Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou, by Masami Tsuda
Summary by Sumeragi

Volume 9

It's the day after the taifun.  After a brief meeting with Sakura, Tonami decides that he's no longer going to chase after her like he always has.  He believes that isn't the way towards happiness.  While thinking to himself, Tonami is asked by Yukino if he wants to join her, Arima, and Asaba for lunch.  After a moment of surprise, he agrees.  Sitting outside, Yukino is acting like her normal self and harassing Asaba.  Tonami can't understand why Arima would like such a strange, annoying girl.  The subject moves to Yukino telling Asaba how Arima spent the night at her place.  Of course, Asaba and Tonami can't believe this at first, but when Arima starts blushing at a few memories, the two guys assume the worse.  Arima is a little slow to respond to their comments of, sorry for barging into your "private" life.  As Yukino and Asaba continue to harass Arima, Tonami can't help himself from laughing.  At that moment he realizes why Arima cares so much for Yukino.  While everyone else sees the perfect and special Arima, Yukino treats him like an ordinary person and is probably the only one to know the real Arima.

<10:05> The day of the culture festival has arrived.  As the Miyazawa family is walking along, they see Asaba.  Hiroyuki (the father) fails at trying to keep his precious daughters (Kano amd Tsukino) away from the playboy.  Hiroyuki can't believe people think Asaba is a good guy.  Meanwhile, Kasuma (Tsubasa's step-brother) and his band, In Yan, take over the stage from a group of students (to Kazuma's distress).  After a short concert and being scolded by a teacher, Kazuma is greeted by Tsubasa with a big hug that is misinterpreted by a large fraction of some girls standing nearby.  Yukino meets up with her family, and then they all visit Arima at his booth to have some surprisingly good food.

<10:30> Kano and Tsukino are wandering around alone when a couple of high school guys ask the girls if they want to go with them.  Arima comes to their rescue, declaring that he is their older brother.  Asaba and Tonami, seeing Arima in trouble come over to the scene (I didn't realize how much taller those two were compared to Arima).  Kazuma with Tsubasa also come over to lend a hand while the rest to the band come up from behind the two high school guys.  Needless to say, the guys were scared out of their wits.  Asaba, Tonami, and Kazuma say how lucky it was they were there to help out Arima (there's a little arrow reminding us that he is an international champion).

<10:40>  Arima, Asaba, Kazuma, and Tonami are sitting around.  Arima asks Kazuma if he's there to see the girls' play.  Asaba and Tonami get highly jealous.  Kazuma shyly mentions how he's happy to meet Arima.  Arima agrees and hopes they can be friends.  Arima then forces Asaba and Tonami to introduce themselves to Kazuma despite their obvious distress.

<11:00> Yukino meets with the girls and finds out that Maho is missing.  Aya's brother, Kyou, also shows up to wish the girls good luck.  It appears Risa has a thing for Kyou.

<11:15> Yukino's search for Maho ends in the girls bathroom where Maho seems to have cold feet.  Yukino drags her out of the bathroom trying to comfort her.  In the hall, a man greets the two girls.  Maho screams at the site of him, asking him why he showed up when she told him not to.  After a short fight with Maho yelling and her boyfriend sweetly explaining why he just had to see the play, Maho gives in.  Maho and Yukino leave to get dressed.

<11:45> Asaba, dressed in a gypsy outfit, wishes them good luck and says how depressed he is that he can't see the play.  Arima, Kazuma, and the Miyazawa family also wave hello as the girls leave for the stage.

<11:55> The play is about to begin with everyone (except perhaps Tsubasa) stressed.

[Note from Sumeragi: I'm really unsure about my take on the play as there are probably several subtle things that I'm not catching.  If you have a better understanding of this play, let me know!  Sankyu.]

<The play: First Act>
Yukino: Crawford // Maho: Neomodel; male characters // Tsubasa: Antique; Rosemary; May

It's the year 2XXX, a time when androids have been massed produced to help humans.  After an eighty year sleep, Ren is awaken for a reason unknown to him.  His first task is to restart Antique, an adorable girl android.  Unfortunately, she decides to make him breakfast.  While he eats the horrid meal, Ren tries to figure out who could have waken him from his deep sleep.  His home is off planet and requires a password, so the event was rather unusual.  Suddenly, a new person walks on stage, introducing herself as Neomodel, an android who is several upgrades from Antique's time.  It was her that found Ren's location and cracked the password to awaken him.  Ren is impressed by her craftsmanship, but wonders why she would come alone.  Neomodel replies that she "didn't want to be left behind" and that she is searching for an answer.  Ren allows her stay with him and Antique.

Neomodel asks Ren why he lives away from the Earth, all alone.  Ren evades the question and reminds Neomodel that Antique is there with him.  She asks him if Antique is really that special.  He replies that Antique is like a child to him.  Neomodel is very effected by this saying that despite her top programming, she feels a pain.  Like there's "something" more than love she can't grasp.  Antique gets sick, but Neomodel is able to fix her.  Ren thanks her full heartedly, then notices Neomodel blushing at the complement.

Ren and Neomodel give monologues that sum up to be: I thought being a genius/top of the line meant happiness, but if so, what is this pain?

Going to a flashback, we learn that Ren was a poor person who was mocked by everyone for that fact.  That is everyone except Rosemary, a person Ren fell in love with.  While he believed her promise to stay with him always, Ren later sees her with another man.

After this short glimpse into his past, Ren tells Neomodel she should return to the Earth and leave him.  When she refuses, Ren yells at her to leave him alone and go back.  Suddenly, the power goes out (I think due to Neomodel freaking out).  Ren apologizes to Neomodel.  She then asks him what about his past made him this way.  Ren laughs and says if she knew the real him, she would hate him.  He then mentions how you can't run from your past.  And asks if you don't love yourself, how can others love you.  Ren laughs (in the audience, Arima is very bothered by this).  He then decides to tell Neomodel about his past.

<Intermission>  Arima leaves to get some fresh air and to be alone.  Yukino thinks to herself how much she felt like a different person just then.  Tsukino gets to meet Aya.  Tsubasa hangs out with Kazuma.  Maho is petted and congratulated by her boyfriend.  Yukino searches for Arima with no success.  Tonami runs into Sakura, but says nothing to her.  He feels overwhelmed by meaningless affection (mainly from his parents and grandparents) and wonders if Sakura's love for him is false as well.  The girls of the play get more congratulations.  Just before the second act, Yukino notices that Arima isn't in his seat from the first act.

<The play: Second Act>
Yukino: Crawford // Maho: Neomodel; male characters // Tsubasa: Antique; Rosemary; May

The story of Ren Crawford begins with Rosemary dumping him.  She got bored of his poor life.  When he asks her about her promise to be with him always, she laughs saying, "you believed that?".

Time passes by until the day when Ren is visited by an ill Rosemary.  Having no where else to go, she decides to leave her child with Ren and then dies in front of Ren.  He names the child May and raises her as his own daughter.

It's the tenth anniversary of the day May was given to Ren.  He asks her if she's happy living with him.  She says yes.  As time goes by, Ren becomes very possessive of his "daughter" to the point of loving her as a woman.  But May, seeing Ren as her father, doesn't respond to his emotions as he would wish.  He gets angry when she speaks about school, if as anywhere is more interesting than home.  Then one day, Ren sees May with a man.  He attacks the man with an ax saying he wouldn't allow anyone to steal May from him...but May blocks the blow, becoming mortally wounded.  On her deathbed, May wishes Ren could believe how much she loves him.  With May gone, Ren attempts suicide by jumping off a bridge.

But Ren survives.  Wishing he himself could never be bothered by human emotions, he creates the first android, Antique.  While first praised for his genius, Ren is then massacred by the media who finds out the similarity between the android and Rosemary.  This is the real point when Ren gives up on human society and decides to leave Earth to be alone with Antique.  Thus Ren's story ends.

Neomodel consoles Ren, saying basically that he is never alone, and while we may reach for happiness, pain won't end.  Neomodel says she is grateful to be "born" for his sake.  Ren imagines May saying, thank goodness.  He thanks Neomodel and tells her that he won't lose to his fate.  He then says it's time for them to return to Earth.  <End of the play>

After a tense moment, the audience applauds loudly.  Yukino truly loves the feeling.  They later meet up with Asaba who looks near death from his dinner show.  Tonami runs into Sakura.  Before he could get away, Sakura gets him to stay with her.  Sakura mentions how after high school, she wants to travel the world.  She asks Tonami if he would like to join her.  He quickly says he can't go with her to Sakura's disappointment.  Tonami becomes filled with an awful feeling.  He suddenly grabs her shirt and kisses her.  They fall to the floor.  Looking down on her and crying, Tonami tells her to look at him, the "Takefumi" she knew.  Sakura gently touches his face, recognizing him but seeing the pain he is in.  Him seems tired to her, and wishes to help him.  Tonami, imagining traveling with her, thinks that she could help him to fly.  He loves her, and that brings him true happiness.

The festival winners are announced: third - Kendou club, second - the play, and first - In Yan (...even though they don't go to that school).

The next morning, Arima and Yukino meet on the way to school.  Yukino finds out that Arima was able to see the second half of the play even though she didn't notice him.  The play has helped Yukino to decided that she's no longer going to aim for being top student.  Arima suddenly realizes that the world where only the two of them existed was gone, and now she has many other people to rely on.  As Yukino walks away, she misses the quiet S.O.S. coming from Arima.  Slowly the dark Arima appears.


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