Volume 20

Fuuko glares at Soukakusai as he describes his obsession with Fuuko, showing her the photos he's taken and a figurine he made of her. But, he wants the real thing. He jumps behind Fuuko to lick her ear, and Fuuko elbows him away from her. In doing so, she breaks the figurine, thus enraging Soukakusai. He decides to use his madougu, a large cauldron which he carries on his back. Like a giant vacuum, it pulls Fuuko inside.

Further in the cave, Kaoru comes upon a large doorway. He attempts to open it, but fails. Just then, he hears footsteps. Suddenly Recca appears, about to punch Kaoru. They do a happy dance, which brings out Yanagi who runs up to give Kaoru a hug. From the shadows, Kirin interrupts the reunion. She shows them the key that will open the doors. Recca and Kaoru attack, but Kirin dodges their first attempts. She then brings out her trump card -- Mikagami held upon a cross. Before Recca and Kaoru can get to Mikagami, Mokuren and Mikoto appear from behind the prisoner, telling them to back off. Kirin then informs Recca that Domon is dead due to the sharp rocks at the bottom of the cliff he fell from, and Fuuko's mind is slowly disintegrating within Soukakusai's cauldron. Kirin tells them that even if she returns, she'll never be the old Fuuko again. Recca, stunned, becomes an easy mark for Mokuren. Kirin, overpowered by Recca's deep depression, tries to stop Mokuren from killing Recca. Mokuren refuses and moves in for the killing blow...when a large rock hits him. Domon yells to Recca to get a hold of himself. Domon then throws another stalagmite at Mikoto, giving Kaoru the opening to cut Mikagami free. Kaoru takes him to Yanagi so she can heal him. After Recca gives Mokuren a good bashing, he and Domon prepare themselves to battle Kirin.

Within the black of nothingness, Fuuko is being broken down by Soukakusai. Raiha then appears, challenging Soukakusai. When Soukakusai tells him that he'll put Raiha within the cauldron to join Fuuko, Raiha just smiles and willing jumps into the madougu to the surprise of Soukakusai. Within the cauldron, Raiha attempts to 'wake up' Fuuko by giving her a good slap. When this fails, he takes the dangerous route and places his hand on her breast. Slowly, Fuuko's mind registers a pervert touching her. She comes to her senses, and bashes Raiha before realizing who it was. Fuuko tells Raiha how she tried using her last Kodama to get out of the cauldron, and had given up hope when that failed. Raiha tells her to have faith that they will get out. He uses his sword to break the seal causing the darkness within the cauldron. He then jabs his sword through the wall and through Soukakusai. Raiha and Fuuko are freed. Raiha then tells Fuuko to close her eyes, which she does, as he beheads the Ura Uruha member.

Recca is the first to attack Kirin. He starts off well, but Kirin uses her madougu to predict his moves and to confuse him. When he ends up attacking Domon, the big guy is forced to "calm" Recca into a pulp. As Domon prepares to attack, Kaoru realizes that he probably has the best chance of winning since Domon has no concentration to confuse. He goes in for a straight forward, charge attack. While doesn't hit his mark, he does end up causing Kirin to be topless (poor Yanagi gets jealous). Kirin quickly covers herself, but it's too late. Domon, with only "breasts" and hentai images running through his mind, charges Kirin, who unfortunately can read every thought he's having. Despite being attacked, Domon continues to charge the woman. She's finally cornered and just before he grabs, Yanagi (instructed by Mikagami) yells out, "What would Fuuko say" thus stopping Domon cold. Kirin faints from the pressure.

Recca, Yanagi, Kaoru, Mikagami, and Domon carrying Kirin, step through the doors into a long hallway. Suddenly, eyeballs appear. The eyeballs, created by the Tendoujigoku, state that the one worthy enough to possess its power had finally come. Mikagami suspects it is Recca the madougu has been waiting so long for. Recca, tired of listening to the ramblings of the Tendoujigoku, uses Nadare to destroy the eyeballs. The group continues forward into another large room where Rasen has been waiting. Kirin finally awakens, becoming Rasen's voice. Recca attacks, demanding to know why Rasen follows a man like Mori Kouran. Rasen answers that he doesn't care who he is serving, but that he is searching for something. Rasen then takes out the kaku for his madougu. Kokuu leaves Recca's body at the appearance of the madougu. He explains the powers of the madougu. It causes anything to disappear. But to cause something to disappear, the master must give up a part of himself. This is how Rasen became emotionless and lost his voice. He even caused his mother to disappear. Hearing this pisses Recca off. He gets beyond Rasen's defenses and gives the man a massive blow. Rasen, amazed by this sudden burst of power, stands up but is knocked down again by Recca. In the background, Fuuko meets up with the rest of the group. Kokuu runs up to give her his love, but is punched away into the distance. Domon runs up as well, and is knocked down by a "friendly" slap. To him, this just proves Kirin was wrong about the old Fuuko never returning. Watching Recca fight Rasen, Fuuko is reminded of how Recca believes mothers to be extremely important since he spent 16 years of his life without his mother. She realizes that Recca cannot comprehend Rasen would continue to use a madougu that basically killed his own mother. Rasen, trying to understand Recca's strength, discovers it is because of his emotions. This makes Rasen realize that despite the disappearance of his emotions, there is still a feeling left. Rasen declares himself the loser, and that he has found what he was searching for (I believe it to be a meaning to continue to live).

Volume 21 Summary