Volume 21


As Hokage travels further into the cavern, Domon notices an extra person with them--Raiha. Fuuko defends the presence of the Uruha member, stating she owes her life to him.

Meanwhile, back before the sealed gate, Kirin and Rasen are preparing to leave. Aoi pops up and mocks the fall of Rasen. Rasen, unemotional as ever, says he has found what he was looking for, thus he has no interest in further battles with Hokage. Aoi asks for him to let her be the new leader, and Rasen agrees. Aoi disappears, leaving Kirin and Rasen to their own plans.

Mori and his bodyguards, Renge and Yagami, have entered the chamber which holds the Tendoujigoku, apparently a suit of armor. Mori runs forward to gasp the most powerful madougu only to be thrown back by the seal around the Tendoujigoku. He orders his minions to get the madougu, but Yagami could get no closer than Mori had and Renge's flame is useless. At this point, Hokage enters the room. Mori orders Renge and Yagami to kill them. During the battle, Recca is surprised that Renge can use a flame, considering that Recca and Kurei should be the last flame masters. Renge explains that she is from Kurei and Kurenai, but Mori is her Papa (poor Recca gets really confused by this). In the back of the room, Raiha senses the presence of Kurei, who was at that time at the entrance of the sealed earth being guided by Joker.

The battle continues with Kaoru, Mikagami, and Fuuko fighting Renge, while Domon and Recca fight Yagami. Kokuu walks up to the sealed madougu, remembering back to the day when he and other members of Hokage killed Kaima, but Kaima's spirit possessed the madougu. From behind, Mori smashes a rock against Kokuu's head, knocking 'Gramps' unconscious. Mori, obsessed with the idea of the strong madougu, tries to break the seal on the Tendoujigoku, losing an arm in the process. The attempt is a success as the armor stands up and starts walking. To Mori's dismay, the madougu walks past him and towards Recca. It asks Recca if he desires the power only it could give him. Recca first agrees, drawing the madougu close, and he punches it. Recca then calls upon Kokuu to destroy the Tendoujigoku. Kokuu's fire cannon hits its mark, but from the clouds of dust, the madougu fires back, hitting Recca in the side. The dust settles revealing the armor destroyed, but the eyeballs of the Tendoujigoku still remain. The possessed madougu laughs at Recca, saying that it would have never chosen tainted Hokage blood anyway. The eyeballs then merge with the one it had truly picked -- Mori.

Mori, now a monster with eyeballs sticking out everywhere along the life side of his body, attacks Hokage with an 'arm' coming from the place where Mori had previously lost his real arm. Everyone manages to dodge except for Yagami who ends up being sliced in half. At the sight, Yanagi faints. Kokuu then explains about the possession of the madougu by Kaima, and about his evilness. Mori/Kaima begin to say how he will kill all of Hokage when Recca yells at him to be silent. Recca puts Yanagi in a more comfortable position, and then he rallies Hokage to destroy the monster who was Mori. In the first attack, Kaoru, Mikagami, and Domon are injured. Recca uses Kokuu once more to try and destroy the monster. All this achieved was to make a hole in the center of Mori's body. Mori, in a counterattack, uses a fire blast from his mouth, similar to Kokuu's. The blast, while it didn't hit anyone, does manage to start a cave-in. Recca tells everyone to escape, giving Yanagi to Domon. While arguing Recca and Domon argue about Recca staying, Hisui enters the chamber.

Fuuko stops Hokage from trying to attack the Ura Uruha member as Hisui walks towards Mori. The two talk about the fateful day she was forced to kill the one she loved. Mori laughs, taking full credit. Hisui strikes, cutting off Mori's head. Instead of killing the monster, this gives Mori two bodies to attack with. He attacks the stunned Hisui, only to be blocked by Recca and Fuuko. At this point, Recca tells the others to run for it. Mikagami, Kaoru, and Domon (carrying Yanagi) leave the crumbling room. Fuuko remains behind, stating that she isn't injured, thus she can continue to fight. The battle continues when Mori attempts a shot at Fuuko from her blind spot. Hisui pushes Fuuko out of the way, just to get hit herself. Hisui, in Fuuko's arms, says she finally understands the meaning behind Hideki's smile, and she slips away to join her loved one on the other side.

Mori, watching the mourning Fuuko, attempts to kill her, but is stopped by Recca. Mori switches his focus to Recca. Before Recca can defend himself, Kurei steps in between Recca and Mori, and burns up Mori's attacking 'arm'. Recca, surprised at his brother's appearance, says he knew Kurei would be alive. Kurei answers with an elbow into Recca's stomach. After slapping him around a bit, Kurei mocks Recca's show of emotion, saying he wasn't trying to protect Recca but was only after Mori. He kicks Recca away. Raiha then greets Kurei, explaining that his absence during the final match-up between Recca and Kurei was due to his need to save Tsukino (Kurei's 'mother') for Kurei. There was a brief reunion of the remaining members of Uruha...

...when Recca comes back, giving Kurei a hard punch to Joker and Raiha's surprise. Kurei tells Recca they will fight another day since he was currently after Mori. Recca, since he believed Kurei had destroyed Mori with his attack, turns around to see the monster was now in four pieces, each its own monster. Kurei tells Recca to leave since he would just get in the way. Recca replies with a punch, saying he was fighting as well. Kurei then heel palms Recca, pushing Recca out of the way of a blast from Mori. Kurei fights with one of the monster, and is engulfed by it. Recca is having difficulty with his own opponent. Mori looks on the battle with a smug grin until Kaima warns him that as their body divides, so does their power. The only way to prevent this as the use the powers of Yanagi. Recca, realizing one of the monsters was going after Yanagi, traps the beast with Madoka and destroys it using Nadare. At the same time, Kurei destroys the monster that had trapped him, burning it from the inside out. The two brothers then turn their focus towards the now frightened Mori Kouran.

Volume 22 Summary