Volume 23


At the Hokage mansion, Kokuu tells Recca that Resshin wishes to meet him inside of Recca (remember the 'desert' Recca visited during the tournament). Recca agrees. Before he leaves, he tells the other members of Hokage that they should all split up to give everyone time to think if they really want to join Recca in this dangerous mission. In three days time, everyone who is stupid enough to fight will meet back at the Hokage mansion.

Meanwhile, Yanagi wakes up in a dark room. Mori, who was waiting for her to awaken, attempts to "eat" her. But the good powers within Yanagi strongly repel the negative energies of Mori. Kaima reassures Mori that there is a way to join with Yanagi, but it takes time. Mori leaves Yanagi in the darkness. She cries out Recca's name, but suddenly realizes that she can't remember his face.

Recca begins his journey to meet with Resshin. In the desert, he meets up with the other flame dragons (sans Setsuna, of course) who point him towards Resshin's meeting place.

Kaoru's three days ~

At the Hanabishi house, Kagerou sends some messages out via crow. The silence is suddenly broken by the appearance of Kaoru's fan club. Kaoru jumps out of his bedroom window to join the girls, and then he runs off to school. At school, Kaoru is very popular and, in his words, a genius. With his cuteness, he has caught the eye of Yoshikawa who in turn becomes the president of his fan club. This fact angers Hiroya, who challenges Kaoru to a fight. Hiroya is a regular tough guy who has lost only one fight (to Domon, I believe). For thirty minutes, Hiroya charges Kaoru, but the smaller boy always dodges. When Hiroya asks Kaoru why he doesn't fight back, Kaoru says he doesn't feel like since Hiroya reminds him of a friend (Domon).

The second day goes much the same, except a plot is revealed against Hiroya by some vengeful gang members lead by Scar Guy (the name I like to give him).

On the third day, Hiroya gets a call from Scar Guy. Hiroya is told that they had taken Yoshikawa and other girls. If Hiroya comes to meet with them, the girls would be let free. Once at the meeting place, Hiroya is badly beaten as the girls look on in fear. And then Kaoru appears to lend a hand to the princesses (nooo, Recca hasn't affected him at all). The fifteen gangsters are easily taken care of. After the girls had been seen home, Kaoru and Hiroya walk and the streets together. An Ura Uruha member appears, and is quickly defeated by Kaoru.

Early the next morning, Kaoru leaves the Hanabishi house after placing a note next to the sleeping Oyaji. Outside Yoshikawa and Hiroya see him off. As Kaoru runs away, Yoshikawa gets the feeling he may never return.

Domon three days ~

Domon has decided to work at the family flower during these three days. Mikagami drops by to purchase some flowers, and is surprised to find out that Domon loves flowers. After a brief talk, Mikagami leaves for "a date". Domon watches Mikagami walk away when a voice tries to get his attention. He finally looks down to see a small girl. She suddenly hugs Domon and begins to cry. With many people staring at him and the girl, Domon decides to pick up the girl and make a run for it. He finds out that Kasumi is actually a high school student in his same class, despite her appearances. She was crying because she had heard that he was going to quit school. She really wanted to stay in the same grade as him so she offers to tutor him. At first he is reluctant, but a threatening glare from his mother convinces him that studying might be a good idea.

On the third day, Kasumi tells Domon that she loves him. Domon gently tells her that he already has a person in his life. She knew this, but Kasumi tells Domon that she still had feelings for him.

Domon leaves for the Hanabishi mansion the following day with his mother's blessings. As Kasumi hands him a bouquet of flowers, Domon thinks learning might not be as bad as he thought.

Fuuko's three days ~

Fuuko is playing with Ganko at the park. Fuuko is dishearten because the loss of Hisui and the loss of Fuujin's power. She starts to believe herself a burden to the others in the group. A fortune teller at the park offers Ganko and Fuuko a free fortune. He first tells Ganko a pleasant fortune of beauty and riches. But Fuuko's fortune is full of pain and death. She smiles and says she doesn't remember bad fortunes. The fortune teller decides to give her a paper fortune to open once she got home. The paper was a message for her to meet someone in the forest. That someone turned out to be the fortune teller who was Raiha in disguise. Raiha point his blade towards her throat, challenging her to battle. For three days, the battle continues.

On the last day, Raiha tries a surprise attack on Fuuko. She counterattacks, "beating" Raiha for the first time. He declares that she had passed the test, and as a reward, he gave her the main jewel (kaku) of Fuujin. He had been using the kaku to protect himself from the powers of Raijin. But he had decided to use Raijin in this final battle with Mori despite the dangers, thus Fuuko could have the kaku once she proved herself. As Raiha leaves, Fuuko asks why Raiha fights for Kurei. He replies that it is a similar reason as to why Fuuko fights with Recca...and that it is in his blood. With Raiha gone, Fuuko leaves for the Hokage mansion with the cute, Kodama fuzzball by her side.

Mikagami's three days ~

With the flowers he bought from Domon, Mikagami visits the grave of his beloved sister, Mifuyu. Suddenly her ghost appears. She assures him that she is watching him, but most importantly that he is no longer alone. He and others of Hokage work for each other, thus everyone is that much stronger. She leaves telling Mikagami that he is all right.

Others ~

Neon returns to the fallen dome of the tournament to get Jishou's swords. With her own madougu destroyed, she needs to borrow the power that once belonged to Jishou.

Aoi and Hiruko have a brief meeting with Meguri (Mikagami's teacher), informing the chained man that his student was coming. It turns out that Meguri is a member of the Ten Gods.

Aoi, still a little unnerved from the previous meeting, is greeted by the child-like Renge in the halls. Hating the girl, Aoi tells Renge to stop bothering her. Aoi walks away from Renge to find herself going to Yanagi's room. Despite the circumstances, Yanagi still treats Aoi like a friend. After the brief talk, the confused Aoi promises Yanagi she would return later.

Recca's Meeting ~

Recca enters Resshin's mansion to find a chibi guy. The chibi tells Recca that Resshin will agree to meet with him only if Recca can get to the meeting room before the candle burns out. After several traps and chases, Recca follows the chibi to the door of the meeting room with the candle barely half burned. The chibi turns into a leaf after it tells Recca that Resshin is waiting in the next room. Recca opens the door to see the powerful flame dragon. Resshin praises Recca and tells him as a reward, Recca can see Resshin's human form. He turns into the human of his past, Ouka -- Recca's father. Ouka first offers to hug Recca, punching the boy at the last moment. They laugh and fight some more (just like Recca and his adoptive father). Kokuu enters saying how the scene lacked a sentimental value. Recca asks Ouka why he doesn't reveal himself to Kagerou. Ouka, unable to have a human form outside of Recca, says that it would only cause Kagerou more pain than she deserved. The talk turns to the problem with Kurei. Ouka openly shows his fatherly feelings for Kurei, wishing things could have been different. He then starts to explain the source of Kurei's flame -- the Pheonix.

Volume 24 Summary