look so well. She tells Daisuke to hurry.

In an alley, Daisuke has a feeling something is wrong with Towa-chan, but then he spots Dark and she is forgotten. While chasing Dark, Daisuke runs into Hiwatari. Suddenly, something seems strange to Daisuke. Why would Dark create Hiwatari in this world? In his world. Then Daisuke remembers Dark’s words of "go back". Normally Dark would’ve said "disappear" and not "go back". Daisuke continues to think, why would he create Hiwatari and not me, while someone comes from behind. He decides that this is a world he doesn’t want believe in. He doesn’t want to think about being ‘himself’ alone. A voice from behind, the face of Daisuke being Dark, tells him that he has always had the final one. Pulling the feather from his pocket, Daisuke thinks that Dark is with him. As the world falls apart, Daisuke asks himself if all he saw was really a ‘dream’ within the mirror. In the darkness, Daisuke sees Towa-chan falling. He catches her, but she doesn’t look good. She says it doesn’t look like they’ll be able to leave the mirror world since her powers seem to have been exhausted. Daisuke cries and tells her to hold on, but she can’t. Daisuke cries into the void, saying that a girl is in trouble, and you are just sleeping… Come out, Dark!!

Stage 2, volume 8

The real Dark is---… within me.

Daisuke calls out for Dark several times when a heat enters his body and voice calls his name within his head. Dark tells Daisuke to call for him. Daisuke does. Dark returns: "The perfect revival!!" Daisuke is happy to be with Dark again, but Dark just gives him a ‘took you long enough’. Daisuke tells Dark about Towa-chan helping them and that they have to do something. She’d die otherwise. Dark does what he does best and kisses the lady (despite Daisuke’s protests). Towa-chan opens her eyes to the vision of Dark. She’s energetic again at seeing him. Dark asks if she knows him, and she replies that he is famous, an idol as it were, in her world. And then she turns into a bird since her powers are still low. Dark calls her amusing and places her on his head. He calls out for With, and everyone leaves the mirror world. The mirror is shattered.

Hiwatari watches from a distance, knowing Dark has returned. He says even if Dark had disappeared, his fate wouldn’t have changed. He mentions that humans cannot achieve infinity. From behind, Krad mocks Hiwatari saying that he finds the boy (Daisuke) important. Even more so. Krad tells Hiwatari that he should only give Krad everything.

While flying over the sea, Dark gives a ‘this is bad’ and tells Daisuke he’ll leave the rest to him. Thus, Daisuke ends up in the water with Towa-chan in bird form and furball With (neither can swim). Daisuke tries to make With turn into wings like before, but he fails and starts to swim. Along the way, he notices Risa barely holding onto a rock. Daisuke tells Risa to hold on. Barely conscious, Risa calls him Dark. Towa-chan and With are dry enough to fly themselves, thus they watch over Daisuke dragging Risa through the water towards land.

On the beach, Saehara et al are still looking for Daisuke and the twins. They have yet to tell an adult.

Daisuke gets Risa onto dry land. Hiwatari is there to meet him. Hiwatari tells Daisuke about Riku being missing, and Daisuke instantly remembers the image in the mirror. Daisuke runs off leaving Towa-chan and With behind. Hiwatari pulls Risa’s hair aside, and she wakes up. She asks if he saved her. He replies no. She asks if it was a person with black hair, then. Hiwatari again says no, "The hair was … r…". And Saehara interrupts seeing the two in a somewhat ‘love mode’ position. Saehara pushes Risa back towards the hotel after finding out that Daisuke ran off.

In human form, Towa-chan tells Hiwatari that she thinks she wants to go to Daisuke’s home. Hiwatari replies that it is fate "Hikaru’s" things end up in the "Niwa’s" hands.

Daisuke is running through the forest calling out for Riku. He is tired from the previous adventure (he did run after Dark for a long while), but he is determined to save Riku himself. Meanwhile, Riku has moved up into the tree’s branches. She hears Daisuke’s voice. Calling out for him, she slips on the branch and falls towards the ground. Daisuke becomes her landing pad. Riku worries over hurting him, but he puts a hand behind her head, relieved to have found her. Under the tree, they hug tightly.


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