Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou, by Masami Tsuda
Summary by Sumeragi

Volume 10

Story of Maho and Takashi

Maho is at her boyfriend's condo doing some homework. It turns out that Takashi is twelve years older than the 16 year old Maho. As he makes a lunch, Takashi mocks Maho for not understanding her homework, even though he has no clue about it either. After lunch, Maho retackles the problem and works it out. She looks at Takashi to notice he has fallen asleep on the couch. She grabs a blanket to cover the two of them and snuggles next to Takashi. Falling asleep herself, Maho dreams of the past.

<Their beginning: Maho's point of view>

Maho is in her third year of middle school. She is feared and respected by students and teachers alike. While she is usually around a group of girls, she doesn't feel a part of the clique, thus she distances herself. She enjoys walking alone down streets with trees and beautiful flowers. She walks down one path where a gardener gives her some flowers to take home. She continues walking and passes a nice condo complex. Here she sees Takashi for the first time, thinking of him as a "host," or a man who works in a club that caters to women. He also notices her, but Maho hides behind her bouquet and runs off.

The next day, Maho is with classmates when a couple of them get caught shoplifting. As the group runs out of the store, Maho steals back the lip gloss and tosses it to the surprised shopkeeper. Outside, Maho yells at the girls for even thinking about shoplifting and tells them to go away. From a nearby window, Takashi applauds at the scene and points out to Maho that her leg is bleeding. Inside the dentist office where Takashi works, he patches up her leg. Takashi recognizes Maho from the day before. This prompts Maho's memory and she accidentally calls him "the host," embarrassing him in front of the other people in the dentist office.

Takashi runs into Maho the following day, calling himself "the host" this time. She gives him a box of sugar candies, thanking him for the previous day. Following that day, they continue to meet on that path and talk. When summer comes around, Maho asks to see his condo. Inside, she is amazed how beautiful the place is for a single guy living there. Over a cold drink, Maho asks Takashi if it's okay for her to love him. Takashi freaks out and yells, "You can't."

<Their beginning: Takashi's point of view>

Maho continues to pester Takashi, trying to convince him that age doesn't matter, but Takashi won't let anything happen between them. One day when he watches her walking by with friends, he notices the look on her face. It's a look he understands very well. But he still believes nothing good can come from a relationship between them. The next time he sees Maho, he has developed quite the headache. Maho asks if it's her fault. He tells her how there can't be anything between them, so she should stop trying. She replies that she doesn't want to be protected since it's her heart and she can decide what to do with it. With tears in her eyes, she runs off.

Time goes by, and Takashi's headache hasn't gone away. He thinks about the past when he broke up with a girl in high school. He tried to reason it out, but a friend told him that he's just being cold. Takashi replied that his head hurt. Takashi realizes now that he was just afraid of hurting his weak soul. Takashi continues life in a bit of a daze until he has a dream. Within the dream, it was Maho asking him out during high school. His reply: "Of course."

It's winter and Takashi runs into Maho. She tells him about entering into high school since the last time they spoke. She goes on to say that she knows his headache was from him worrying about her and that he was being nice. And so, to help him out, she's decided to become a brain surgeon. Takashi can only laugh in response.

Since then, the battle against Miyazawa took place, and now Miyazawa is "very loved". Maho is a flower that has just begun to bloom in front of him.

<Back to now>

Takashi wakes up to find Maho asleep on his lap. He gently kisses her...then yells out about their dinner reservations. The two rush out of the condo, blaming each other for oversleeping.


The Kyoto Trip

It's December and Asaba has dyed his hair orange. After tests, it'll be winter break and the school trip. Yukino is excited to be going on the Kyoto trip with Arima, even though everyone else will be there as well. Yukino and Arima go out to shop for the trip. They run into Maho and Takashi. Arima is impressed by the older man, and Takashi can't help but to find Arima cute. Then everyone else shows up by chance, making Takashi feel very out of place.

At school, everyone has to get into groups of three to seven people. Immediately the "girls team" and "boys team" form. Yukino asks Arima if they should all meet some place before heading to the train station. Arima refuses saying that the others wouldn't show up on time and that would just make them late (poor Tonami and Maho got grouped into the "others" category when they don't belong there).

Day of departure has come, and Arima's prediction is correct. Yukino stresses out, but Arima smiles and says they should just leave since there's nothing else they can do. The math teacher has agreed to wait behind for the late students as everyone else boards. From the distance, the five late people come running in, just barely getting onto the train while dragging the teacher on board. {Why they yell with the teacher about fighting gets you sent home (or maybe expelled...don't know), I have yet to figure out.}

On the train to Kyoto, Asaba and Tonami give Arima the lunches they made for him. He promptly tosses the lunches to the girls. Despite the two guys pleading for the lunches back, the girls simply thank them for the great food. Later Arima attempts to sit with Yukino, but fails. Sakura sits with Tonami for a while, giving him a bag of snacks to eat saying she over packed.

Arriving in Kyoto, they immediately start sight seeing. A group of girls from another school drool over the trio {trio = Arima, Tonami, and Asaba}. Arima calls over to Tsubasa (last name, Shibahime), but the girls only hear the "hime" (princess) part. They then believe the beautiful girl to be a princess and the trio are her knights. Arima later notices some high school aged boys from the Kyoto area, probably, hitting on girls in school uniforms. He gets a bad feeling. When the trio goes off to get ice cream for the ladies, some of the boys were going to flirt with the girls, but get put off when the trio returns. They yell at the group, calling them bitches. The manly people of the group go into military fighting mode. Yukino, trying to stop the fight, ends up getting pushed by one of the boys. Arima sees this and punches the guy without a thought or warning, leaving everyone else in shock. The imfamous math teacher (what is his name? Kawashima?) sees this fight and runs over. While he was about to say something (remember the warning about not fighting), he looks at Arima's face and decides it'd be best if he saw nothing. After some more sightseeing and food, everyone ends up at the hotel. Yukino thanks Arima for that afternoon, making Arima smile.

The next morning, Arima wakes up trapped in between Asaba and Tonami. Yukino makes it her job to wake up everyone in her room (Tsubasa is so cute in the closet, as Yukino says, like a hamster). At breakfast, Sakura trys to get Tonami to eat more.

And so they are off looking around Kyoto again. Eventually they reach some park type area. As they walk through, Maho notices that Tsubasa isn't around. She goes looking for the girl, but when she finds her, they end up separated and lost from the group. Asaba and Sakura chase after cute girls and suddenly don't know where they are. Aya and Rika almost get swept apart by a crowd, but Tonami saves them. However Arima and Yukino have walked off ahead. The two finally look back to see themselves alone. Yukino isn't too worried since she has the cell phone that other people can contact her with.

So everyone has their little adventures after they call into Yukino and agree to meet at another place later in the day. Yukino and Arima basically enjoy a date with food and talk. Rika, Aya and Tonami talk about the past, embarrassing Tonami more often than not. Asaba and Sakura gain a groupie of lovely ladies. Tsubasa and Maho run into Kazuma who also is in Kyoto on a school trip.

In the Maho group, Tsubasa decides she wants to go riding on a boat. To get money, she puts a can in front of Kazuma and tells him to sing. He does. Maho is very impressed by his singing. They end up with a can full of money.

For the Tonami group, he helps the shorter Rika and Aya to see over crowds. The two girls are still amazed how different he is from before. Of course they get fun reactions out of him.

Holding hands, Arima and Yukino walk through a park. Yukino decides to ask Arima why he has never called her by her given name. Arima gets bright red (poor guy almost has a heart attack with all that pounding) and finally spits out "Yukino-san". She replies "Souichirou-san" (see pic below). They go back and forth like this a couple times until Sakura rudely interrupts by kicking through the joined hands. She runs off into the distance with Asaba on her heels.

Arima and Yukino wait at the appointed meeting place. She lets out a good sneeze, making Arima a little bit worried. Everyone shows up, giving a brief description of what they did (Asaba has way too many photo stickers in his hand). Then it's time to go back to the hotel.

The following day, everyone is ready for more sightseeing. Later in the day, Arima notices Yukino a bit out of breath and pulls her aside to feels her head. He yells "Idiot" at her, severely shocking the girl. He tells the others that she has a high fever and he'll take her back to the hotel. Nobody else suspected her to be sick. In the taxi, Yukino leans against Arima, laughing at the fact she couldn't fool Arima.

Arima later joins the group again saying that the teacher was taking care of Yukino. They continue to roam around the city. Asaba gets Arima alone for a moment to tell him that both his and Yukino's poker faces are very good. He knows Arima is worried about Yukino.

At the hotel, Yukino wakes up to see Arima watching over her. She immediately goes into needy sick person mode, and Arima serves her perfectly. Yukino regains her health, enabling her to enjoy the last few days of the trip.

Act Zero: The Entrance Exam

Yukino is leaving for the high school entrance exam, planning on getting the top score. Kano is happy that Yukino is finally going to be in a different school. Tsukino is a bit depressed that they'll never go to the same school with Yukino again (she doesn't think she can get into such a difficult school).

As Arima leaves for the exam, his parents wish him the best.

Yukino, getting ready for the test, thinks about how important it is to be number one.

Arima has met with Sakura, Rika, and Aya before heading to the test. They are all waiting for Tsubasa to show. He tells the others to go ahead as he goes to find Tsubasa. He literally runs into her. She overslept from studying too hard the night before. He smiles at her and grabs her to run to the test, eventually carrying her along the way. Arima makes it into the room just after the go ahead was given to start the test.

With the first part done, it's break time. Yukino is upset about this first section since her rhythm was thrown off by that boy's (Arima's) rude entrance. In the bathroom, Yukino loans Maho her brush. Asaba, over hearing some girls, finds out about a person cuter than himself. He finally sees Arima and hatches a plan to use the fellow bishounen.

After the second part of the exam, Yukino has her lunch. Taking a quick nap, she dreams of her friends to come and about a faceless boy to her side. At the same time, Arima also fell asleep but forgets his dream after being rudely awakened.

The test is finished. Yukino walks down the hallway passing Asaba and Maho without noticing them. She also passes Arima. He glances back at the girl but then continues to talk with the others.

At home, Yukino relaxes in her sweats and talks with her sisters about the test. "I still didn't understand."

At dinner with his parents, Arima simply tells them that he did his best on the exam.


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