Summary of DN Angel by Yukiru Sugisaki
Summary by Sumeragi, February 2003

Volume Seven

Second Hand of Time, Vol 3

There is only the soundless snow that continues to fall

This volume begins with a short recap of Dark (in Daisuke's form) calling out to his alternate half to not go.  At Hiwatari's appearance, Dark is forced to escape the room and fly off to safety.  When guards check in due to the noise, Hiwatari assures them that the "Second Hand of Time" is safe, Dark's attempt at stealing it being a failure.  Meanwhile he thinks angrily to himself that Dark should've been sealed away by his hand.

At the Niwa household, Emiko has a spaz attack that her precious Dai-chan was taken away.  Only Kosuke (with the pathetic aid of With and Tou-chan) manages to hold her back.  Dark interrupts, stating that the treasure had been dead.  It was the magical seal around it that made Dark worried about getting too close, but somehow that seal had fallen and the item had awaken.  When Kosuke asks about a possible response of the item, Dark remembers Daisuke's words: "This scenery... I recognize it."  Though he had only seen it for a moment, Dark realizes the place had looked like Daisuke's painting.  This leads to the annoying realization that Riku now has the painting.  He declares that he'll just ask for it back, or else steal it for awhile (this is the famous thief we're talking about).  While the scheming Dark marches off, Emiko laughs and tells Kosuke that it looks like even Dark is worried about Daisuke.  Meanwhile, Kosuke thinks distractedly about the Dark Queen card from that morning.

The following day, the class is given time to work on the play.  Dark (as Daisuke) attempts a couple of times to ask Riku if he could borrow the painting (the guy imagining a cheery Riku handing it over without trouble).  The first time he is interrupted by Saehara who is happy to announce Dark's failure at stealing the "Second Hand of Time".  Dark/Daisuke gets pissed off, declaring it not a failure but a feint.  Saehara accepts the boy's strange behavior as a result of the previous day's illness.  The second time, after hearing about Risa's illness keeping her at home, Dark/Daisuke suggests visiting the sick girl, but Riku has already run off leaving Saga (who is sick) in her place.  Saga goes into pervert mode and tries to thank Dark/Daisuke wholeheartedly for his kindness.

Practice for the "Snow and Ice" remake with "Dark" in replacement for "Eliot" begins with Saehara introducing himself as director of the play while Saga will be the producer.  Dark wonders why a school play would even need a producer, and then he gets annoyed that they're using his title without consent.  Saga reads the basics of the story, which is slightly different than what Daisuke said about "Snow and Ice".  Basically, Freedert is a sickly princess, and the thief Dark falls in love with her at first sight.  Worried about the girl's sickness, Dark decides to search for the "Second Hand of Time" that is said to have powers to extend life.  By the time he returns, however, it's too late since the princess had used her own life to keep Dark safe when he was in danger.  Using the "Second Hand of Time", Dark wishes to give his life in return for Freedert to live, but he additionally wishes for her memory to be stripped of his existence.  And so, she wakes alone with a single black feather in her hand.

While the girls are getting all emotional about the storyline, Hiwatari makes his grand entrance dressed as Dark.  The girls love the look, while Dark/Daisuke laughs at the horrid irony.  When Hiwatari walks by Dark/Daisuke, Dark makes the comment, "Looks good on you, Chief Hiwatari-dono".  Before Hiwatari can respond, a group of girls drag away Dark/Daisuke for his make-over.  The result is rather amusing.  Hiwatari coolly mentions the dress and wig suit him.  Dark/Daisuke points at the boy, saying that Hiwatari made a better woman.  He replies that he remembers no such thing.  The argument ends when Riku asks sadly if Daisuke is prettier than she is.  Saehara attempts to get everyone back under control, but instead everyone collapses at the sight of him in his village girl costume.  During a break, Dark/Daisuke and Hiwatari talk a little bit (girls in the background are surprised they get along so well), the discussion basically leading to, "I'll take you out of Niwa's body without fail."  Dark/Daisuke asks if that's an order from the monster within him.  When Dark/Daisuke leaves, Hiwatari thinks about the comment and wonders how Dark and Krad could be different.  Later, the twosome practice their 'love scene' which everyone agrees looks like natural enemies having at it.  Because Riku leaves early, Dark/Daisuke misses his chance to ask her if he could come over, thus he decides to just steal the painting.

At the Harada household, Risa's fever has gone down (about 99oF).  She's currently in Riku's room, the girls sleeping together that night.  Risa notices the painting in the room, and Riku mentions Daisuke painted it.  Falling asleep, Risa mumbles that he has some talent.  Looking at the painting, Riku notices a new figure in the painting, but decides not to dwell on it and instead leaves to get her sister some water.  Dark then appears and takes the painting in hand before noticing Risa asleep.  He leans over the girl, asking if he should steal her cold as well.  Riku steps in then and of course the "pervert" cry goes out (poor Dark...).  Trying to protect her sister, Riku throws various items at the thief.  Before he can make an escape, she notices the painting and tries to take it back, calling it a precious item of hers.  The painting somehow 'activates' with a white light, and despite Dark's orders to let go, Riku refuses.  Calling her stubborn, he holds her close as the painting takes them.

Within the snow covered world, Daisuke appears dazed as he wanders.  Looking up into the sky, he says to himself, "Someone is coming..."


Second Hand of Time, Vol 4

Staring up into the cloudy sky, Daisuke doesn't notice the approach of a cloaked girl.  He almost mentions to her how he senses someone coming, but changes his mind.  He asks her about the shadows being blue and the snow pure white, and then realizes that he should know that.  The girl holds onto him, telling Daisuke that he only needs to know her and forget everything else.

As they fall through the sky, Riku makes a ruckus, causing Dark to lose his concentration needed to fly.  He stops their renewed drop from the sky by grasping onto a tree branch, but Riku can only complain about being held by an awful person.  Due to her struggling, they fall all the way to the snow covered ground.  After assuring Riku is fine, Dark asks her to get off him (Dark is grateful at his luck, knowing he would've transformed into Daisuke at that point).  Noticing blood on snow, Riku realizes Dark hurt himself when grabbing the branch.  Ignoring his assurances that it's nothing, she takes off her cloth headband to wrap his hand.  Dark asks if she is worried about him, to which she replies no one would care about him.  After she asks where he took her, Dark replies that it's a realistic illusory world.  Grabbing a snowflake and noticing it isn't cold, Riku starts to believe this is a dream of hers, then corrects herself to say it's a nightmare since Dark is in her dream.

In the real world, the Niwa family is getting an update from Tou-chan.  She says that Dark has made it to the painting's world, but she can't sense Daisuke further than the possibility he is there.  She also mentions the tidbit that Riku is with Dark. (Niwa family: Eeeeeeh?!)

Noticing Dark's expression, Riku asks what is wrong.  He mentions the welcoming party has arrived, and at that point numerous soldier appear.

Hiwatari goes into a basement of sorts and enters a room that has a broken chain on the floor.  He says cryptically, "This is... the beginning of the awakening of the entire nightmare... "Black Wings"."  He stands before a huge door (?) that is sealed by chains, many looking cracked and broken.

Back in the snowy world, Dark and Riku are locked in the same cell, their hands and feet tied.  Riku is upset and extremely disappointed, demanding to know why Dark surrendered without a fight.  Dark calls her rude while easily undoing his bonds.  He states that this was the fastest way in, knowing he could do nothing with Riku in tow.  He steps aside, mentioning that it's time to get to work.  At her question of what job, Dark turns and wonders out loud, "If something were to happen, would you prefer calling for me or Daisuke."  He escapes through the window as a black smoke, leaving Riku in a huff that he didn't undo her bonds.

Dark finds where Daisuke is rather easily, the boy painting on a large canvas.  Dark is mildly surprised he didn't escape on his own, but decides that without him, Daisuke is only human, of course.  Dark tells him it's time to go.  The boy turns, revealing eyes gazed from lack of thought and a charm placed on his forehead.

At the Niwa home, Kosuke has a bad feeling about the situation.  Pulling out books about "Snow and Ice", the "Second Hand of Time" being from that story, he tries to look for some kind of hint about what's happening.  He comes to a conclusion that the story of "Snow and Ice" wasn't a tale told from generation to generation, but rather something that had truly happened and was buried in time.

Back in the snow world, Daisuke asks Dark, "Who are you?"


Second Hand of Time, Vol 5

Still examining the breaking chains, Hiwatari talks to himself about when the beast is released from its chains, people will certainly get hurt.  Therefore, it'll be best to kill the monster once born.  As wings are released from his body, he wonders why an undefeated beast was raised by his ancestors, and asks out loud what is evil.  Clutching his shirt, he wonders if a person's ego and heart was given in exchange for this.

Dark grabs Daisuke by the front of his shirt, asking the boy how he could forget his other half.  Clarity comes to Daisuke's eyes, surprised to see Dark before him.  Slowly he remembers the attempt to steal the "Second Hand of Time".  Dark explains that he is currently in the world of the item and pretends to be upset that he had to come looking for Daisuke. (Daisuke: "For my sake?" Dark: "For my sake.  I'm doing this to get my possession back.")  When Dark starts rambling about the failed theft that shouldn't be considered a failure, Daisuke thinks the guy is only doing this for his pride.  Dark then explains that they are within his painting, the bitch of the "Second Hand of Time" using Daisuke as a medium to synchronize with and break the seal.  Thus, they need to reform the seal in order to anything else.  Daisuke is about to run off to work on the seal, but Dark stops him.  "There's one problem..."

As they go to the forgotten cell, Daisuke yells at Dark for bringing along Riku, as well for being Dark in general (aka, don't be going after my girl while I'm not around!).  They reach the cell, Dark quickly disposing of the guard.  He turns around to find Daisuke already working on the lock, and Dark looks fairly impressed.  Riku is certainly surprised to see Daisuke, asking why both he and Dark would be in her dream.  After releasing her bonds, Daisuke grabs the unconscious soldier's spear and starts to scratch into the floor.  To Riku's surprise/embarrassment, he's sketching her room layout.  Because this world is his painting, he figures he can get them out this way, but he has to stay since he didn't come in through the painting.  With soldiers coming their way, Daisuke orders Dark to leave with Riku and asks him to find a way to get him out, to tell Kosuke to look through "Snow and Ice" and find what Freedert looking for.  When Dark asks about it, Daisuke says he agrees with Dark's previous comment that the story was "too nice".  As Dark gets ready to leave with Riku held on his shoulder, she asks Daisuke if this is all a dream.  He smiles and assures her that it's a dream and he'll see her tomorrow.  Riku sees through the lie and begs to stay, but Dark takes her to the portal.  Leaving, Dark mentions Hiwatari's previous message of "hold onto your control of time."  Disappearing, Dark promises to get Daisuke out of there.  Surrounded by guards, Daisuke is then approached by a girl who he identifies as Freedert of the "Second Hand of Time".

The next morning, Riku is awakened by Risa, the girl now feeling much better from her illness.  Riku is still drowsy in sleep when she runs a hand through her hair.  From that, she realizes that she should've had a headband on.


Second Hand of Time, Vol 6

In the world, there are pieces of art that have "hearts"
Within people's hands, including those who hope, there is "life"
It doesn't mean that "existence" within a beautiful location has everything in place
That is the way of this tale

Daisuke asks Freedert why she called for him.  She replies that he necessary.  As the scenery around them falls apart into flower petals, she apologies to him, but says that she needs "time" to continue waiting.  Daisuke can feel the sadness he has never known, something like snowfall within his heart.  While she begs for "time", Daisuke thinks how snow can hold both the meaning of purity or desertion.  The story everyone found romantic is instead a tale about her sacrificing her time and everything for the one she loved, but that doesn't mean she disappeared.  As Freedert reaches for him in the darkened world, Daisuke realizes he can no longer move and silently calls for Dark.

In the real world, Riku has been waiting for Daisuke (but of course he's Dark transformed) so they could go to school together and talk.  After thinking about her still missing headband, Riku mentions to Dark/Daisuke about the dream she had.  She doesn't remember much of it, but knows Daisuke saved her and Dark while being left behind.  Seeing 'Daisuke' though, she thinks it's nonsense, especially since Daisuke and Dark have nothing in common (in her opinion, that is).  Perhaps in an attempt to appease her worries, Dark/Daisuke mentions that it sounds like the dream Daisuke was rather strong.  Embarrassed, Riku says they'll be late for school and runs off ahead.  Watching her, Dark thinks about the night before when he almost removed her memories, but had stopped when looking at the bandage/headband on his hand.  He knows eventually he'll have to remove those memories, though.

It's play rehearsal time at school again, both Hiwatari and Dark/Daisuke having issues of taking it seriously.  When Dark/Daisuke deadpans a line, Hiwatari follows the instruction within the script to take his hand by putting the guy's hand into a painful grip.  Saehara and Saga aren't pleased whatsoever.  To correct Hiwatari, Saga repeats his last line ("you are a rather cute person"), and goes into pervert mode with poor Dark/Daisuke.  Saehara isn't worried about Hiwatari, and then points a finger at Dark/Daisuke for being a lousy actor.  Bruising the thief's pride, Dark/Daisuke grabs the wig and redoes the love scene with true skill.  Hiwatari and Dark/Daisuke finish the scene to the awe of the class.  Saga is his normal weird self, mentioning how Daisuke seems different somehow and then declaring he should attack him with a kiss.  Thankfully, his lackey quickly and efficiently stops him by knocking the producer unconscious.

With the end of school, Riku is running through the hallway towards the classroom, the girl late because she was working on the outfits.  She's surprised to find Daisuke sitting on a desk while looking at the window, the boy deep in thought.  Suddenly, he looks like Dark to Riku.  She ducks back into the hallway, not understanding why she would see such a thing.  Dark/Daisuke hears her and approaches the still befuddled girl.  He leans forward and places a hand at her forehead to "remove a thread in her hair" but is actually preparing to remove her memories.  Dark thinks of Daisuke's words to Krad, saying that he and Dark wish to "coexist".  "Why can't that one thing happen..."  Dark/Daisuke hugs Riku suddenly, begging her to not forget the real him, and that he doesn't want her to forget.  Surprised, Riku realizes that it isn't Daisuke's voice, but Dark's.  Then Dark hears Daisuke's cry for him, and the thief blots off, leaving a confused Riku behind.

At the Harada household, Risa hears something and checks Riku's room to see if she's home.  No one is there, however, and the painting is gone with only a couple black feathers left on the floor of the room.


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