Volume 19


As he fights Kaoru, Kamui continues to confess his love for the young boy. Kaoru manages to disarm Kamui of his sword. Kamui then rushes up to give Kaoru a big hug of congratulations. Kaoru questions Kamui's desire to actually fight. Kamui then kicks sand into Kaoru's eyes and disappears. Kaoru notices that the sword was left behind, suggesting that it most likely isn't Kamui's true weapon. Kamui pops up from behind and fires a machine gun at Kaoru. Somehow Kaoru manages to dodge, and Kamui disappears once again. Kaoru runs to the spot hoping to catch the elusive pervert. When he gets there, he only finds a mechanical arm left behind in the sand. Kamui appears from behind another rock and shows Kaoru his new weapon -- a laser rifle. As Kaoru runs away and tries to hide, missiles come after him next. He finds a new hiding spot where he sees another mechanical arm. Kamui tells Kaoru that he can see him, and he explains to Kaoru about the madougu next to him that also surrounding the cavern, lighting the area. Kaoru turns around to find Kamui directly in front of him. He tries to run away, but Kamui grabs him.

Meanwhile, Fuuko is walking deeper into the cave. She thinks she hears Kaoru yelling, but decides it was just her imagination. As she continues forward, a black robed man follows behind.

With Kaoru hanging in the air, Kamui tries to kiss him and gets angry when Kaoru continues to dodge. He drops the boy, declares it's "Killing Time", and vanishes. Kaoru decides it's time for him to end this fight and join his friends. Kamui, searching for Kaoru with his infrared goggles, finds a heat source...and another...and another and so on. Enraged, Kamui fires at all the heat sources, finding out later that Kaoru had bunched up several of the light madougu to give the false readings. He looks for Kaoru again, but can't find the boy. It's then Kamui realizes that the hunter has become the prey, and he doesn't like that situation. He moves out into the open, sits down, and places his hands on the ground. He calls to Kaoru that he has given up. Kaoru appears, demanding Kamui to raise his hands. Kamui complies by raising his extension arms through the sand and grabbing Kaoru. He holds Kaoru in the air, but notices the boy doesn't seem worried. He yells at Kaoru to cry, to scream, to be afraid. Kaoru quotes Recca saying, "Don't expect everyone to be bounded by fear." Kaoru slices up the arms holding him and then chops Kamui apart (remember, Kamui is mechanical, aka no blood and he doesn't die from this). Kaoru runs off, leaving a depressed Kamui behind. Kaoru turns back to Kamui's surprise and joy...only to dump the man into the river.

Mikagami climbs out of the river, wondering where Kaoru had gotten to. As he searches the shore, Mikagami hears someone crying. He finds a frightened girl who wants to go home. She tells Mikagami about a longhaired, perverted man who brought her into the cavern. Mikagami assumes it to be Mokuren. The girl begs for Mikagami to take her along, and he replies with indifference. As they walk along, they approach a large opening where the girl manages to get behind Mikagami and stab him in the back. She reveals herself to be Mikoto of Uruha (the cheap woman Fuuko fought in the tournament). She mocks Mikagami for being foolish enough to fall for her trick. To this he smiles, and turns into a puddle of water. The real Mikagami appears behind Mikoto, telling her that he knew from the beginning she wasn't who she said she was, primarily because she was years too late to play a schoolgirl. She asks Mikagami if he truly believes he can beat her when he lost to Kai. He tells her that compared to Kai, she is nothing. Suddenly roots burst from the ground and grab Mikagami. Mikoto runs up to Mokuren and kisses him. Mikagami, trapped, is forced to watch the two flirt. He decides the two make the perfect crazy couple. Mokuren starts to beat Mikagami with the roots. Mikoto wants to join in the fun, brings out her madougu robot, and gets inside. As she moves in for the attack, Mikagami frees himself from the roots. He slices the robot in the middle, just barely missing Mikoto inside. He walks up to Mokuren and declares that he'll return every one of the 38 hits Mokuren gave Mikagami. When Mikagami is distracted a moment by the feeling of someone's presence, Mokuren comes in for an attack with root creatures. Even though he slashes them in half, the creatures just regenerate, until Mikagami locates Mokuren and throws Ensui through his chest. Mikoto begs for Mokuren's life, and Mikagami grants the couple mercy, even to the surprise of Mikagami who realizes the others of Hokage have been effecting him. He senses the presence of another person again, and calls for whomever to come out. A girl appears, introducing herself as "Aoi". The next panel shows Mikagami beaten on the floor. He never saw it coming.

Recca, Yanagi and Domon are walking deeper into the cavern when they come upon a note: "Who will die, the boy or girl. You can't save both." Recca says that it would be Yanagi without a doubt, earning himself a nuggie from Domon. Suddenly the floor beneath them begins to collapse.

The man in dark robes following Fuuko sits back to enjoy the photos he has been taking of her. Fuuko appears behind him, critiquing his photo skills. Soukakusai is shocked by her appearance and jumps back. The two get ready to fight.

On the edge of the newly formed cliff, Recca is holding on to a hanging Domon who is in turn holding onto Yanagi. This position leaves Recca open, just what Fumimaru hoped for. Recca holds onto Domon's hand despite being pierced by a couple of throwing knives. Domon looks up to Recca and tells him that he'll see the other two later. With this, Domon throws up Yanagi and lets go of Recca's hand. Recca catches Yanagi, and looks down at the falling Domon who points to the "Iron" symbol on his forehead. Recca comforts a crying Yanagi, telling her that Domon will be okay since he activated the Tetsugan madougu. Recca then yells out for Fumimaru to come out. As a reply, Fumimaru sends Recca another note, which Recca reads and then tears up. He goes in to attack the man, but almost gets blown up by a landmine. Fumimaru then sends the same message to Yanagi for her to read: "Who will die, the father or Hime-sama. You cannot save them both." Recca laughs at this, saying his father isn't even there. Fumimaru rolls over the madougu Toume, and the voice of a highly annoyed and captured Oyaji comes through. Before Recca can choose a plan to save both Yanagi and his father, Yanagi steps up, offering herself. Recca tries to stop her, but his shadow, thus his body, is held in place by needle type madougu. Yanagi walks up to Fumimaru, declaring she isn't afraid of the landmines or him. Fumimaru goes in for the kill when his partner (the one who captured Recca's father) yells out in pain. Through the Toume, Yanagi and Recca hear Kagerou's voice as she unties Recca's father. With no more hindrances, Recca frees himself from the madougu holding down his shadow to the extreme surprise of Fumimaru. Recca walks forward when Fumimaru grabs Yanagi and places a knife to her throat. He promises to release her if Recca let's him go. Recca smiles, and tells Yanagi to close her eyes. Setsuna is summoned who burns Fumimaru while Madoka protects Yanagi. Fumimaru staggers nears the edge of the cliff. Recca calls upon Rui who gives Fumimaru a choice: jump off the cliff or come to her. Fumimaru burns in her flames to a nice crisp (of course, he doesn't die). Through the Toume, Kagerou tells Recca and Yanagi that Kurei is alive and is coming their way. To this Recca replies with a hardy laugh, saying he knew that the bastard couldn't die so easily. When Yanagi tells Recca he seems very happy, Recca tries to suppress his smiling face, saying he isn't happy at all.

Elsewhere, Kirin and Rasen talk about the wins and losses thus far in the cavern.

Soukakusai shows Fuuko a figurine he made of her. He licks it, wondering how the real thing would taste. Fuuko punches the pervert, thinking about Fujimaru from the tournament.

Far ahead of everyone else, Mori Kouran continues forward with Renge and Yagami.

Volume 20 Summary