Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou, by Masami Tsuda
Summary by Sumeragi, February 2002

Volume 12


For three days Kazuma has been with Atsuya and the guys in their apartment, afraid to face his feelings for Tsubasa. He has started working in the same place as Joker. Standing on a bridge, he thinks how summer is over. He calls his mother while she is working at the hospital to tell her he has decided to move out and take a break from school. Ever the supportive mother, she tells him she knows he is having issues (Kazuma: "What? You also know I like Tsubasa?"), so she tells him he can do whatever he needs.

Over dinner, she tells Tsubasa how Kazuma isn't coming home, giving the reason that he has "things to think through". Tsubasa assumes he is focusing on his music again and stomps upstairs to her room. Talking to Toshiharu, Ikeda says how Tsubasa seems like a child who refuses to grow up. She thought that Kazuma would be good for her since he has a way of healing people's hearts.

In her room, Tsubasa is furious that Kazuma has supposedly chosen his music over her. She throws a CD and then thinks of Kazuma, wondering if he has forgotten her. She thinks herself a hopeless girl since her father, Arima, and now Kazuma don't choose her and instead find something else. Briefly, she thinks about finding someone else, but she decides she wants Kazuma.

At the apartment, Kazuma can't sleep. He goes into the outer room and puts his head on Ushio's lap. The pain in his chest is too much.

Next morning, he goes to work, thinking about how he must have hurt Tsubasa. But he is afraid of the greater hurt if he admits to this non-sibling love. He doesn't want to do that to Tsubasa. She would probably find someone else someday, and leave him anyway. He wishes they could go back to being siblings. While walking to an appointment at the recording studio, he is overwhelmed with "music" and he begins to cry heavily. He is still crying when we gets to the studio, at first worrying his friends. He simply asks for them to hear his song, and singing, he thinks "That day, in my mind, my life moved forward".

<Yin ˇYang>

Kazuma: "Within me are two different kinds of love. The love towards "music" and the love towards Tsubasa. If I had to chose one, my heart would probably die."

Someday in September, Yin ˇYang has a concert. As they got through their set, an audience member mentioning how Kazuma seems somehow broken. For their last song, Kazuma sings their new one, "Sleeping Beauty". The song overwhelms the audience, and the band immediately gets demands for a demo tape of the song to be put on the radio. When the CD releases, shops can barely keep the disc in stock. Yin ˇYang has made their big break through. In October, Kazuma decides to quit school completely. November is the release of the "Maxi" single. In December, Yin ˇYang's music is used in commercials. By now, there isn't a day when Yin ˇYang isn't played on the radio, TV, or in music stores.

Tsubasa is at the point of not wanting to listen to that music, throwing headsets into the radio and telling her father to turn off the television. In her room, she cries, afraid that Kazuma is far away.

Downstairs, the parents talk about how Tsubasa hasn't been eating and has been taking time off from school. To Toshiharu's question of "what should we do," Ikeda says that only a person who wants to be healed can be talked to. Anything they say now could drive her further away. Anyway, no one could substitute for Kazuma.

The next morning, Tsubasa is unusually cheerful as she heads to school. Ikeda is worried, making she sure feels okay and if she'd want breakfast. Tsubasa assures her she is fine and that she isn't hungry.

At school, Tsubasa seems happy enough. Miyazawa is talking to her when a Yin ˇYang song can be heard in the room. Miyazawa asks Tsubasa about it, but the girl only smiles and says she doesn't hear any music.


Some time later, at school, Maho pops into the room talking about Yin ˇYang. Miyazawa shushes her saying that a person shouldn't talk about that band in front of Tsubasa. She asks Arima for Tsubasa's phone number, and she calls to inform Ikeda about Tsubasa's behavior.

That night, Ikeda goes into Tsubasa's room, asking if she would like some dinner. Tsubasa of course refuses. Ikeda notes how thin Tsubasa has gotten. She asks the girl if she would like to go out of the country over her winter break. Tsubasa questions if it'd just be the three of them, to which the answer is yes. Tsubasa thinks a moment, and agrees to go with a smile. Ikeda sees through that though. Meanwhile, the Yin ˇYang CD continues to be a hit.

While walking on the street, Tsubasa doesn't hear the sound of music playing. Suddenly, she is caught in a crowd when a large outside screen shows Yin ˇYang for the next live concert. Tsubasa is overwhelmed at seeing Kazuma (lack of food probably hasn't helped either), and falls to the ground.

After hours at the hospital (one privilege to being a nurse's son), Kazuma visits Tsubasa. He sits beside her bed and kisses her hand. Some time later (he took his jacket off at some point), she wakes up, surprised to see the boy. She cries and hugs him, telling him how lonely she was with him gone. She wants him to come back home. She's at the point where she doesn't care if his music comes first, as long as he is there. He hugs her back, apologizing for causing her this much pain. He tells her that he doesn't hate her, and he likes her the best. He loves her. It takes a moment for Tsubasa to absorb that sentence. He smiles and says this is why he can't go back home. Tsubasa says she could go out with him, then they could always be together. With a sad, knowing smile, Kazuma says, "Then, shall we kiss?" As he leans in, Tsubasa suddenly pulls back, yelling "no." He pats her on the head, explaining to Tsubasa that she can't see him as a "man," and that's why he didn't tell her earlier. "Sorry, for falling in love with you." He tells her that he and his songs belong to her. Crying, he says that how many years it may take, he'll wait if she could return that love, if she could think of him as important in that way.

The next morning, Ikeda comes into Tsubasa's room hoping the girl will eat breakfast. In her thoughts, Tsubasa is afraid of Kazuma being a "man" and afraid of "love." Thinking of Kazuma crying, though, she eats her breakfast and promises to cheer up since Kazuma is sad. "Because I am Kazuma's most important thing."

<You Light Up My Life>

Tsubasa: "I have always been waiting in the darkness for somebody to come after me."

It is now January, and walking from school, Miyazawa and Tsubasa see that Yin ˇYang have come out with their forth album. However, Tsubasa still cannot hear the music.

To herself, Tsubasa thinks there is a "room" inside of her, probably within her heart. She made that room available to her father and Arima, but they chose other people. And so, she thought she'd always be asleep in that room, suffering. And then Kazuma appeared. He had a "room" that was infinity wide. She enjoyed it, until "siblings" became "love". Too afraid to believe in love, she closed the door to her own "room" to him.

February, the parents are watching Kazuma on the television when Tsubasa appears in the room. They try to hurry and turn the TV off, but she instead yells that he never calls and it's fine by her if he doesn't come back because of his music. She then stomps to her room. Later, she goes to Kazuma's room and lies down on his bed, enjoying the smell of Kazuma.

March, at school, Tsubasa is listening to her CD player with a Yin ˇYang album playing, but she still can't hear the music. See asks Miyazawa what Kazuma's song is like. Miyazawa says it's full of his emotions, like he has the purest spirit. It reaches a person heart, telling it the feelings within a tear.

At home, Tsubasa gets a package with tickets to a live concert of Yin ˇYang and the latest CD, "Tsubasa" or "Wings". She plays the music, and for the first time, she can hear it. Previously, she closed her heart to Kazuma. But now, she knows he is there for her. The fifth track begins, a remake of the "You light up my life" song (all the text there is her translating the English into Japanese). And so, she opens the door to Kazuma and final allows herself to "bloom" aka grow up. Tsubasa: "Your loneliness, sadness, love…I final understand it. All of the pain and suffering, I'm no longer afraid. Since Kazuma-chan has come to hold me.

At school, the gang is happy about their Yin ˇYang ticket they bought. Tsubasa mentions her better seat. They are more surprised about Tsubasa herself, though. Eyes are wide open even after Tsubasa leaves.

May 3rd, before the concert, Kazuma is depressed, wondering if Tsubasa will actually come to the concert. Probably to snap the guy out of it, Atsuya yells at he to shut up since they named the album after Kazuma's love and did the song because he asked. At the concert, Kazuma's and Tsubasa's eyes meet, and Kazuma seems relieved. Kazuma: "Did you know? To me, you were the one in 'You Light Up My Life'."

Kazuma returns home. In his room, Tsubasa thanks him for coming to love her and say's she is happy. Kazuma, full blush, asks one more question of Tsubasa. "WILL YOU MARRY ME" (in a single breath). The parents downstairs gag on their coffee. Tsubasa replies that it's fine with her, along with a side note of if stepsiblings can marry. And so, that's their tale. Yin ˇYang also continues its fame and becomes a worldwide known group, "but that's another story."

<Rika-chan's Life>

This is the life of Sena Rika, second year high school student. Her home seems to be a part of the family restaurant, which she helps out with cooking and sewing varies things (like coasters). She has two younger siblings, Toki her three year old brother and Maki he two year old sister. In this scene, they are attempting at making a cake, but only make a mess. Unfortunately for Rika, her sibs at too cute to be upset at for long.

At school, Rika thinks about the "famous" friends she has gotten at high school. She thinks of Miyazawa as a person with a smart brain, has it together, and very easy to get along with. She was surprised that Miyazawa didn't really have friends in middle school. She knew Arima in middle school, and while he was smart and a good person, he didn't talk much and was rather cold. She's happy that Miyazawa has opened him up. "Guess love does change people after all." Asaba seems the playboy, but seeing him in their art class, Rika sees a hint of a hidden side of Asaba. She loves his works and "He has the ambiguous smile that says, 'There is much more within this person's heart that isn't open'." Then there are her other underclass female friends Maho and Sakura. As for underclass male friend, there's Tonami, who at this point is dating Sakura.

A foursome gets together for a study group. Sakura hugs Tonami, laughing at how he blushes every time she does that. At Tonami's place, his mother looks at the three girls (Sakura, Rika, and Aya) and asks Rika if she is the one going out with Tonami. He tries to correct his mother's mistake before Sakura runs for it. The parents are shocked.

As for Miho, Rika loves how beautiful and mature the girl seems. The way she drools over her, Maho must get uncomfortable at times. Tsubasa has become quite the idol at school with her beautiful father, a brand name designer, and the rock star Kazuma brother (guess she doesn't know yet about the above story). Rika is a big fan of Tsubasa's father since she wants to do clothing as well. Lastly is Aya, Rika's best friend and well-known student author. Rika is slightly depressed at not being able to see her friend lately. And so, with such friends, she hasn't tried for major roles in the school, but she seems happy nonetheless.

After school, Rika goes to visit Aya at her home. Kyou, Aya's elder brother, answers the door. Rika has a full body blush as Kyou offers to make tea while she waits for Aya. Long ago, Kyou had taken care of both girls, and Rika saw him as a brother for long time. Over tea, Kyou is amazed at how Rika and Aya are still good friends, especially with how cold Aya tends to be. Rika assures him that she couldn't imagine being without Aya. She envies the way Aya goes outside of the rules given her, something Rika feels she couldn't do, at least not by herself. During middle school, she was worried when Aya made friends with Sakura, that Aya would find her too boring. Kyou laughs at this. She then compares her friendship with Aya as something like a married couple, which Aya comes into the room denying. Kyou says it'd be trouble for him if they were married, accidentally causing himself and Rika to blush…to Aya's annoyance. They then talk about the time when, as little girls, Aya and Rika thought something serious was happening to Kyou (I don't get it, sorry), and follow him to take pictures for evidence. When a boy punches Kyou in the schoolyard, Rika takes a bat in hand and attacks the boy (got to love the blood splatters on her forehead). Rika is embarrassed about the story, but Kyou says she really helped him out. Aya "remembers" a task she has to do and leaves Rika and Kyou alone. They watch a movie, and Rika wonders to herself if they'll ever become boyfriend/girlfriend.

Kyou is walking Rika home, and he pulls her aside slightly because of an oncoming car. He suddenly realizes he is practically holding her hand, and he apologizes as he almost lets go. Rika yells out him not to release the hand, so he ends up holding both of her hands in panic. After a tense moment, they continue walking again while holding hands.

<Extra: Ushio-kun and Atsuya-kun>

Just a cute little "summary" of how Atsuya did basically whatever Ushio did. Aka, "Ushio, you're joining the soccer club? I'll join, too!" Got to love the "suicide scene" when Atsuya finds out they'll be in different schools, until Ushio suggests Atsuya raise his rank and Ushio will lower his so they meet at third ranking. Atsuya gets jealous with the new girlfriend. And while Ushio was planning on living alone, he rooms with Atsuya.


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